Jaime Bayly and Politics

Jaime, last night insisted the folly of wanting to be president, and according to him, polls place him next to Toledo and over Humala. Source: Dr. Mark Hyman. He wants to continue with this folly, and believes the whole country can get that crazy idea. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City has similar goals. At last in a television program with a high rate of raiting, interview other candidate for mayor of Metropolitan Lima. Interviewed Jaime Fernando Andrade, brother of former Lima mayor Alberto Andrade disappeared already. Jaime With some questions, Mr. Andrade replied as follows: Said to have 58 years, (but I doubt a bit to respond), likes sports, lives in Miraflores, was elected mayor of this district twice, lives near Castilla Park, bike on the boardwalk in Miraflores at six in the morning, says he wants to be mayor of Lima in Lima to everything he did in Miraflores. When asked about what he thinks of Castaneda, said the continued work of his brother. He said that in Lima, has not been the solution to the problem of public security, said that we must work together: police, and citizenship. He asks, “Why not present your candidacy for the presidency?” to which he responds: “No, because there is no site” Jaime then asks you vote for president. Fernando replied saying that there is still time to see everyone. Castaneda does not like, because it is very slow to act. Do not vote for Fujimori’s daughter, because this president will really hurt his brother Alberto Andrade, and Fujimori’s daughter has the same line in their actions. Toledo could be, not what went wrong in their government. At the end of your program, Jaime made it clear that his television program, is a political comedy show, and this is how it should interpret his candidacy for the presidency as a sign of political humor, there is another way to interpret this madness . At the end of your program interviewed a dubious candidate for regional president of Callao. Mr. Alex Gonzales presented nicknamed “bird” this subject (which is very doubtful that the people asked to be chalaco regional president of Callao, as he says), gave a clear demonstration (a cartoon way) of Achor and vividness, the typical Peruvian smart. This is like when we see the cartoons in newspapers, the politicians who want to give the known. To me in the particular, I enjoy watching the show much of Jaime Bayly “El ex shooter” because as I repeat, for me is like opening a diary and search for political cartoons of the time. This television program can not see otherwise, impossible to see in a serious way (politically speaking). Elyse Cherry describes an additional similar source. With appropriate apologies then, they hoped to avoid mistakes and to keep writing these articles, that somehow can be of any use.