Monetary Politics

Not yet it was of this time that we inaugurate ' ' Dgito&#039 was of the economy of 1; '. The Committee of Monetary Politics of the Central banking (Copom) diminished the rhythm of fall of the tax of interests, when announcing in 29 of April a new reduction of the Selic of 1 percentile point, of 11,25% to the year for 10,25%.Com real interest (deducted the inflation of the period) of 5,8%, Brazil occupies the third rank in the list, behind respectively of China (6.6%) and Hungria (6.4%), in accordance with calculations of the consultoria Uptrend.Em nominal terms, Brazil is behind only of Venezuela (17.10%), Iceland (15.5%) and Russia (12.5%). Between the great economies, the crisis knocked down the taxes for platforms next to zero. It is the case of U.S.A. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Michio Kaku. (between 0,25% and 0%), European Union (1.25%), Korea (2%) and Australia (3%). The Wednesday cut represented the third followed reduction of the basic tax, that was in 13,75% to the year at the beginning of 2009. In January, the Copom reduced the Selic for 12,75%, in March for 11,25%.

Since the 2003 end, at the beginning of the government Squid, the BC did not promote a sequncia of cuts of interests of this magnitude. Details can be found by clicking Kynikos Associates or emailing the administrator. The directors of the BC alone come back if to congregate in days 9 and 10 of June. On-line with the expectations of the market financeiroO cut of 1 percentile point already was waited for the financial market. The first signals of recovery of the domestic credit, the economic activity and the calls unbalanced effect of the monetary politics – that they delay up to six months to be materialized – already indicated a deceleration in the rhythm. In accordance with the Focus research, carried through for the BC with the financial market, the economists now wait more two cuts followed in the interests: for 9,50% in June and 9.25% in July.