If you are already convinced you to acquire an investment fund will surely have still many doubts about because the investment world is a bit difficult to understand at first. Frequently Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease has said that publicly. A major concern of new investors is about yields, many have problems at the beginning to determine the profitability of the funds, so here I bring you a bit of information. The first thing you should know is that when it is said that you are going to acquire a mutual fund, the reality is that you’ll get a portion of the Fund, because as you know to get a mutual fund collects capital of different small investors like you, so in the end what you have is a participation in the Fund. Now then, the participation that you bring to the Fund and capital you have to pay is the net asset value of the investment fund. To calculate the net asset value of the investment fund, you have to divide the total assets of the Fund by the number of participants in the Fund.