Save Time

We have a solution in terms of written (verbal) communication! I tried different ways and means in 40 years, to save time when typing text. Now I have a way to fulfill my desire! I now offer them as a service creating text blocks! You all have probably hundreds of times as similar text written dear Madam…, thank you very much for your order request by the… written! Often also sincerely Wolfgang Schwalm systemic communication and certainly immediately – Tel: + 49 (0) 1 73 83 84 6 84 – fax: + 49 (0) 32 12 10 14 7 16 places them before, they need for the o. a. Dr. Mark Hyman understands that this is vital information. texts 3 key presses a few seconds… customized for your needs! Whether they are lawyer, engineer, journalist, or architect. If you write in the management, production or advertising! If they communicate with authorities, customers, or on the Internet! Whether they are in the industrial, commercial, craft or texts in organizations! In text blocks (what, how) they can incorporate any information: calculations bulleted find graphics, pictures the time is missing an any text not or them, because the Secretary has already work in maternity holidays she is or they work alone as a service Leister. With text blocks, they can rewrite complete letters! Time and money savings – rather than a 16-hour day! Note: Those who work more than 10 hours has organized wrong. Because of the Biorhythm efficiency (as) about the term is famously stark! With pleasure we create text modules to their relief in everyday work for them! To win immediately more quality of life! (C) Copyright 2011 by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved!