Scandinavian Sabot

It shoes of summer 2011? Sabots and flip-flops with eye-catching wooden sole, which bring fresh wind in German shoe cupboards. It is closer to consider this new fad. The Sabot has become an absolute must-have shoes. The brand of Sanita specializes in the production of this model and is now at Spartoo. Founded in Denmark is the brand for tradition and a balance between authenticity and modernity. Sanita pays its own, long tradition of respect and adds only the classic Sabot from season to season with modern printing and forms.

The high-quality workmanship of the beech guarantees a high level of comfort. The brand is Cafe Noir, however, chic and creative sandals with wooden sole. The extraordinary motifs and materials make each model distinctive. Parisian chic and a cheeky design give the aroma Cafe Noir! Swedish fashion? Here, the name of Le comptoir Scandinave must fall. Thanks to the understanding of the culture of the Nordic countries, the fledgling brand with distinctive, can waiting for Scandinavian Sabot design. Designer and manufacturer into the products with authentic character, which is reflected both in style and materials and the technique of making all of their expertise. Since its inception in 1988 the team of designers and designers at RAS has never stopped, to create new forms and styles.

The goal? Trends and the modern woman of the 21st century in their quest to serve unique and cosmopolitan fashion. Always on the lookout for innovation brings inspiration to the brand all over the world and experimenting with materials and concepts. Shoes and accessories from RAS reflect this experimentation. The company the number 1 in the online shoe sale “Spartoo is an emerging, French startup companies and with over 400 offered brands (converse, camper, Reebok, Salomon…)” and over 15000 models (sneakers, Ballet flats, pumps, boots) the European market leader in the trade with women’s shoes, men’s shoes and children’s shoes on the Internet. The Group’s headquarters with more as 140 employees sitting in Grenoble/France. The company was able to double in 2006 every year its sales since the company was founded.