Shorts Division

The German company surplus designs shorts models in the military look the German company surplus produced already since some years fashion in the military style. Materials, cuts and of course the colors convey the typical American army look. In the range of surplus, different jackets, shirts, T-Shirt, and pants are models. Just in the last few years, especially the shorts models of surplus gain interest buyers. Here, the most popular model is the surplus Division shorts. At a price between 33 and 38 euro it is not variant for men at the Division of shorts to a very cheap shorts, when compared with similar models the Division of shorts but is rather than cheap. Division shorts the surplus consists of 100 percent cotton and is therefore high, much higher than the cheap polyester models. You realize this difference, especially on very hot days, because recorded here small amount of sweat without problems and it does not begin to stick to the pants.

The great interest awakens the Division Schorts but probably because of their design. With great attention to detail and a large number of pockets, loops and Bendel, the shorts division compared to other shorts works amazingly cool variants. Due to its popularity, there are the shorts division now in six different colours. Particularly the Division of shorts in sand and white is very much in demand, where the models black and woodland likes to be carried by the customer. It is interesting to see that, especially at the beginning of spring, the lighter colors are more gefagt.

In addition to the Division of shorts, surplus offers even the Vintage Shorts. It provides a little dar the slightly cheaper variant, where the cut a bit varies the shorts division. Another model is the Riders Shorts, that is different style especially colour a little away from the military. She seems a little serious and the price is even higher!