South Mexico

Mexico is one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change tico, because there is not a single entity not facing at least a threat serious because of its effects, however policies to prevent and mitigate the effects as well as measures to protect and preserve the environment in our country remain scarce and insufficientnot interested this aspect in the Government, due to this interest in how to support transnational corporations and so we never be prevented to combat climate change. Mexico shows an approximate increase of 2% per year in CO2 emissions, so that the effects of climate change could increase significantly due largely to changes in the use of the soil, pollution and water wastage. In the next 20 years is expected to increase in extreme rainfall in the region of Latin America, in Mexico specifically, are expected to increase by 10% in the Center, however the rest of the territory is expected to increase in the number of consecutive days without rain, so it will increase the heat in these areas. Effects of climate change in Mexico to) agriculture: is expected to him 2030 overexploitation and contamination of aquifers cause that all the irrigation districts are economically unviable and 2050 change drastically between 5 and 29% the aptitude of the soil to be able to cultivate maize or other cereals. ((b) health: deaths from heat stroke risk factors will increase in the coming years, some areas will be more vulnerable to diseases like dengue fever or malaria, as well as gastrointestinal and infectious, affecting mainly children and elderly, as well as a possible alteration in confirmation Physics (mutation of the human species) c) water: for the following summers of 2020 is expected increases in average between one and three degrees Celsius temperature, as well as decrease in rainfall of 5 to 10% annually, resulting in reduced availability of water, is It emphasizes that the distribution and availability of water in the country continues to be inequitable, because much is concentrated in the South-Southeast, while other areas suffer from supply and points to the Federal District and the State of Mexico as the main entities with increases of water. In order to counteract this problem ECLAC made some recommendations to implement some common elements in order to mitigate the economic effects as: to) purchase insurance before more serious risks and that more damage can be generated, both the population and the economy. (b) protect biodiversity and stop irreparable losses.

(c) promote a cultural change aligned with the protection of the environment. (d) promote technological innovation processes within the framework of sustainable development. (e) move towards an economy of low intensity in the emission of CO2, promoting the use of clean technologies and creating a clean energy sector the time to reflect on the damage being done to our natural (flora and fauna), is today because possibly tomorrow already we can do nothing.