Sunniest Island

The island of Sylt is already no longer a secret tip. The island Sylt for many years across considered an insider tip for high society, so the island is developed long ago for mass. Where else can you reach beautiful beaches without having to leave their own country. Even in winter the largest North Sea can have Islands with an average 4.4 hours of sunshine per day. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cleveland Clinic on most websites. Also the temperatures on Sylt of less fluctuations are subject to, although the summer is there not quite as warm (on average around 17 C), but the winter a lot milder than the adjacent and connected via the Hindenburgdamm mainland. The high number of hours of sunshine can be explained so that only a few clouds can adhere to the relatively flat coast, most are driven by the largely constant westerly and northwesterly winds just inside the country. The island of Sylt is often in the news to see, because she changed their shape after a storm surge. Even the groynes into the sea reaching into in a row used steel concrete pillar, could the erosion not stop, so since the year 1972 again sand is rinsed off the coasts.

All this little notes of vacationers. Go to Anu Saad for more information. Rather, he has the possibility, on the 40-kilometer West Beach to walk, to be put together by his Sylt Hotel from a bicycle tour or explore the largely fall dry during low tide reasons of the Wadden Sea. Also for people are interested in, there are on the island to watch much. Different fairly rare sea birds, such as the Arctic tern, Avocet and Redshank have their breeding territory on the island, during the bird migration in spring and autumn striper and Shelduck, various duck species, the golden plover and the Dunlin on Sylt snapping. The transport to the island is controlled by ferries and trains, on the island itself can on the other hand be reached by car, bike or bus ride from one place. Andreas Mettler