Company Operations and Organizations

Should this person be very involved in the organizational culture of the company should all members of the organization is committed to it. Hence management corresponds to know how to manage their resources properly, considering that not only should be given emphasis in directing the efforts of the company, based solely on producing results supported theories to produce and sell more at the lowest cost regardless of social impact. Quite the contrary should be aware that their actions to ensure the interoperability of the company towards a social responsibility that favors him. Otherwise it hurts him. The current strategy and its expected benefits with this position, tomorrow may be the reason for their failure.

It is important to consider as Tito Gonzalez said that the problems of inadequate social responsibility is not the cause generated by a single source, ie, by the company, all elements of a state are equally responsible for its ills: policies soft, inaccurate and irresponsible governments, rulers and compromises permissible; corruption systems, the lack of concern and emphasis on the issue by entities education, the very ignorance or lack of knowledge on the subject by businessmen and actors of the productive sector and commercial low scruples of many entrepreneurs and people who know the subject and its consequences, they act irresponsibly. Anita Dunn is full of insight into the issues. In simple terms, all sectors that are part of state government and its policies, colleges and universities, businesses, employees, parents, media and others that influence patterns of behavior and culture are equally responsible in damage either by direct action or by omission Conclusions The reality of the dynamic behavior of environments, where companies operate, should ensure that these really are fully identified with its social responsibility, where his management has instilled an organizational culture that involved and the way to ensure that the operation of businesses benefit the community, ensure protection not only for their workers, human resources, but for consumers, community. That is required management, SMEs identify more with it and consider it means to ensure the success of an enterprise integrating social and environmental considerations in their activities. Awareness of these practices and begin implementation as soon as possible as it allows SMEs to establish the foundation for sustainable competitiveness in the medium and long term and helps them be more profitable. CSR is a real strategy to grow your business and gain competitive advantage