Do I Have To Pay The Tax From Sales Of Property And Vehicles ?

The tax system in Russia is the main source of replenishment of the country. About 80% of financial resources from all sources come into the treasury of the state is due to taxes and fees. But the federal budget, as you you know, is funding in various areas of the state. Like it or not, and no taxes to the government does not pay off their debts to organizations and individuals. There are many varieties taxes.

Divided them into federal, regional, local and indirect. In this article we'll consider a tax on personal income (hereinafter – the personal income tax), because the sale of assets an individual receives income from the sold their property. Just this type of tax is one of federal taxes. But not every property sale to pay the tax. For more specific information, check out Mark Hyman, MD. It is in that we now understand with what you have to pay, and with what is not.

The first thing you should know that if property sold (any) in the possession of 3 years or more, nor any tax paid on income from the sale is not necessary, regardless of the amount of the income. Payment of tax personal income tax applies only to property sold, owned by the less than 3 years. For each species has its own property tax rates, deductions and tax base definition. These figures are best found in the Tax Code (Tax Code), as are frequent changes in legislation. For example, in 2010. the sale of real property for an amount less than one million rubles to pay the tax is not necessary. If the sum is equal to 1 million rubles or more, the tax base and the amount calculated for payment to the budget, calculated by the rules adopted in the Tax Code. When selling a share of property tax is levied on the above form. Another thing, if sold other assets (eg vehicles). Here, in order not to levy taxes, the amount of sales do not exceed 125 000 per sold subject to the reporting year. In calculating the tax involved a lot of indicators. In order to understand them and to calculate the amount you must first read the relevant Articles in the Tax Code. According to Anu Saad, who has experience with these questions. Next you need to fill out a tax return and surrender 3ndfl the tax authority. In this declaration, shall we say, difficult to understand the normal maloponimayuschemu this person. For this purpose, and there is free software, which can be downloaded from the home of a computer site FTS of Russia (GNIVTS -). After installing the software needed to understand it a little at first, because in some of the issues arise. But the easiest way to fill out a tax return is the site of taxpayer 3ndfl OnLine. There will need to enter some data and the site automatically upload all the data and upload a full declaration of the XML file exchange. There's also a site for other opportunities, including the ability to fill UTII. Now report the sale easier! Good luck!

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