Human Condition

Lately I’m noticing something that really worries me is that people feel more and more hopeless. Somatic Experiencing might disagree with that approach. Perhaps I am wrong and it is only an impression, and hopefully so, but on the other hand, in the everyday, and some emails that I receive encounter this issue becomes more recurrent than before. Surely hear countless times that: hope is the last thing that is lost but this last time, I insist, it seems that many have forgotten those words. I understand that many have reasons that are important to them and more than enough to make you feel this way, but I think that everything happens by optics that look. Insurance at some point, or at various times have ever thought something like: do by what happens always to me? Do to me all it costs me more? Why will do me everything so difficult? I have something to answer you: almost everyone at some point we asked these questions. Some people believed to be trapped by certain attitudes or situations of their daily reality and even imagine that a way out there is possible, something that is not true. There will always be a way out and should not necessarily be extreme. The output or the solution to problems are, almost always, more near what we think, it is within our reach, but if our view is clouded and not lucid mind can not see it.

Do you know that what most immobilised on the human being is the fear? You can find the solution to problems, answers to the doubts, the output at the end of the dark tunnel, and the light will always be above the darkness. And often is simpler than think so sometimes just alone and simply with a change of attitude, followed by action. I am not among those who think in a way disrupts or simplistic and everything taken from a position without commitment.