Today a large proportion of people have debts, and when I refer to debts I mean bad debts. What makes them bad? They are debts that we did not need to acquire or be acquired without consideration of its financial position and situation as we were going to pay the debt. regardless of the situation that has led us into debt, we must face it and find a solution soon. Fortunately for all in this life is no solution, so there is no magic, you have to propose a plan, if a plan to help you out of the way of debt for real. If ESTs struggling to pay your debts and have no idea where to start these simple tips can help you start, but that if you take action immediately, as my mentor sustained immediate implementation. Know your debts You have to collect all details of your debts, more sort of priority and interest rate, amounts payable in the month, you can organize with a box where you fill in with your monthly due date, etc..

Make a budget you should use the budget, which goes from the more priority is food, housing, school fees, payment of debts at this point you should try to focus more and you should know that creditor charges you more interest and so you pay a bit more to that debt. Within your budget you should not include unnecessary spending, because at this point you should focus on paying your debts, avoid celebrations, clothing, household items do not need, buy they will not give up any benefit, a friend is full of debts, and I saw a store a bicycle better than it had and bought it, credit and lives complaining that not enough to pay their debts, these are unnecessary debt. If you’re at a point that you can not pay all your creditors, talk to them and reach an agreement, they can download the cuotas.etc. Get other income you are currently employed.

While your salary is fixed, if your salary EST heights do not go ahead, do not expect an increase, because an increase is not the solution, if you have not learned to manage your debt, in any case in Focus a small business but will give you income extras, there are solutions business of jewelry you to know that people are going to buy your product, perfume with people who know that if you do not give credit sold for cash, or something you think is going to start generating income, do not expect when you have money left over to start, start now to act.