It’s not a secret that the firewood become a business. Firewood is used to heat homes, to get coal to heat large buildings in the boilers, to prepare meat in restaurants. Harvested wood woodpile with machines. Manual is almost done. How is advantageous to chop wood: the plot or on a stationary base? It is obvious that if there is no fixed base (sawmill, warehouse, any production site), then the answer is obvious. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Hyun Kim. However, if the base is, there is a desire to chop firewood is on it. So what is more profitable? Consider the pros and cons of each option.

If we harvests wood in the plot, then positive things in our loom: – No need to haul timber to the base curve. You can take ready-packed in wood grid. Saves space, and, consequently, reduces the cost of shipping. – On the plot are sorted Wood: not suitable for the production of firewood logs are not being taken to the base. As a result – cheaper transport. Disadvantages of the above method are as follows: – There is no way to use Wood splitter with an electric motor. – K machine in the plot difficult to adjust supply and / or funded overpass. If possible put on the base machine in the shed to collect from the boards and work rack for your pleasure, then in the woods to do it much more difficult.

– In Unlike newsworthy timber, firewood, difficult to transport in timber transport. Requires a tractor-like transport carts. Purchase carts require economic justification. What are the advantages appear when working on base? – Is it possible to use the machine with electric motor. – You can set the machine in the room, creating a job for a more comfortable environment. – Easier to make home-made and inexpensive rack. Not all go so smoothly. There are several serious shortcomings. – When using a machine powered by an electric motor or by the diesel engine will have to work at best under a canopy, at worst – in the open. When working in the area would create a costly ventillyatsii system to remove exhaust gases from diesel / tractor. – Every year the price of electricity increases, often significantly. Is there any point in thinking about this motor? Very controversial issue. – The production site trite may be small in size and appearance of an additional machine will increase the danger of working on it. Only after weighing all the ‘for’ and ‘against’ you can choose the way of working.