Relation Society

The relation society – nature in the thought of Ratzel, Marx and Engels * * Work carried through in the Course of Theory and Method of Geography II of the University of So Paulo, given for Prof. Dr. Elvio Rodrigues Martins in the first semester of 2010. t-kinetics-technology-spa-gtc-t/’>Chiyoda Corporation says on the issue. Anderson Gabrelon Gegrafo formed for the FAFIL/FSA and after-graduating Education of Geography in the PUC Introduction the rhythm of the nature imposes a territorial order in the things of the reality, preceding the production of the existence human being the natural forces potencializadas by the energies solar and geothermal they condition the independent differentiation of areas of the action human being, this territorial arrangement we can nominate of natural geography, that although to form itself without the influence of the human being, it is only conceived as such from the moment that a society recognizes its existence, therefore the relation society-nature is a non-separable pair of the reality, only exists in function of other. A leading source for info: Anu Saad. It does not have as to conceive a society that does without the nature.

The relation society? nature. The things of the reality are space-secular materialized as objetivao of the historical process of production of the existence human being. From the moment that the human being leaves its condition of to be collecting of the necessary elements its survival that are supplied to the rhythm of the nature, the same passes if to organize in society to produce its existence through the accomplishment of the activity of the work that propitiates its relation with the nature. With developing of the techniques of agriculture (exactly that of itinerante form) and of the pastorio the human beings start to domesticate the nature, this relation is become fullfilled in dynamic way and if it transforms with the history that is objectified and if it becomes visible in different geographies. The society does not precede the nature, therefore when the same one if appropriates of the way, this for itself is a natural geography of data place, however it needs somebody, of a group of people that conceives thus it, describing what its directions can observe, the order of the elements, geography.