Liver Diseases

As an alcohol tincture. Alcohol and water extract vitamins from fruits and seeds of milk thistle has long been used in folk medicine for liver diseases, gall bladder, spleen, chronic constipation, hemorrhoids, articular rheumatism, chronic bronchitis. By experimental and clinical studies have established that the fruits of thistle enhance education bile and accelerate its withdrawal, prophylactically protect undamaged cells in the liver and increase the protective properties of the liver in relation to infections and various types of poisoning. This justifies the use of drugs plants in acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, cholangitis, cholecystitis, as well as functional disorders of the liver due to poisoning by different chemical compounds, including alcohol, diabetes diabetes, chronic gastrointestinal diseases. Benefits of alcohol tinctures: speed, possibility to the precise dosage and compactness of the dosage form.

In contrast to the water infusions and decoctions, where raw materials can be used in different forms (as in fresh and dried), spirits are prepared with fresh ingredients. Prepared (ie shredded) parts of the plants are placed in a glass jar, a bottle or a vial (Preferably dark glass) and then pour alcohol or vodka, the required concentration. Weight ratio of raw material and alcohol is usually 1: 5 (eg 10 g of raw material – 50 ml of alcohol). Then the dishes tightly sealed and stand at room temperature in a dark place within the time specified in the recipe (from several days to several weeks, and in some cases, months). After the expiration of the term tincture or gently poured filtered through a clean cheesecloth folded into several layers, or thin cotton cloth.