Iron ore are the important materials in the production of iron and steel enterprises, the raw ore(iron ore) is processed by crushing (mainly by the crushing equipments, such as impact crusher, hammer crusher and so on), grinding, magnetic separation, flotation and a serials of process, finally we can get the iron, it refers to the mineral aggregate which can be used to create the economic benefits. Of Zhashui County Shaanxi Daxigou Ling iron ore is the Chinese largest the siderite base, deposit reserves is over 300 million tons, the ore belongs to the metamorphosed sedimentary siderite types. The composition of ore is simple, the main component is mineral siderite iron, the second are limonite and a small amount of magnetite. Iron minerals also contains a certain amount of Mg2 + and Mn2 +, according to the characteristics of the percentage of MgCO is higher, it can be called magnesium siderite; gangue minerals are mainly quartz and sericite, the second are chlorite, ankerite, muscovite, and barite. Pray in the hydroxyapatite barite and quartz are irregular blocky, granular disseminated hematite or specularite disseminated very fine-coarse-grained, disseminated size is 3.50 um, size is between 15-80 hydroxyapatiteparticle um. Iron minerals whose size is 100 um accounted for 82.30 percent of the fine-fine-grained disseminated, so if we want to obtain high – grade iron ore concentrate, we must be ground Picado. In the case of the mill grinding fineness – 0 044 mm accounted for 95%, iron concentrate grade is 62.15%. Dam grade is 12.88%. The recovery rate is 87.14%; the fine ore rate increaser 793% concentrate grade increased by 3.8 percentage points, and the recovery rate is 17.96 percent, iron ore concentrate, sulfur is less than 0.2%. From the genetic type of view, the ore type is mainly divided into the hydrothermal iron ore deposits whose magmatism contacts with acidic (including mafic alkaline) account, such as Hubei Daye, Ma Hang Fujian, Inner Mongolia, Huang Gang, and so on; Iron orewhich in related to the sodick or partial sodium volcanic intrusive activities, such as Jiangsu and Anhui provinces, iron ore Ningwu, Yunnan Dahongshan beneficiation plant, etc.; plot hematite and siderite iron ore deposits, mainly produced in the the detrital platform carbonates construction, such as western Hubei, Jiangxi West, Xiangdong Ling hematite iron ore; metasedimentary iron ore, formed in the late Proterozoic and Sinian sedimentary iron ore, such as Gansu Jingtieshan, Shaanxi Daxigou, Zhangjiakou, Hebei; weathering the filter residual iron ore, the main Quaternary supergene weathering of iron ore deposits formed earlier transformation, such as Guangdong Dabaoshan, Guizhou Guanyin Hill.