Maxxim Prepaid Tariff

Prepaid mobile phone tariff of the discounter Maxxim Maxxim – the choice is yours! So the mobile phone discounter touts mXXim, 2008 came on the market and to the implementation used Drillisch networks and the T-mobile network. Add to your understanding with Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence. The MXXim prepaid rates for Wenigtelefonier was in issue 8/08 Stiftung Warentest financial test, well perceived and also in the Prepaidtest of the computer image the tariff offer of mXXim via the prepaid mobile tariffs of the competition won. The mobile phone discounter offers its customers best D-network quality, no monthly fees, no contract and no minimum sales. In addition, customers have the option to take their old mobile phone number or to keep. The mXXim Starter Kit 9.95 euros and already includes a starting balance of 5 euros. The timing takes place at the settlement of 60/60, it cost all inbound links, in all German choice of customer service networks, per minute 0.08 euros, 0.49 euros, the dispatch of SMS of 0.08.

The mobile box query is free of charge. MXXim with 1.99 Euro calculated connections in foreign countries and call forwarding from abroad. Call forwarding within Germany costs 0.08 euro. Also various service and special numbers offered the customers, which are calculated with different rates. Over the Internet, the mXXim mobile phone rates can be ordered conveniently and easily. The contact and order form must be simply filled out and sent. On the Internet side of mXXim, customers have the possibility to recharge your credit balance with 5, 30 or 50 euro. This service works also via SMS.

The current credit balance can be queried at any time. The online customer service of mobile phone discounter is for questions and problems. Frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ, as well as the contractual terms and conditions or the services. Also, the customers via the website can change your personal data and change their passwords. MXXim is a cheaper provider for infrequent callers with a good service. Bastian Ebert Maxx