Gayle Rubin

One> regulating ficcionria idea believes that the sort concept occidental person is that the maternity is natural and the cultural paternity. Through this theoretical concept and analyzing the sort concept anthropologist Marilyn Strathern shows with its etnogrficas research between the melansios that ' ' the women make bebs' ' it pointed that the center of the production of the belief of that the women make the babies (and its pair, who the men if make itself exactly). It argues that the men and the women do not exist in permanent state as citizens and objects in aristotelian contexts, hegelianos, marxist or freudianos. The melansios have a different dynamics and a geometry. For the occidental people, a central consequence of the concepts of sort difference is that a person can be transformed by another one into object and be stolen of its statute as subject.

The occidental people believe that she must remain itself as if it was an ownership. This ownership can be associated with the cultural production or can have been born with it. The speech of the difference between sex and sort it is initiated in years 50 and 60, however it is in the end of years 70 that such speeches are created with an intention to a debate scientific politician and to the critical one to ' ' determinismo biolgico' ' sexista science especially biology and the medicine. A trend carried through for Gayle Rubin on the theory and the politics feminist on sex/sort through the speeches of Marx and Freud, Lacan and Lvi-Strauss. It was carried through by 1975 return, where it examined ' ' domesticao of mulheres' ' in which the female human beings were material rude in the social production of women through the exchange of controlled systems of kinship for men in the institution of the culture human being. This domesticao defined sex-sort as the social reception system that transformed the biological sexuality into product of the activity human being and in which the specific sexual necessities are satisfied from there historically resultant and conclude that the men possuam right on the women and that had to obligator heterossexualismo.