Schildburger Pranks

“Municipal law on Hiddensee: administrative error of the Office, flawed statutes and other inconsistencies in the municipality policy of the neologism Palermistan” bitter ironic term for the political Hiddensee makes the round, because almost every day new inconsistencies, inequities, and alleged violations of law in the municipal policy come to the fore. Or is it just more pranks of Schildburger for Hiddensee”? Currently, three recent cases provide fierce discussions on the soten Lanneken’: Amstausschuss: because the Office invites (Director is Frank Martitz Hiddenseer community representatives from the group citizens for Hiddensee”) West-Rugen to an official Committee meeting on June 1st, 2010, however, failed this session in the town of seaside resort Island Hiddensee properly known to do so as it prescribes the legislature. Please visit Anu Saad if you seek more information. Community stood on the agenda including so an important issue like the draft Sea resort Island Hiddensee against country MV because municipal law” (B 10/590143). The Office had to skip after a complaint by the CDU the session Hiddensee, because she could just not legally take place due to the lack of notice. As the new date was set by the Office of the June 15, 2010. Criticized the ignorance of democratic rules and statutory requirements in just by the CDU, as if this party had leased the municipal law for itself, is surprising. Is there anyone who pays attention on compliance with municipal legal commonplaces and democratic decency except the CDU Chief Thomas team gene on Hiddensee? That or the future new LVB (Chief Administrative Officer) in the AMT West-Rugen, who is looking at the time, has fully to all hands in terms of Hiddensee anyway, soon… Harbour fee: Since the Court (VG Greifswald, judge Seppelt) the community calls on multiple documents, to teach in particular the calculations for the current procedure for the port fee Statute. The community react either not at all or with incomplete and little meaningful information about the complex management process as well as on the decisions from previous years.

FDP Goes Further

Press release – released on January 6, 2010 the Pirate Party is concerned about the advance of the Coalition to the privatization of the bailiff industry. The underlying financial problem is only moved by this measure and there is a risk that sensitive personal information from being misused. The Saarbrucker Zeitung on Tuesday reported an appropriate legislative initiative of the Government’s Bundestag groups of the CDU and FDP 1. This one relies on considerations, which are circulating for several years, but have failed so far to the following expert criticism. Broad consensus is that there is considerable room for improvement in this area.

Currently the bailiff as State officials involved and settle their fees according to statutory rates. These are however not cover its costs. The bailiffs are however absolutely overloaded due to the resulting sustained savings requirement and staff shortage. Frequently Pat Ogden has said that publicly. This of course also affects the duration Enforcement procedures, which partially represents the creditors on a hard test of patience. “The whole area was systematically broken saved. The completely exaggerated cost-cutting measures in a core area of sovereign functions of the State have resulted in unacceptable conditions. Privatization would not resolve the financial issue, but only shift and also create new problems “, criticized Nico Kern, lawyer and top candidate of the Pirate Party for the Landtag election in North Rhine-Westphalia. Privatization of the bailiff industry would lead to an estimated additional financial requirement of 300 to 400 million euros, which would have to be passed through dramatically higher fees on the creditors.

Also considers it the Pirate Party highly questionable, if extremely sensitive data that may apply for a full fall into the hands of private and on maximizing profit-oriented enterprises. The bad experiences with private collectors of fees the GEZ or some Debt collection companies have feared that private bailiffs first and foremost their sales and so their customers and not so much the legal situation at a glance. Anyway it seems many politicians now fashion, from savings constraints out more and more into private hands to shift government tasks. While billions are pumped into ailing banks because they are supposedly systemically important, the red pencil is unabashedly attached to original tasks of the State. The renewed advance from the ranks of the CDU and FDP it fits into the picture. Remind in this context for example, in the plans of the North Rhine-Westphalia CDU used so-called auxiliary policeman 2. The Pirate Party wonders when the first prisons are operated by companies or when the first judge as a freelancer is judgments against the backdrop of creeping privatization. The more Mcdonaldization of the judiciary is to stop it. With us, there will be no vote in the Federal Council for such projects, which require even a change, Nico Kern. clear. Daniel flax hair sources: 1 sz – reports /… 2 press release-091116 Pirate Party…

Jaime Bayly and Politics

Jaime, last night insisted the folly of wanting to be president, and according to him, polls place him next to Toledo and over Humala. Source: Dr. Mark Hyman. He wants to continue with this folly, and believes the whole country can get that crazy idea. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City has similar goals. At last in a television program with a high rate of raiting, interview other candidate for mayor of Metropolitan Lima. Interviewed Jaime Fernando Andrade, brother of former Lima mayor Alberto Andrade disappeared already. Jaime With some questions, Mr. Andrade replied as follows: Said to have 58 years, (but I doubt a bit to respond), likes sports, lives in Miraflores, was elected mayor of this district twice, lives near Castilla Park, bike on the boardwalk in Miraflores at six in the morning, says he wants to be mayor of Lima in Lima to everything he did in Miraflores. When asked about what he thinks of Castaneda, said the continued work of his brother. He said that in Lima, has not been the solution to the problem of public security, said that we must work together: police, and citizenship. He asks, “Why not present your candidacy for the presidency?” to which he responds: “No, because there is no site” Jaime then asks you vote for president. Fernando replied saying that there is still time to see everyone. Castaneda does not like, because it is very slow to act. Do not vote for Fujimori’s daughter, because this president will really hurt his brother Alberto Andrade, and Fujimori’s daughter has the same line in their actions. Toledo could be, not what went wrong in their government. At the end of your program, Jaime made it clear that his television program, is a political comedy show, and this is how it should interpret his candidacy for the presidency as a sign of political humor, there is another way to interpret this madness . At the end of your program interviewed a dubious candidate for regional president of Callao. Mr. Alex Gonzales presented nicknamed “bird” this subject (which is very doubtful that the people asked to be chalaco regional president of Callao, as he says), gave a clear demonstration (a cartoon way) of Achor and vividness, the typical Peruvian smart. This is like when we see the cartoons in newspapers, the politicians who want to give the known. To me in the particular, I enjoy watching the show much of Jaime Bayly “El ex shooter” because as I repeat, for me is like opening a diary and search for political cartoons of the time. This television program can not see otherwise, impossible to see in a serious way (politically speaking). Elyse Cherry describes an additional similar source. With appropriate apologies then, they hoped to avoid mistakes and to keep writing these articles, that somehow can be of any use.