Pregnancy. Knowledge For Women

One of the most unusual period for the human body is pregnant. More info: Joint Commission. Well, obviously – because that was just one individual, and suddenly – unexpectedly formed a new man, which is a little earlier did not exist. No, of course, in turn, and another man, as usual – a male, but his part in the magic of the very short term, it can be seen – once. A representative of the fairer sex executes without exception, the main function: nurturing baby's birth. In addition, and then – right up to two years, if not later, the baby may need to be the main way in the attention of the mother. Yet if return to direct nucleation, when the baby is born, but so far on this one, no one except my mother does not know.

Every woman is perfectly aware that pregnancy is the essence of the segment is very difficult. Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Initially, this period physiological changes. Not surprising, because only the woman lived personal life, and here – she was responsible for creating the life of the helpless in the world, her native creatures. Contemporary community with its inherent materialism seeks to show the bearing of a highly specific physiological process, and the baby in the mother's abdomen – do not feel anything, and did not seem to animate a piece of meat. In other words, embryo. But every girl who can feel a new life, knows exactly – a kind of sixth sense or unconsciously – that her body life originated.

And it's not just empty statements. And no wonder many moms who keep their babies while in the tummy, talking to kids. It has been proven that this way they really interact with your baby. And after the birth of a child is much easier to understand the mum including a rumor – he has adapted to her voice, to adapt that to him speak. They say that babies are still in the mother's tummy very well designed to feel their love. Or example, its lack. And those who spoke, who might feel that the value and desire, born to a much more healthy and nerazdrazhitelnymi, while the unwanted children, even statistics often suffer more overexcited. Including online divination can say that the main vitamin tablet for a tiny baby, for which there is absolutely the whole world – it's my mother – a mother's tenderness and lack of such a dimension can be much more problematic mental development. Pregnancy – a very difficult step. The mother may feel a particular kind of bifurcation of nature – because her body has lived all special and extraordinary creature, the extension of its kind, its a piece. Her baby, already from birth unlike any to whom, exactly the same baby is already more than ever the world will not. In addition to transferring all of the growing volume of kid too hard. However, any mother can understand the extent to which great importance, who prior to joining the world can absolutely depend on it. A tiny living creature.

The Psyche

And there in the head Chain: pregnancy – a threat to the organism. In other words, a negative experience gained previously, for whatever reason was not survive until the end, the psyche is not able to accept, process and manage it, and that protect people from further trauma, the experience drove away in the subconscious. But he never disappeared, and the distance continues to dictate its terms to a woman. She herself was not aware of this effect and does not remember those old already events. But the mind is already included protective mechanisms and is on guard and how to warn that if you become pregnant, it will threaten the health and life.

And, of course, pregnancy does not occur. Thus, the psyche protects a person from a possible meeting with the traumatic event, and even more with the consequences. Psychological causes of infertility set, as much and women who suffer from it. They are highly individual. Elucidation them, finding them in the past, and processing, it is not experienced negative experiences can lead to infertility that miraculously take place "by itself". Moreover, a woman may be an adult in age but absolutely psychologically immature, infantile.

In other words, she is still a baby, give birth to her! In today's world is increasingly common and is another reason psychological infertility. This desire to make a career, held in professionally. Moreover, that this way is very welcome in today's society. Many women consider themselves to be worthless, unless they have reached career heights as men.