Apartment Expert Opinions

Determination of Sochi venue for the upcoming 2012 Olympics was the fact that an apartment in Sochi and other real estate in a short period of much more expensive. Joel Courtney is the source for more interesting facts. Today the resort city of Sochi and its environs are still attractive to tourists who come here from all over Russia, but no less attractive, he was now for serious investors – Russian and from abroad – instantly evaluated the geopolitical significance of this region. Ultra Wellness Center is a great source of information. However, experts agree that the Sochi real estate market only began to emerge. Despite the stagnation of the market, which followed an unprecedented surge in demand for property future Olympic City, experts are very optimistic in their forecasts about its prospects. To know the real picture, we should certainly understand that the current reduction in property prices contributed to the excessive demand for it, when it was set a record – for one day was recorded 15 percent growth rates for the quarter.

meter. Currently, individuals are still profitable to invest money in real estate and facilities in Sochi surrounding land. Acceptability of the price of a property due to the still weak at this point in the infrastructure of those places. So today there is an opportunity for profitable investment in these facilities, price increase which will inevitably continue. But directly in Sochi this is no longer at risk of making even the largest foreign investors. Experts predict that at the end of the year house prices will fall from 10 to 30 percent, partly because of inflation.

Expert opinion: the market of real estate has only started to be formed, and it is very attractive to future investors, especially for those who purchase land in Greater Sochi. It is clear that not every means of purchase of such real estate as if it was not tempting. So you should pay attention to the inexpensive real estate, but which subsequently can justify your investment funds. For example, real estate, . Recent events suggest that the real estate market in this region a promising future.