Company Success

When the goal is important the obstacles become small. Constantly many managers they ask themselves why the success of those companies and not the one that I direct? , Which is the cause of it? To what it must? Where you are my errors? In which failure? , they could be some questions that they require of replaced. The certain thing that very many they are the cases of many companies, especially the SMEs that do not achieve the success, some simply survive and very few have been developed, achieveed the success that all company hopes to reach in the scene (s) where it acts. In order to achieve the success the company, must consider a series of factors that guarantees the effective use to him of them, who also integrated are, where are its weaknesses, strengths, threats, but also its opportunities. Dr. Mark Hyman is often quoted on this topic. In other terms, it is necessary to have well defined the reach, behavior, repercussions that the scene bequeaths where it acts, its characteristics that go from the politician, economic, social, cultural, educational. Like also to determine the characteristics of the commercial behavior, the companies that act in the scene, its tendencies. Competitiveness, products and services that offer. Of course, it is necessary to determine the reach, objective, operativity of the company to act in those scenes, to analyze all factors that it involves, from the human, technician, financier, productive, administrative, leadership in all components that each involves and leaning with a Dofa to go evaluated each of those factors in the way as at the moment it is operating. In a writing of some annotations are pronounced on the matter that we considered important to consider them, like the one that the successful companies know very clearly must know how to interpret suitably what they love his clients and they consider that there is different factors and not only the price, those that can make them achieve the commercial success.

The Infantile Game

The INFANTILE GAME I listen to the songs of old woman cadences that the children sing when in group of people play. Antonio Machado. THE GAME IS A DEVELOPMENT SOURCE We live the last days of the Christmas vacations in which the children are the true protagonists to give life to the illusion or to give illusion to the life. The behavior of the boy in the first childhood, to a great extent and totally in the suckling baby, is a behavior determined by the situation in which the action is developed. The boy is bound in anyone of his acts, to the situation in which its activity takes place, in the game the boy learns to build in a cognoscible, that is to say mental situation, and not in a visible situation.

Is possible in the infantile behavior a situation in which it is always acted in agreement with the reason? Is possible a so barren behavior in a boy in pre-school age that does not do what it is desired with a caramel because thinks that it must behave otherwise? This submission to the rule is absolutely impossible in life: in the game on the contrary the game becomes possible creates, in addition, a zone of potential development of the boy. In the game the boy is always over his average age, over his habitual daily behavior; in the game it is somehow a handspan over itself. It is clear that the game is a development source. For authors of recognized prestige, he is undeniable that in the game arises all this: the action in an imaginary field, a fictitious situation, the creation of a spontaneous intention, the formation of a plane of life, voluntary motivations. The boy moves by means of the playful activity. Only in this sense he can be called to the game, activity triggering factor, determinadora of the development of the boy.

He is erroneous to think that the game is an activity without purpose; the game is a finished activity of the boy. If you would like to know more then you should visit Anu Saad. In the sport games one is the victory or from the defeat, it is possible to be arrived first, or to be the second or the last one. In a word, the purpose decides the game. The objective directed toward finishing the game becomes the sport games in one of the dominant moments, without which the game loses its sense. In the game the boy is free, that is to say, determines his actions starting off of his own I. But one is a false freedom. The boy learns to being conscious of the own actions, to being conscious that any object has meaning. Finally, we have to indicate that the game is indeed a particularitity of the pre-school age. In the first childhood the game of the boy is serious because it plays without distinguishing the fictitious situation of the real one. And it is, that as the poet said: the reality, as the dream/is not truth nor lie/outside your thought. /Outside your heart/the truth and the lie/are a vain illusion. Francisco Aryan Soli’s the first victim of the war is the childhood. XIII Poetic Festival by La Paz and the Freedom dedicated to Benedetti.

Muscular Mass

To increase muscular mass, to have the appearance and the body that always has been desired of a way heals and natural, is a process that entails time, discipline, and certainty., but also formulates a plan necessary that allows us to arrive at the proposed objective. A body with a very good well tonificado muscular mass and. The proteins play an important good role in the development of our muscles, because a gram of protein by pound of corporal weight is due to consume daily at least, because they are the base of the development of the muscular mass and help to make agile the metabolism. It is therefore necessary that we know something of them: The proteins can be of vegetal origin or animal. Between those of origin animal they are, milky eggs, meat, fish, birds, products The ideal is to consume proteins with a low fat content and a good alternative, is the embuchado back that contains 50 grams of proteins and only 8 grams of fat by each 100 grams. Mountain ham contains 30.5 grams of proteins of high biological value, that easily they are assimilated by our organism. Another low rich protein food and in fat, is the codfish, is ideal to replace the protein requirement that we needed in the development of our muscular mass. Between proteins of vegetal origin we found the soybean, the cereals, vegetables and fruits droughts.

The soybean contains a highest percentage of protein of very good quality, by each 100 grams of soya that you consume almost 40 grams are of protein, contains 4 times proteins of the egg, 12 times those of milk and the protein double of the meat. The peanut is a dry fruit that also is very rich in proteins, contains 27 grams of proteins by each 100 of peanut. One is due to consume of moderate form, because it is not of easy digestion. It remembers whenever to obtain a perfect body, with good muscular mass is required to design a previous plan according to your contexture and physical training conditionses, preferably an expert.

Alow Vera

In the antiquity the Aloe Side it was symbol of eternal youth. Greek and they used it to the Romans by its laxative, digestive and healing properties. Nowadays they are many plus the virtues that are known him. The use of the Aloe Side Combat and Comes up more than eighty common and complex diseases.Some of these diseases that are dealt with this product given by the nature are: problems of stomach (pain or acidity), ulcers, cold, pressure discharge, low pressure, internal hemorroides, and external hemorroides, conjuntivitis, headache, resfros, influenza, asthma, diabetes, hepatic crisis, mareos, take out again, burns by fire, burns by chemical agents and sun burns, hurt and muscular injuries, blows and twists, scars, pains, punctures of mosquitos, fungi, calluses and internal in the nose, pain tooth, aftas, herpes labial, lips droughts and cracked eyes of rooster, problems. Read more from William Davis MD to gain a more clear picture of the situation. With respect to the care of the beauty it is advised stops: the cleaning of skin, spots in the skin, eliminates the acne, after the shaving like softener and desinflamatorio, for the hair prevents the dandruff and the grasitud; in order to deal with the mixed cellulitis with gel Asian flash or ivy it stimulates the regeneration of new cells and activates the metabolism of fats.

Test to know if he is allergic to the plant: in the internal part of the wrist and behind the ear a small piece of the cut leaf is due to apply so that the pulp is in the open. If immediately the zone where it was applied presents/displays eruptions or reddening not the aloe must use. In the section " Salud" of you will find like preparing this gift of the nature for each problem; besides other articles for the care of the body the mind and the spirit. Original author and source of the article.


All the children they are intelligent to his ways. The innate abilities and the creativity must be encouraged and stimulated to reach their maximum potential. The small children learn better through tactile experience, experience that the imagination stimulates and does use of its natural curiosity and abilities. Like parents, you must learn to offer the necessary support to them that he helps in a harmonic growth. The parents have a key paper in the education of the children, a more important paper that the teachers or professors, because they are those that can evaluate more early possible, the abilities of their boy and to work in the development of their intelligence. Once we have determined the level of its intelligence, we can continue animating its strongpoints and to work in the development of the weak points. The parents and the professors, can create easily, an atmosphere that stimulates the creativity and the curiosity of the boy, without being necessary to have great amounts of money, auxiliary toys and materials.

Howard Gardner has identified seven forms of development and intelligence that must be encouraged of the parents, teachers and professors: line of vision-space, physical-motor, interpersonal and intrapersonal the language, music, and logico-mathematical. Whereas linguistic and logico-mathematical intelligence, is generally associate with intelligence the other are considered talents. Gardner considers that the seven, are equal of important and each boy has all these types of multiple intelligences in a unique model. To foment the creative exploration of the seven fields, the children will feel like more insurances when he is new activities or when elements of different areas in the own activity are combined. Here there are some ways to foment the creativity in all the fields: linguistic intelligence can be fomented through games of oral or written words, such as: search of rhymes, stories, early writing, etc.

Dealing with Acne

The acne is essentially the black set of shinbones and points that usually form in our face or back. Although it generally affects the adolescents, also it is suffered by adults. Next we showed to him in passages like eliminating the acne. The first passage of how to eliminate the acne consists of maintaining the hands far from our face. The majority of people does not realize, but the hands are full of bacteria, which produce shinbones. The second case in as eliminating the acne it is to end the bacteria. The bacteria join and block pores.

When bacterium is accumulated, the shinbones form. In order to end this, we must rub antibacterial creams. It looks for antibacterial with triclosn and Gluconato de Clorhexidina. Another simple form to finish the acne is to exercise to avoid stress. It is not necessary to exercise in excess, in fact with 30 minutes to the day, three or four days to the week already it is sufficient. Exercising, the body avoids stress and aid to regulate the hormonal levels, cause of many acids in the skin. In addition, sweating helps to unblock pores, expelling the dead cells where they cannot cause shinbones.

The benzoyl peroxide is a great aid to fight the acne since the bacterium can kill that causes inflammations in the skin. The saliclico acid is another chemistry that helps to clear the died cells of the face. Perhaps in the case of the women, he is advisable to consult with his personal doctor about contraceptives. These sos able to make level your hormones. As you will know, the reason for which arises the acne in the adolescence is by the increase in the levels of oestrogen and testosterone. Exactly, the contraceptives regulate these hormonal levels. In conclusion, for the acne solution this in practicing the listed steps, from exercising to using products and many other methods in can find Here.