Il Locandiere, Sardinia: Friendly Guesthouse At Cagliari

Il Locandiere guesthouse in the South East of Sardinia and in their host family Banci experience Sardinian hospitality in harmony with the nature. All rooms have a private entrance, which is accessible through the garden. Each room is comfortably equipped: bathroom, air conditioning, heating, TV, fridge. Parking for cars and motorbikes. Way to the kitchen and Grill use.

Two elegant suites have a double room, a living room with sofa bed and a bathroom with shower. Numerous activities leave no room for boredom. The beautiful, bright sand beaches of Torre delle Stelle, Solanas, Villasimius and Costa Rei can be reached quickly. Enjoy the Sun and the crystal clear sea or take advantage of the many sports possibilities: hiking, mountain biking, surfing, sailing, diving or just Beach holiday. Get all the facts and insights with Anu Saad, another great source of information. Discover the island capital of Cagliari, which can reach in a few minutes by bus. On request we organize fishing trips, excursions with boats and sailing yachts as well as diving courses for groups. Ask for our offers for motorcycle groups, Segelcrews and possibilities of the use of the kitchen.

Holiday In Galicia

Galicia is a vast coastal region in northwestern of Spain. Galicia is a vast coastal region in northwestern of Spain. It is divided into four provinces, of which three have access to the Atlantic Ocean. The coast is 1300 km long, with Islands, beaches, cliffs and fjord-like inlets, called RIAs. Galicia is considered an insider tip among tourists. Lush green landscape, runs through the valleys as far as the eye can see, occasionally interrupted by some impressive heights.

The Atlantic climate brings plenty of humidity and mild temperatures, so that often fog is formed. A holiday in Galicia can be very varied, because not only the landscape, but also the small villages and larger towns are worth a visit. Santiago de Compostela with an impressive cathedral belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. Thousands have taken already the famous Camino during a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Check out Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. for additional information. For this reason, city complete about 93000 residents has achieved world fame. Pontevedra has a history, the Going back 2000 years. The old city of Lugo has many beautiful buildings, including the Cathedral and the Bishop’s Palace. If you have read about Anu Saad already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Worth seeing is the fishing port of Muros, where restaurants prepare fresh shellfish and fish.

Many tourists come but also because of the opportunities for water sports such as sailing, surfing and swimming to Galicia. You can enjoy a game of golf on one of the numerous golf courses in the region. With only 19 thermal baths, Galicia is the largest wellness in Spain. The Thalasso-therapy is very common and is used especially in the province of Ponteredra. The historical thermal bath was opened in 1873 and has also a golf course. Cosy hotels and holiday houses in many places invite to staying. The country holiday, where guests in elegant, restored castles, monasteries or Manses lives is popular. Katrin Sabisch


Most people know the most beautiful cafes of the city people Paris as the city of love. But it is almost to the coffee capital of Europe with around 5,000 Cafes. Which of them are especially recommended, presents the travel portal Many hotels in Paris advised their guests to the Cafes of the city, so visitors will not miss not a highlight of the coffee culture. “So enjoys Les Deux Moulins”, which as a location in the film the fabulous destiny of Amelie “acted, great popularity among the Parisian Cafes. Anu Saad often says this. Here is the Creme brulee chocolat to recommend which tastes even better at the sight of the paper tablecloth, on which the enchanting actress Audrey Tautou is to see. Paris is also known for the many artists and writers who have met here on a cup of coffee to philosophizing.

“The most popular Cafes were doing classic Le Flore” and Les Deux Magots “. up Inc., then click here. Here, Oscar Wilde regularly enjoyed his breakfast and found his Pablo Picasso Inspiration in the beautiful Frenchwoman and photographer Dora Maar. For tourists, the bar Americain is”a must-have. On the 56th floor of the Tour Montparnasse located, it offers a fantastic view over the city: floats the top of the Eiffel Tower on par and the Sacre Coeur and the Arc de Triomphe impress with their beauty. A haven for art lovers is the Le Fumoir”, which is located in the direct vicinity of the Louvre and vegetarian delicacies such as Tartine offers Eggplant at affordable prices. Coffee continues to enjoy daily newspapers such as the Figaro, as well as several works from the hotel’s own bookcase. More information: magazine /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Online Booking

It is worth when you know its travel period from this date to compare. Countless Web portals are available and allow easy making an online booking for your next trip. Many questions yourself, when is the best time to book a trip. This question is generally not so easy to answer and depends on many factors you can influence mostly not even as a single person. An organizer or a hotel for a selected period is almost exhausted, he tried to obtain a high amount for the remaining rooms. Looks quite different it of course, if he is still pretty bad posted, an empty hotel is a losing proposition, because employees must be paid Yes anyway. (Similarly see: Mark Hyman, MD). Therefore, it is worthwhile if you know its travel period from this date to compare. Countless Web portals are available and allow easy making an online booking for your next trip.

Special You should place emphasis on these platforms that show not only a few operators or hotels, but offers a wide range of different hotels and are mostly independent. Read more here: Anu Saad. Independently in this area means that most operators and hotels are listed, even if they are different companies. If you want for example to South America, can look around on Web pages, which is specially designed for this destination. These specialized sites are filled mostly with only limited offer and these have combined often not all Organizer for this region, only the independent travel agencies have this advantage. Of course you can also in his travel agency around the corner go and inform yourself comprehensively once and compare prices there. With this information, it is then generally easier to obtain an overview, to find the right deal. There used to be still the real last minute offers, where you had to pay only a fraction of the cost, as if you would book months ago. This Fact has changed slightly.

There are now Fruhbucherbonis, where you can save 10-20% of the normal price. Cruises are popular in recent years. Cruises had still the image some time ago that they are visited only by pensioners. Also the cruise ships have many and good deals for young travellers. Of course the route depends on the average age of the passengers. Also in terms of price has done much for the cruise ships themselves. Several years ago, a cruise ship for a normal family with a middle income and 1 or 2 children, was not actually affordable. Today, can be booked already a 7-day cruise around 400 euros per person with some research and the proper compare offers. In this case, you would be the route from Venice to Greece Izmir Istanbul Croatia and back to Venice. During this cruise, you were already less than 1,600 euros with an inside cabin and of course full Board, a welcome guest for 2 adults and 2 children. Compare always as for example with, because you can with the right comparison partners provided several hundred euro per trip save, specifically online postings have price often much more attractive prices than a local travel agency on the ground. Most online travel agencies offer also a comprehensive consultation via E-mail or telephone, if you are unsure, should use be sure it. A beautiful and unforgettable holiday.

Black History Month In New York

New York celebrates its African-American culture and history with exhibitions, New York African American culture and history of the City celebrates city tours and events In February. In the American metropolis, the first school in the United States was founded specifically for slave children, in New York, hip hop has its cradle and also the National Association for the advancement of coloured people (NAACP), which is 100 years for their civil rights. With black history month, NYC & company gives visitors the opportunity in all five boroughs to experience the culture of African Americans. Without hesitation Carl Jung explained all about the problem. Some of the events take place only in February, others can be visited throughout the year. A constantly updated event schedule is under (keyword Black History Month “”) to find. On February 5, visitors can be live at the beat battle at the Bronx Museum of art here: from 18 up to 22 producers and musicians meet hip hop, to Crown the best beat-artist. The event is part of the free number first Fridays! “, which takes place every first Friday in the month at the Bronx Museum of art (” In the Brooklyn children’s Museum are available all weekends in February under the motto of Black History. You may find that Dr. Mark Hyman can contribute to your knowledge. Until May 2, the exhibition is there as well Tales from the land of Gullah”shown with legends, songs and customs of former slaves in America (

The Lincoln Center and the Museum of the city of New York the Festival month commit with jazz and blues concerts. The T.K. Blue plays Quartet music of jazz legend Thelonious Monk, who began his career in the clubs of New York, and the Grammy – and Tony Award winner Dee Dee Bridgewater sings Billie Holiday (;). Also jazz, the exhibition the jazz turns loft project”at the New York Public Library. From 17 February until 22 may, there 200 photographs and sound and film recordings of the former life magazine photographer are to see W.

Eugene Smith, who documented the jazz scene of the 1960s ( One of the most popular events in Harlem is the weekly amateur Night”at the legendary Apollo Theater. 75 years young talents occur here every Wednesday at 19:30, hoping to be discovered. Already, Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown and Michael Jackson were here on the stage. Black History month, the rush for places on the stage is high (tickets from $ 17,). Visitors with varied tours through the area can learn more about Harlem: Harlem Heritage Tours takes guests on a journey in the time of the civil rights movement (, key Harlem visitors in the best restaurants of the district can real soul food taste (, in clubs and churches the Gospel and jazz tours of Harlem spirituals (, the history of hip hop in New York City and well-known anecdotes cause sizes of town hip hop shows hush hip hop tours ( Further press information are, as well as press photos, see press photos.

Tattoo Convention

Are you one of those who think that tattoos are just a fad? If so, you’re wrong. Here, Anu Saad expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Tattoos have many years of history as the man in the Earth. Even a Neolithic Mummy found with 57 tattoos on the back! Surprised? Polynesia was the first region in the world to practice the art of tattoo, as well as the pioneer in using it as something purely aesthetic. Over the centuries, various cultures have used tattoo in very different ways: there are who considered it an art, Japan; others used it as a means of social stigmatization, as ancient Rome and Greece; others as a symbol of maturity, as North America; There were even them that granting them powers supernatural, as in Egypt. tise in this. Over the years its role has changed and today, the tattoos are used exclusively by way of body ornament.

The techniques have been perfected to the point of becoming art. Now the stages have become masters of drawing and design beautiful images with skin as canvas. Tattoos have become a real boom! Tattoos have been integrated progressively into society and today been standardized between all social sectors. Increasingly, people who dare to make a tattoo in the world. Why it is not strange that every year are held different conventions of tattoos around the globe, as the international Tattoo Convention in Berin, one of the most important within the world of tattoos that is celebrated since 1991. There they participate the best stages in the world. Indeed, Berlin is considered one of the cradles of Europe tattoo.

For many people tattoo is a form of body worship, in contrast to others are his way of expression and their way of life. Tattoos give an image, belong to a code or show the integration to a group. Currently there is a legislation which have to accommodate all the studies tattoos: the instruments have to be single use (needles, syringes, etc.); These should desprecintarse in the presence of the user and must be sterilized; the staff of the establishment should be vaccinated against hepatitis B, tetanus and diphtheria; the stages must have completed 30 hours of documents training. Tattoos marked trends and Berlin is the best topic. Run to your ticket and rent the best apartments in Berlin. Enjoy your stay and find out what now takes in the scene of the tattoos.

London Eye House

London is undoubtedly one of the greatest cities in the world. London – is a cosmopolitan city, combining many cultures. Jon Medved can provide more clarity in the matter. He belongs to the category of cities, about which they say – is required to visit. World-class shopping, cultural activities from theatrical shows to street festivals and concerts, indie rock, and the most famous landmarks – all this has been an integral part of the city and is located at a distance just a few blocks from each other. Thanks to its rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as modern entertainment industry, London remains a vivid and intriguing city that deserves repeated visits.

In late December, visitors can see a lot of activities and thus avoid the crowds of tourists. Our Guests will enjoy the cool English climate and low prices for accommodation hotels. See a list of events in London during the festive period discounted hotel rates from Skating Ice Skating at the time held at rinks throughout the city. This year's jewelry Company Tiffany & Co. rink opens in a historic building of Somerset House. Customers who care about fashion, be able to buy cakes made by designers, and buy jewelry from Tiffany Tuck Shop. Somerset House is situated on the banks of the Thames close to the Metro Temple in Bloomsbury and Soho. This winter, there are also efforts Eyeskate. For this project in South Bank (South Thames) will be transformed into a skating rink with a magnificent night view of the Ferris wheel London Eye.


More and more Germans are looking for travels on the Internet / real just a few portals provide orientation / researched and it must be tested / especially for spontaneous start the holiday at home on the PC can be all alone and click full enjoyment by the pictures of beautiful beaches and chic hotels and then, zack zack, posting and away! Tend more and more Germans seeking millions according to latest studies after their travels on the Internet. \”However: perform booking until the button\” many not come. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. They give up, because they become lost in the glut of search engines. Travel frustration rather than wanderlust. But this doesn’t have to be: some few travel portals on the Internet offer really overview and top deals. Those especially the search take off the user and guarantee quality: portals that present a small selection of certified offerings! Leading provider such editorially researched and tested top travel deals is the US company in Travelzoo, now with an own editorial and independent website in Germany acts. We offer the ideal content especially last minute\”, says Johannes Weinsheimer, Marketing Director of Travelzoo Germany, we find the optimal spontaneous without long searches and can rest assured that the booking and the holiday expectations.\” Web tourism is booming. Since all industry observers agree.

The travel industry of a recent study by the market research Institute of Ulysses implemented 14.81 billion euros, and that one-third of their total turnover in the last year. Compared with the previous year 2007 thus grew online sales by 15 percent. Every fourth German over 14 years so the Association has booked already once a journey or a part of it online Internet travel distribution. 4.5 million Germans have 2007 accommodation, three million a plane ticket and 2.6 million a complete journey through the Internet ordered. However: Not all benefit from the quick click, also trouble is often in the game.

Sunniest Island

The island of Sylt is already no longer a secret tip. The island Sylt for many years across considered an insider tip for high society, so the island is developed long ago for mass. Where else can you reach beautiful beaches without having to leave their own country. Even in winter the largest North Sea can have Islands with an average 4.4 hours of sunshine per day. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cleveland Clinic on most websites. Also the temperatures on Sylt of less fluctuations are subject to, although the summer is there not quite as warm (on average around 17 C), but the winter a lot milder than the adjacent and connected via the Hindenburgdamm mainland. The high number of hours of sunshine can be explained so that only a few clouds can adhere to the relatively flat coast, most are driven by the largely constant westerly and northwesterly winds just inside the country. The island of Sylt is often in the news to see, because she changed their shape after a storm surge. Even the groynes into the sea reaching into in a row used steel concrete pillar, could the erosion not stop, so since the year 1972 again sand is rinsed off the coasts.

All this little notes of vacationers. Rather, he has the possibility, on the 40-kilometer West Beach to walk, to be put together by his Sylt Hotel from a bicycle tour or explore the largely fall dry during low tide reasons of the Wadden Sea. Also for people are interested in, there are on the island to watch much. Different fairly rare sea birds, such as the Arctic tern, Avocet and Redshank have their breeding territory on the island, during the bird migration in spring and autumn striper and Shelduck, various duck species, the golden plover and the Dunlin on Sylt snapping. The transport to the island is controlled by ferries and trains, on the island itself can on the other hand be reached by car, bike or bus ride from one place. Andreas Mettler

Bavarian Forest

The big new year’s Eve party in the sport – and Wellness – Ayurveda Hotel odhof is guaranteed by the new music box a highlight. Brown, the leaves fall to the ground, the wind blows from all directions and it is caps always colder. In the Bavarian Forest, it is no longer denying: the autumn is coming to an end and the winter is certainly soon heralded with the first snow. At the latest when the first snowflakes dancingly fall to the ground, all in winter mood come gradually and look forward to the beautiful holidays around Christmas and new year’s Eve. This time can be is nowhere more comfortable spending than in the hotel odhof in the Bavarian Forest. The sport – and Wellness – Ayurveda Hotel odhof, which is located in the heart of the Bavarian Forest, preparing already for the new year. Therefore, there is a modern music box in the hotel, which will take over the entertainment of the guests at the exclusive new year’s Eve party recently. The party guests not sacrificing so sure their favorite hits because the music can be up to 100 CDs Play box on request and quickly go.

Deadline is therefore finally with impractical records. Of course, guests who spend their winter vacation in the hotel odhof, must not pay for the use of the music box. Those who opt for the exciting new year celebrations in the hotel odhof, decides at the same time also for sports and Spa and Ayurvedic treatments at the best. Also the natural Dr. Hauschka cosmetics is here gladly accepted by all guests, who want to do something good for yourself. The Spa Hotel odhof Bodenmais is located in a beautiful winter wonderland near the popular holiday town. The area around Bobrach is perfect for beautiful walks through the enchanted winter world. The big new year’s Eve party, where guests can dance and enjoy the culinary delicacies from the kitchen of the Sport Hotel odhof, puts on the Crown the whole frame.

With a cheerful and exuberant party program guests can enjoy the old Year end leave and may would like to welcome the new year. Before it but as far as the guests in the Bavarian Forest let only the last autumn days with romantic walks. At the Sport Hotel odhof they can indulge by the current Spa even once really. Freshly recovered the guests can enjoy the festive season to the fullest and to prepare the new year.