Internet Email

Thus, a feedback form – this is a special script, which usually has a few fields and click "Send", and is used to send messages from visitors to the site owner. In the field enter the data (usually name, email and the text itself message) and click "Send" button, causing the data sent to the email the site owner. So why still need a form of feedback? You may ask: "Is it not enough to just put your email on Online? "In fact, place your email on the site need. And it should be placed as a reference to when you click on it, run the mail client user mode and create a new letter as the destination has already been substituted your email. But it may be a situation where a visitor to your site can not use your email client to send a message. Dr. Mark Hyman shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This often happens when a visitor does not use in their work e-mail client, and uses a Web interface for sending and receiving mail! Or a visitor comes to the Internet is not from your computer, but with someone else, where not set up an email client – a very simple example, an online club. Then he will need to copy your address and paste it in the box web-based interface. This extra action! But as practice shows – the extra steps in this case are not allowed.

The user does not wants to send you a message and you will lose your potential customer. In addition, there are now robots that crawl the Web to see if e-mail – addresses, and if your email falls into the database of these robots, your address starts to receive hundreds of messages a day, which carry no information you need. Such messages are called – SPAM. As a result, your mailbox starts to get clogged garbage, and you will be more difficult to find really important for you letter! With regard to the feedback form there to deal with such robots, used an additional text box in which you want to enter the amount of numbers from the image or set of characters.