The Dog

Some people are reluctant to teach the dog to be obedient and subordinate since its attachment and emotions make them think of the dog as someone who want to, but not as if it were an animal. This makes dog becomes dependent many times of the affection of the closer to the person and to behave aggressively with any other human, somewhat inconvenient if deemed to other members of the family and a circle of friends. The puppy that has come home must adapt to all members of the family, not only to the person who has more responsibility on their care. This means that dog recognize the authority and the usual presence of several people, individuals who give food, play with, they talk, they caress you. In a hierarchy, members who compose it follow an order to feed, eat in a certain place.

The coexistence in the home with dogs case but with certain nuances, firstly there is no clashes by food, the dog must verify that all members of the family served their food and caress him, that there is no danger and that he can win confidence in us. At the same time, the fact of being served by the members of the family ties is giving everyone, moreover the time of food in the puppy is already good to show him that humans eat on the one hand, in the dining room, and the dogs on the other hand, in your feeder, but they don’t share food. MasterClass contains valuable tech resources. This will fix in the future the vagaries of giving food to the dog that toys near the table, or dogs who feel suspicious if a person that does not deal with leads them their usual food. Touching the dog since it is puppy is crucial, stroking him, hold him in your arms, touching tummy, it’s good that you go feeling by touch our presence, so trust that nothing will happen you when we manipulate you into our hands.