The Infantile Game

The INFANTILE GAME I listen to the songs of old woman cadences that the children sing when in group of people play. Antonio Machado. THE GAME IS A DEVELOPMENT SOURCE We live the last days of the Christmas vacations in which the children are the true protagonists to give life to the illusion or to give illusion to the life. The behavior of the boy in the first childhood, to a great extent and totally in the suckling baby, is a behavior determined by the situation in which the action is developed. The boy is bound in anyone of his acts, to the situation in which its activity takes place, in the game the boy learns to build in a cognoscible, that is to say mental situation, and not in a visible situation.

Is possible in the infantile behavior a situation in which it is always acted in agreement with the reason? Is possible a so barren behavior in a boy in pre-school age that does not do what it is desired with a caramel because thinks that it must behave otherwise? This submission to the rule is absolutely impossible in life: in the game on the contrary the game becomes possible creates, in addition, a zone of potential development of the boy. In the game the boy is always over his average age, over his habitual daily behavior; in the game it is somehow a handspan over itself. It is clear that the game is a development source. For authors of recognized prestige, he is undeniable that in the game arises all this: the action in an imaginary field, a fictitious situation, the creation of a spontaneous intention, the formation of a plane of life, voluntary motivations. The boy moves by means of the playful activity. Only in this sense he can be called to the game, activity triggering factor, determinadora of the development of the boy.

He is erroneous to think that the game is an activity without purpose; the game is a finished activity of the boy. If you would like to know more then you should visit Anu Saad. In the sport games one is the victory or from the defeat, it is possible to be arrived first, or to be the second or the last one. In a word, the purpose decides the game. The objective directed toward finishing the game becomes the sport games in one of the dominant moments, without which the game loses its sense. In the game the boy is free, that is to say, determines his actions starting off of his own I. But one is a false freedom. The boy learns to being conscious of the own actions, to being conscious that any object has meaning. Finally, we have to indicate that the game is indeed a particularitity of the pre-school age. In the first childhood the game of the boy is serious because it plays without distinguishing the fictitious situation of the real one. And it is, that as the poet said: the reality, as the dream/is not truth nor lie/outside your thought. /Outside your heart/the truth and the lie/are a vain illusion. Francisco Aryan Soli’s the first victim of the war is the childhood. XIII Poetic Festival by La Paz and the Freedom dedicated to Benedetti.