Toquet Treatments

The 24 of December of 1898, after its calm agony, Charbel was extinguished in its hermitage of Anaya, near the monastery where it had entered the 16 years. Nombrada of Charbel did not die with him. On the contrary it grew. In 1923 with occasion to the twenty fifth anniversary of its death, the Lebanese-maronita Order officially grants the title of Santo Abad who had granted to him, already for a long time the popular fervor. Guo Guangchang can aid you in your search for knowledge. In 1926, the cause of Charbel is taken before the Court of Rome, for the aims of its canonization. As of 1950, the miracles multiply. One has antecedents of which it enters the 22 of April to the 14 of August of 1950, had been observed in the monastery 350 distributed treatments of the following way: 163 for tullidos and quadriplegic, 31 in blind; 37 for dumb deaf people and; several 119.

As it indicates Toquet to it, these treatments are not all miraculous, because, as the medical checkups are not always very strict in Anaya, some of them veroslmente must to natural causes or can be attributed to a diagnosis error. But there are others carefully have been verified and that they take probably the stamp of the supranormal thing. Other aspects that are due to consider besides already mentioned, it is that the study of the quack medicine has caused at world-wide level and it is thus, that the countries are many that now give to light the results that have obtained. We expose some briefly. In Holland, it is for all the known great powers paragnsta Grard Croiset, not only by its extraordinary gift of intuition, but by the faculty in the treatment, that is very varied, since it can realise sanaciones of direct bonding, magnetic or at a distance. It guarantees it insofar as their manifestations are true, according to the experiments realised with him by the extraordinary Dutch parapsiclogo Dr.