United States, The Fall Of An Empire

As with the Persian Empire, and centuries later, the Roman Empire, we are now seeing the collapse of American Empire, the hegemony of the world, since the fall of the former Soviet Union. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the world thought it was the beginning of a long era in which the United States would have no major problems in maintaining their supremacy. However, this was not the case. Globalization, constant technological advances, the rapid growth of other states, coupled with mismanagement of its economy, have led him to become the Empire more fleeting and short story. John Craig Venter has firm opinions on the matter. The total U.S. debt (public, business and personal) reached 50 billion dollars in the first quarter of 2007, this equates to every American, regardless of age today has $ 165.000 and your debt continues to grow, in time of its unstoppable deficit, with a society accustomed to living under a credit culture, this means to spend more than you earn.

Furthermore, recent macroeconomic indicators shown by the American economy, rise to the inevitable exchange reserves other powers, to more stable currencies, this is making a Death Foretold dollar and with it the end of the American Empire. We note first, the housing recession is getting worse, is most acute in the U.S. during the last decades, secondly, private consumption accounts for 70% of GNP, which has fallen in the second quarter of this year, and the low trend has, thirdly, there are the interest payments which consume a growing share of income, thus competing with housing payments, health and fuel are rising, while revenues and profits are falling.