Passed the worse moment of the international crisis, the banks again place the foot in the accelerator and start to flexibilizar the credit conditions to try to bring in return the consumer, who continues reserved. The financial institutions bet in extention of the stipulated term and fall of the taxes of interests, as form to increase the access of the customers to the loans. First, it was the Ita-Unibanco that it announced the return of the plans of financing of vehicles of 72 months (6 years), that, after September, they had disappeared of the map. In 22 of May the Aymor Financings (of the Santander-Real Group) followed way the same. In day 25 of May it was the time of Bradesco and Bank of Brazil (BB). After restricting the loans, from September, when the global crisis if went deep, the Brazilian banks effectively come back to fight more aggressively for the credit. Movement of the BBO boldest, so far, was the BB, that, following orientaes of president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, informed that it will raise in R$ 13 billion the resources available for financings to the physical people. n listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Of this total, R$ 3 billion will still have to be applied this year.

The measure will raise the possibility of taking of loans of about 10 million people who already have relationship with the BB, that is, about one tero the total customers that the institution has in the segment of Fsicas.Em People the practical one, the customers who will be selected by means of criteria of credit risk will have its extended maximum limits of loan, case the case. On average, it will have a rise of 5,25% in the ceiling of the credit of the benefited customers. Another measure, which will be valid for all the customers natural person, involves the reduction of the charged taxes of interests of nine credit facilities, as of general charge account.