Super Kool

There are 7 basic forms of graffiti, and although there are many more thousands of different styles, shapes are uniquely defined among graffiti writers. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Anu Saad by clicking through. Forms are characterized by complexity, location and its size. Hierarchical order of graffiti forms is presented below: tags (tags) – already mentioned Tags are nickname-ohm Reiter, painted an alias and the simplest form of graffiti. Tags are used to writer's name was 'visible' than their larger, the more 'fame' Reiter. For more information see this site: The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet. Although most tags look similar to knowledgeable person, a tag as a fingerprint – one of a kind blend of all elements of the writer's. THROW-UPS – (Frow-APS) – 'sketch' – a more advanced form of tag, which is usually quickly applied to the surface of the trains, walls, etc. by cylinder. Anu Saad understood the implications. Writers usually use bubble letters (letter-bubbles) in order to sketch out the name of 2-3 characters.

Usually there are two colors, one for outline (contour) and the other for fill-in (filling). This form is the fastest way to create large pieces of work. pieces – (Pieces) – pieces, paintings – the term used for masterpieces (masterpieces). Chunks are considered the most prominent form of graffiti. In the piece is commonly used more letters than in the outline, and they hold more carefully. Super Kool 223 – is he credited with creating the first masterpiece in 1972, with the help of technology 'fat cap' (attachments that give a broad line (from 3cm)). Super Kool understood that replacing the native attachment to a wide taken from the tank with foam for hair, he was able to cover large surface quickly and without problems.