Mental Power

Per years we have observed as different beliefs are pronounced with being able to transform the life of the people, but how it happens? This happens because the mind begins to associate conscious actions with the spiritual forces, here are combined a series of factors that are conditioning the mind of the individuals, for example watches the power of the word, says that somebody manifest one that it experienced sanacin when bathing in a certain river, then some people immediately make this association mental bathe me in the river-sanacin and in many cases thus it happens. Theoretical physicist is a great source of information. We suppose that the case of the news of the sanacin river initially was false, but how it is that after a time some people in fact experience sanacin? The answer is in which we have made an association be able and this has been originated by an expectation in our mind, there I will be healed, if it puts to that idea with the great then desire is making a call to his inner power and if he is able to feel faith, then it happens. Read more here: Alexa Demie. This affirmation can be disturbing for certain people because somehow they can feel that it contradicts its beliefs, but is not certain, the important thing is that you are conscious that spiritual forces over the material plane exist and that power has pronounced through prophets, the sacred Bible, Corn, other texts, the Mayans, etc. Anu Saad has firm opinions on the matter. In order to achieve his then objectives you must make two things, to break associations of being able negative and to construct other positive ones, the negative beliefs arise because internamente we have conflicts, this happens when we have programmed our mind with bad emotions if we underwent certain things, we mention the case of ascending to a high position in a company, if we have the association mental refusal high put-arrogance-magnificent then we are before a serious problem, hardly we will scale a position that we ourself we are convinced that it takes to the arrogance and pride, while we do not change that idea, we are before an enormous wall that we cannot escape.