Zoo Directors

For almost all incidents, the relationship between man and elephant is based on a system of unprotected, so-called direct contact”. This conventional attitude system used today in 22 of the 27 German zoos with elephants, handled the animals in the wild elephant in the Asian tradition as a pet. Accidents”often are nothing more than boss around a desire by elephants who fed up with it, by the people. What however rarely comes to the language: for the good care of the elephant, this is not required at all! Because there is an alternative: protected contact! Human and animal like at all other dangerous wild animals in the Zoo are always spatially separated in the protected contact”. Reward based, elephants are taught to be maintained through a grille. There is no punishment. Learn more on the subject from Nancy-Ann_DeParle.

At the same time, this method ensures high quality of care and safety of the keepers. Experiences in many zoos to prove that this works great, even if just the nurses often resist the unfamiliar system. Protected contact”can also practiced in old elephant houses However, will require the reconstruction of the gates. Europe-wide, 70% of all zoos with elephant husbandry practice already”protected contact. In August 2011, the North American Zoo Association AZA”announced that all Member zoos as quickly as possible to get to that elephant management accordingly, to ensure the safety of the keepers.

However, most German zoos maintain the myth of the gentle giants prefer’, rather than to draw conclusions from the fact that elephants are dangerous wild animals. This is protected contact”already practised in all German zoos, which keep an adult elephant bulls, but only for the bulls! That elephant cows and bull calves from the age of 2 years can be just as dangerous as adult elephant bulls, in the scientifically derived “German zoos hardly anyone believed. 80% of all accidents with Zoo elephant by elephant cows caused about it. In the face of horrendous accidents and even the youngest Incidents, no one can argue but the deadly threat to elephant keepers daily beta, is unpredictable. When experienced nurses could assess whether or when a seemingly good-natured elephant is dangerous, there are the three serious accidents 2010-2011 not! It represents an irresponsible violation of the duty of care, Zoo Directors still ignore this risk, and fail to create safe working conditions for their employees. “This negligence in dealing with health and life by elephant keepers conditionally but, that in the event of an accident” is not only a tragic event, but in addition to the damages of the victims are also crimes in the area: negligent homicide and negligent assault. Therefore the Club elephant protection calls on Europe the Zoo, protected contact’ for all their elephants for elephant cows to apply”, as Jurgen Schilfarth and OLAF Toffels by the Board of Directors of the Association. More Information from: elephant protection Europe Business Association Office: Beate Haufellner on Mt. Kogler 7, 82031 Grunwald Tel.: 089-6412091 Jurgen Schilfarth, 1 Chairman OLAF Toffels, stv. Chairman

Pain Reliever Body

Not always the same pills swallow a hectic everyday life, poor posture or exercise can lead to tension and joint pain. Often in these situations, try to use natural remedies, instead of from the outset to take tablets, which can strain the body. The private krankenversicherung.de insurance portal gives advice for a quick recovery. Unusual activities can strain the body and lead to pain in the joints and muscles. Seniors often suffer from such complaints. In addition to weather changes, new hobbies or renovations, for example, can cause joint and muscle pain. It is important that elderly people expect too much her body. Who is planning a trip, for example, should prepare themselves accordingly, in order to avoid complaints.

Many activities for the holiday are planned, it is recommended to train a little before departure and to tune in, for example, to hiking tours. (Source: Dr. Mark Hyman). A steady increase of movement gives time to get accustomed to the new claims the joints and muscles. Renovation or garden work, an unusual attitude or a clumsy movement can also quickly lead to complaints. Experts recommend access in such cases directly to tablets. For example most other medication for seniors, and a pain reliever can mess up the organism. Therefore sauna visit or massages advised initially to less aggressive measures such as hot baths. Pain gels are also effective. They promise fast relief without unnecessarily burdening the body.

The Marvel Of The Colon

Useful information processed our digestive system 30 tons of food to 50,000 litres of fluid to the digestive system in the December issue of healthy Medicine In the course of a life. The colon makes the greatest contribution to the digestion. In adult humans, it is about eight meters long and has a surface of about 400 to 500 square meters due to the fine intestinal villi. The intestine breaks down not only the Chyme into its valuable components of food and supplies energy to the body, the powerhouse of the body must also face toxins, microbes, acids and alkalis. It can also sometimes overwhelm him. Warning signs should be recognized and taken seriously. Healthy medicine in December reveals how anyone can live healthy bowel and what you should pay attention. In addition to the digestion, the intestinal has also an important function of the immune system.

The so-called intestinal flora, a complex and very sensitive ecosystem of up to 500 different species of bacteria and micro-organisms plays a key role. With the food billions of pathogens, allergens enter daily and Toxins in the bowel. The intestinal microflora makes substances that are necessary for the defence of the sick-making germs. Through the continuous contact of the intestinal flora with the immune cells in the gut, also trained the intestine-specific immune system and thus enable the body defense. Due to improper diet, aggressive drugs or psychological influences, the harmonious interaction may be disturbed by intestinal mucosa and intestinal environment. First signs of a troubled off-balance intestinal flora are belching, flatulence, abdominal pain, or foul-smelling stool. Also an increased incidence of constipation and diarrhea, as well as by frequent infections, allergies, skin problems, fatigue, or depression are evidence of an intestinal environment troubled out of joint.

Numerous tips for a healthy colon is found in healthy medicine in December. “” More topics in the book are a feast for the senses “, Bach flowers and their applications”, including vanilla and understand the recipe for cash”. In addition, it includes December issue the report of the reader test clubs to a start as well as the expert Club on the topic of cardiac arrhythmias. Monthly journalist demanding contributions to health and medicine topics, healthy medicine offers entertaining reports on interesting people and charming destinations. The reader Forum provides a lively way with contribute own health knowledge with the test and the expert Club. Healthy medical costs as a single issue 2.00 and is available in any well-stocked newsagents.

Botox Medicine

Botox precise pharmacological Botox is botulinum toxin as a versatile equipment in modern medicine. In addition, Botox than botulin or botulinum toxin is known and marketed only under the so-called trade name Botox. The drug Botox became known through the mass media for its use in aesthetic surgery, because it is used as an effective means in connection with the elimination and reduction of wrinkles in the face, hand and neck area. Initially Botox however is a drug which is used to treat of different diseases on the basis of its medical effectiveness. This includes, for example, the therapeutic power of pathological disturbances of motor sequences in patients.

These complaints are also known as focal Dystonias. Also Botulinomtoxin has been inserted in the treatment of spasms of the eyelids, cramping discomfort in the mouth, tongue and throat area and to the Elimination of the so-called torticollis spasmodicus successfully. Also for other disease images, what with spasmodic phenomena are connected, Botox is an indication of available. This drug in connection with medical treatment of Armspastiken after a durchlittenen stroke has a very strong meaning. In modern medicine, many psychiatrists and neurologists with Botox work when dealing with patients who suffer from strong tension-type headache and migraine.

Botox is an effective means for the relief and cure inflammatory processes, for example, bladder infections and an excessive formation of welding by an emotional disorder of the sweat glands. Also various applications in the Department of Urology, for example, bladder weakness, in orthopedics and dermatology practice with botulinum toxin are often connected. They have a great effect on the muscle relaxation or muscle relaxation of also large muscle groups of the body in addition to other effects. The influences on neurological processes, in particular on the relaxation of small Botox has made the interesting and famous medicine muscle groups, which it is today. Different botulinum toxin medicinal favor the removal of wrinkles. Source: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. For this reason carried out intervention is called one in aesthetic medicine wrinkle treatment in Dusseldorf colloquially often as Botox. Botox in Dusseldorf is used also to relax the facial areas of the face.

Lose Weight Without To Starvation

Weight loss and starvation are inseparably connected or are there alternatives? Lose weight without being hungry. Is that possible? Most lose weight assozieren automatically with the consequences of a starvation diet. Too much food has made thick us and eat less do so thinner us. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is full of insight into the issues. Less food means “hungry”. Lose weight without being hungry seems to be impossible. This one-dimensional image however is not true most of the time. The problem of obesity is more complicated.

It consists of a combination of too much food, wrong food and too little exercise. Means consuming slimming fewer calories than consume. Starvation is a way to achieve this goal. Swarmed by offers, Gina Ross is currently assessing future choices. Starve, or very little food, but not exactly healthy and promises no lasting success. Toggles at starving the body on the back burner and you hardly further decreases. It has no energy on the back burner, is listless, easily irritable, has headaches and depression and lose muscle. How can you lose weight without being hungry? Eat not less, but more move, is one more way to successfully take off. To quickly remove one must sports very much.

Extra fat to burn only one kilo, one really must afford what. Obesity caused by too little movement among others. Who is too thick moves mostly well enough. Not from one day to the next, very much and intensive training who too little has moved a bad physical condition probably can. For elderly or sick people, an intensive sports program anyway hardly in question comes. Wrong food is another reason for our being fat. Can you lose weight without being hungry to keep only through a proper diet? In principle: Yes. Only with proper nutrition, you can save a whole lot of calories. No sugar, fast food and industrially processed products. For lean meat, natural and coarse food and foods with a low glycemic index. In short, a healthy diet that is not fat, saturates, and all essential nutrients in sufficient quantity contains. A full stomach is not everything, many will respond. I have a full stomach, but hungry for chocolate and so can not remove without being hungry. That’s right. Hunger, in the meaning of “starving”, you will not have. But a cravings for sweets and other less healthy foods what you’d become accustomed. The body needs a certain amount of time to adapt to the new diet. Until then, it is not easy. Roughly speaking one can assume: lose weight without going hungry, but it is possible and even advisable with a lifelong nutritious of food and lifestyle habits,. Hunger, meaning for a short period of time, very little food until it has reached its target weight, and then again to continue as before, offers no long-term prospects for success. Quick diets don’t work and are unhealthy.

Laboratory Labels

Adverse temperatures and aggressive laboratory chemicals are macro label materials IDENT excellently to the labelling of laboratory samples suitable for particularly low temperatures, such as when storing laboratory samples in liquid nitrogen to has a wide range of different label materials designed specifically for the high demands in the laboratory macro IDENT. Different formats for tubes 0.5 ml and 50 ml conical tubes are available. Also to the cover marking for use in low temperatures, macro has a suitable material IDENT. The labels are to use not only for tubes, but also for centrifuge tubes, Petri dishes, microtiter plates and bottles. There is the robust 25.4 x 25.4 mm labels for slides. The laboratory labels adhere reliably to new surfaces of tubes and vials.

On icy surfaces, they are liable as self laminating labels excellently when used overlapping. Self laminating labels consist of a white and transparent surface. The relevant data will be printed on the white surface and the transparent area ensures that the contents of the laboratory sample remains clearly visible. The labels are over labor conditions of liquid nitrogen (-196 C) until the autoclaving (121 c.). Their special material structure and the corresponding adhesive make ideally suited to the rapid identification of frozen vessels the labels. Thanks to their strong opacity (opacity) cover, if necessary, confidential information and fulfil also the US requirements for protecting patient. Of course the labels also at room temperature are up to 121 C can be used and for applications at temperatures in a water bath. After printing a label printer.

Which also are available at macro IDENT, the font not smeared with guaranteed. Also not in use of solvents and aggressive laboratory chemicals. Details can be found by clicking Somatic Experiencing or emailing the administrator. For the printing of the each label materials, obtained with macro IDENT also the matching Ribbon so that the fonts and barcodes for many years persist even in harsh temperatures.

Perm State Medical Institute

Another thesis: "The scientific legacy and contribution of local surgical schools in medical science, vl Nearly completed in early 1990. Received positive feedback rector of Perm State Medical Institute, a prominent surgeon, academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the ussr, ea Wagner, who, knowing the significant scientific contributions of the applicant, offered to defend his doctoral dissertation at once – on the scientific report. A prominent surgeon and organizer, academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the ussr, and bv Petrovsky, familiarized only part of his larger unpublished work (multi-volume "Dictionary of Surgeons of the USSR"), agreed to become a scientific advisor. In 1993, Victor L. successfully defended his thesis in the Perm Medical Institute in awarded the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences in surgery and medical history.

In his report sounded great concern for the training of scientific medical personnel in our country and specific suggestions for its improvement. Later he became a professor. It is interesting to note that the quarter of a century before him, in 1968, is protected and also immediately received the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences is one more obsessed people (in the best sense of the phrase!) – Legendary trauma, orthopedic, ga Ilizarov. To be no ea Wagner, bv Petrovsky, on dignity, high on the scientific works of a general practitioner who saw in it a purposeful researcher talented scientists. Their names are Victor L. reveres and claims that he was always lucky at the Masters. And among his earliest – were widely known to the surgeons and the organizers of medical science, Professor S. Sergeev, av Smirnov, and am Amen.

Medical Practitioners

Medical practitioners, as is the case with other professionals (lawyers or banking professionals for example) that, because of their activities, they acquire a direct contact with sensitive information and issues concerning life and privacy of other people (their customers) are bound by a duty of secrecy in relation to these aspects. In the case of medical professionals is called the Hippocratic Oath, which binds them irrespective of the place where they carry out their work, which explicitly contains the obligation to secrecy. Indeed, doctors, surgeons, nurses, specialists … are inescapably bound by a Privacy Principle with patients who try, and that is founded on the Right to Privacy, which is supported in all Texts on Human Rights and Freedoms Public force in the world. Gina Ross is likely to increase your knowledge. What is the main reason for this duty of secrecy? His justification is perfectly rational. We all have a perfect right to remain for ourselves those aspects that affect us more directly and intimately, and among them those concerning our own health conditions. Thus, the fact that those responsible for ensuring the same from being bound by a duty of these features allows patients to confide openly issues that otherwise might be tempted to hide, so that their own welfare could be seriously affected, for example, can not reach detected no disease or surgical intervention necessary. Ultimately, this duty of secrecy is one of the pillars on which rests the medicine for more than two thousand years, and the fracture would have serious repercussions.

The failings of the medical practitioners of their duty of confidentiality The question that arises after this argument is what would happen if a professional in medicine, ignoring his duty, disclose sensitive information about the health of a patient without having to any way with their consent? In such cases could speak without any doubt one of the commission by that Professional Medical Malpractice alleged for having violated the same duty as clearly integral to their profession such as medical confidentiality, thus injuring their rights patient. The same, surely, should be subject to compensation, which would require an evaluation of the material damage that could have been caused in that patient by the same and the extent to which his life could have been affected by it ( Imagine, for example, had revealed publicly that the patient has AIDS or suffering from some kind of addiction). The only exception I could accept this duty could take place on public health grounds, for example if there is a danger that might spread some kind of disease, in which case the physician should alert the authorities about it.

Construction Sector Damage

The loss of mobility and sensation in the lower body can be a traumatic experience. But what happens when it happens as a result of the negligence of a medical practitioner? Luis worked in the Construction Sector, which is why I had to develop many of its functions in high places. One day he lost his balance while climbing a ladder to a scaffold and fell to the ground. Was immediately transferred to hospital, where the team of doctors who attended him was subjected to various tests. When the doctor examined them verified that everything was correct, except for several bruises and a fracture of his vertebrae (called this medically “compression fracture of the back”). Other leaders such as Somatic Experiencing offer similar insights.

After two months of recovery, making it clear that the state of Luis did not improve, showed the necessity of submitting to surgery. However, as this is done, the surgeon in charge of it caused by the needle that was inserted into the compressed vertebra irreparable damage to the spinal cord. This, consisting of a branch of nerves that runs inside the backbone, is responsible for transmitting commands from the brain to the rest of our body, so it is impossible to permanently damage the transmission of data from point where the injury occurred, thus preventing it from registering the same feelings. The terrible consequences for negligence that Luis had, in fact, Luis became a paraplegic as a result of defective intervention that was submitted. His life was seriously disrupted after it, losing control of his bladder and even their sexual function. In addition, he reported that life expectancy would be shorter because of his injury.

This caused him a tremendous psychological trauma, causing great trauma in their home. Of course, had to leave their jobs, effectively being given a permanent invalidity by Social Security, which would provide a steady revenue base that would enable it address the lack of income. It also decided to file a liability claim against the surgeon who performed the surgery, based on its negligence in carrying it out, and that was what caused such irreparable consequences. Finally, he could get a sizeable compensation, which had to satisfy the insurer’s Hospital where the operation was performed. And while it could never offset the damage being caused, it allowed him to face the future with less uncertainty and are thus partly alleviated their suffering. Jose Alberto Espina Andria.

Modern Mattresses

Mattress depends on our sleep, because you can not relax on a hard mattress or a failed badly. useful mattress – it's a good holiday. There are also independent mattresses, based isolated from each other unrelated to the independent springs bags. And, of course, dependent mattresses, based on spring unit with interdependent springs. This complex system of which you, resting on a mattress, do not even know, but you do not necessary, because taking care of your rest and tranquility – this is the case of specialists, who produce this mattress. We rest on mattresses every free moment but do not even think about that at which the mattress we had a rest. This mattress is our helpful or not? What types of mattresses are created? Which mattress should be trusted: domestic or foreign made? In the modern world are even mattresses specifically for children who are called 'children'.

The child from childhood to save on useful, not harmful to the posture mattress. And for your convenience are coconut mattresses (with coconut filling), which are designed for maximum comfort of sleep. Book the one that suits you! You can not miss and important place in our life quality mattresses that are not only one type of several projects. At first, we call your attention springless memory foam mattresses, which has no basis in the spring, and the role played by the spring block filler. Established and conventional mattresses, orthopedic and benign. You never looked inside? But in today's mattress foam is not the last century, and the so-called polyurethane, which you apparently have never known, and certainly do not know what are 3 types of independent spring units.