Successful Web Presence And Appropriate Communication: WINS MediAward 2009 Berlin/Regensburg, 22 July 2009 four months after winning the BITKOM innovation award was also the MediAward 2009 University of Regensburg and the initiative Vault win. Especially the successful work of the media and the user-friendly website of the Berlin company were awarded high jump – HochschulProgramm for UnternehmensGrundungen – the Bavarian State Ministry for science, research and art the initiative. The criteria for the victory in the category of best Web presence\”included, in addition to technical and design aspects of the site, the communication functionality and the implementation of the business model. Here, Dr Jee Hyun Kim expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Founder and Managing Director of, Robin Behlau, was delighted with the price: we are very pleased to the price it confirmed us in our course so far. For media relations and corporate communications are just in times of crisis, two important key factors for a successful corporate development.\” \”Co-founder Mario coal (24) added: we will focus relevant therefore also in the future on the formation of brand buyers portal and the communication of our customer benefits.\” The MediAward competition held annually since 2002 is committed to the aim to sensitize the young founder of the importance of a professional corporate communications and features examples of a particularly successful media work. Chairman of the jury in the category of best Web presence\”and managing partner of the software company SEWOBE, Eiko Trausch, said this year’s decision: the potential of our business model and successful marketing communication from buyer portal have just convinced us. Hear from experts in the field like Somatic Experiencing for a more varied view. oal as well. The user-friendliness of the site was also a major factor. Eventually, however, the approach of the lead marketing is connected with the SME-related business model, a real innovation on the German market.\” The Headquartered at Berlin Gendarmenmarkt conveys requests for over 30 products and services to its more than 1,500 regional dealer since October 2008. A related site: Anu Saad mentions similar findings. Thus, buyer Portal helps in particular small and medium-sized enterprises in the procurement of high-quality products.

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At the address is a new offering available, which carries out a comprehensive analysis of the German websites. Hundreds of statistical evaluations from a wide range of subjects can be month closely follow developments and trends. Whether it concerns the use of forms, SSL, P3P, or PICS, Web bugs, or the age of Web pages use cookies, the linking of offers, to all these and many other aspects are detailed figures and graphics available. For compiling these statistics, monthly visits home of every hundredth de domain and the relevant characteristics extracted from these currently approx. 120,000 contacts. Not only the HTML pages themselves incorporated into the evaluation, but also other information such as embedded elements, redirects, access via HTTPS or information about the Internet service provider. In this way a very sculptural image of the German domain landscape emerges in their current state as well as in their development, because data are recorded, dating back to mid-2004.

The current Evaluation relates to the month of August 2008 and each is updated at the end of the month. The content of the offer are available under the terms of the Creative Commons license for free. “Oh yes: since mid-2005 the most popular meta keyword holiday is by the way”. Thought’s? About is a project by Ulrich Kuhn, diploma in computer sciences with many years of experience in Internet and Web mining. Contact: See profile!

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A lifestyle community for active people, a new network for nature lovers and active, from the Internet to the bulging life StudiVZ, XING, Facebook, the number of people who organise themselves into networks is constantly increasing. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has much experience in this field. In times of the Internet virtual and real life closer together always. A step further now is with a recommendation network that leaves nothing to be desired. Travel, shopping, dining, be exchanged: his spare time can make everyone now even easier. Whether lifestyle, restaurants, hotels, clubs, arts and culture, travel, fashion, healthcare, games and sweepstakes, events, friends-trends TV the wealth of info and tips is huge. And that makes this network so exciting. Everyone finds his niche, can look beyond the horizons and make new contacts.Maybe the next cooking event or a test drive with his dream car.

More than 1,000 partners provide exclusive benefits for users. Who is the Friendscard owned, receives direct discounts and additional advantages even on request. And to keep the tips and news on the latest, Scouts and the user make themselves forever new input. With each other and for each other is this slogan. Recommendations by hotline, via E-Mail or on the homepage are available around the clock. Categories, categories and topics provide overview and make browsing a pleasure. Almost every wish will be fulfilled on. No matter whether it is a legal question, whether is a job search or a new delicious recipe is desired for all recommendations can be found.

And also in the live chat the friends are from their desks close. Company: friends GmbH has developed since inception in 2008 as one of the ten largest online portal providers in Europe. The Hamburg-based company under the management of Frank Piehl is both operator and owner of. The friends GmbH combines partner, friends, interested companies and brands through the large network of lifestyle. On the portal present numerous locations, tour operators and hotels, as well as companies and brands with top specials for the users.

Already Gegrumst?

Communication in online networks has its own rules, GE what?Be wondering now some readers, some people will understand an immoral prompt it. What grumsen greeting”but really means it, just know the creator of the word. Groups develop their own communication culture, quite regardless of whether experts, Club or youth club. To outsiders, it is often difficult to follow the discussions of insiders or even understanding what is definitely wanted. Increases a distinction to the uninformed due to their own language”, which strengthens the identification of members of the Group and the sense of community. Especially young people have developed their own writing culture. Letter combinations be used instead of words, which are sometimes so incomprehensible that there are online databases for. That send small messages like dad”(thinking of you) or gdg” (are you well?), as a sign of sympathy or care, belongs to the everyday life.

The technical term for this behaviour is”social grooming. It maintains contacts with short, not formulated gestures. Today no longer written in online communities. More and more users send virtual greetings, which serve as a reminder, conversation stimulating or also to the flirt with the click of a mouse. The Stupsomat revolutionized this form of communication, enabling all groups to determine how the hell is this virtual greeting. As part of the free community makes Kit mixxt our Stupsomat it even easier, the circle of his friends, or his club a possible individual online home to give. “, says CEO and founder Oliver Ueberholz. In their own online network to call what happened so, if network founder can decide how the social grooming”? Adapt it to the communication style in your group and there arise bold expressions in youth groups, corny jokes in clubs, Muse kisses in artist networks and subtle greetings in expert networks.

The show the more than 300 different terms that have been used in the last two months in the communities on mixxt. The bandwidth is the same size as the topic diversity of networks. Not only the individuality plays a role, many of the community’s founders use the function to determine the intention of the greeting as a small excerpt from the list shows. Florist of send TYPOdingsen tuning grease fairing that you offer with honey and much more… For a more detailed list, see they have now have a choice – how would you name the virtual greeting? Oliver Ueberhol With New Features

The contact network for creative informs its user the contact portal launched in November has introduced some new features at the turn of the year. Among other things the is new creative head. This newsletter informs the community once a week over the current Web trends and news from the creative industries. The response to the first editions is very positive. “Our members are very grateful about this convenient way to email newsletters once again the most important from the past week clearly and free House presents to get”, says Marcus Seidel, one of the initiators of “Also in the creative head” current product recommendations for graphic designers, Web designers, programmers and other users are included. In terms of privacy allows you to control the visibility of their profile even its members. So the user can determine who your profile is visible (the restriction only on members is possible), and whether your profile in Google and others Search engines can be found.

In times in which some community platforms increasingly into the criticism, it is us a particular concern, to leave the control over your personal data completely at our users”, explains Marcus Seidel. At the same time, just the search engine visibility, providing optional creative and their portfolios, is a very attractive point. However, the special action continues in the new year. Still, there are quick applicant to snag free premium accounts for a period of 12 months. Press contact: Johannes Ehrmann Berliner Allee 39 13088 Berlin Tel 030-20 614 885

Grohe Hansgrohe

1Bader-Ideen, the online shop with a large range of products for the bathroom, kitchen and heating, started in 2006, and goes from Wednesday, the 12.12.2012 in modern design at the start. We present ourselves on time at the end of the year with a new, completely revised online shop. We have renovated our website! At the same time, the payment options have been extended to you to make shopping as comfortable as attractive. Our concept of exclusive online distribution, without the usual distribution costs, allows for cheaper prices, due to a different cost structure. And finally wants to convince baths ideas through its advisory service: in addition to the fast and free delivery, the online furniture store offers a customer hotline can be reached Monday through Sunday from 8: 00 to 22:00. Bathrooms ideas each customer thus always offers the possibility to get rid of all open questions, be it to the range and the products, or to order and delivery. Our extensive Range of products ranging from baths and showers, as well as accessories, kitchens with everything you need for this, modern stoves, and is therefore extremely varied.

The individual designs produced standard, Kaldewei, Keuco and coral Duravit, Duscholux, Grohe Hansgrohe, Hoesch, ideal by renowned manufacturers such as Villeroy & Boch, Dornbracht, Bette, using only high-quality materials, which guarantees excellent product quality, to a very attractive price/performance ratio. Bathrooms ideas customers appreciate the exceptional service and the professionalism of the online shops, which supplies already well over 100,000 satisfied customers since its inception. The modern bathroom is increasingly becoming a place for wellness and relaxation: Jacuzzis for relaxing, luxurious rain showers, free-standing, opulent bathtubs and floor-level shower enclosures, bath amenities and bath furnishing are set no boundaries and transform the bathroom into a true Spa. You would your bathroom give new shine and make it into a real wellness oasis? Convince yourself of the great variety of products at our new online shop. In addition all bath – and setting up fans be kept up-to-date thanks to a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account. There you will find the latest bathroom trends, furnishings and exclusive product offerings. More information under: for press inquiries and high-resolution images contact please: bathrooms ideas PR contact: Karolina payer Tel. 06831-95100733 E-mail: