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-Mind-Mapping or map of the mind is an advanced technique of free interplay of ideas that stimulates connections, in the form of Cobweb, which constitutes the way in our brain, that works to increase the capacity of intuition, imagination, understanding and memory, take advantage of the creative thinking and raise productivity, quality and enjoyment of the work, using the brain as a whole under the concept of the whole brain. This technical decision in mind, the way in which the brain copy, manages and stores the information. It is to communicate freely with our brain. The programming of the mind serves to plan any kind of activity and to take notes. It helps to work more creatively, to remember better notes and notes, and to understand more what we study.

Most of us have made a trip to the adventure ever, and it is safest that we have used a map to guide us. Each step we take in this adventure or trip, produces small stories with very clear signals. The landscape at sunset, fish in the bonfire, the fall in the snow, the fire on the beach, the entrance of a village, a historic place, are all signals that are marked by a road map of our mind. If you ever go back to that place, you won’t surely need the paper map, if not with simply displaying in our mind those small stories, will begin to draw the way to follow with their respective signals. Another exercise, we can do, is to visualize our home or Office when we are not the Mr. Jose Miguel Garcia Loos is Advisor and consultant companies, focusing mainly on his job in sales and Marketing, training of personnel of companies, reengineering, Marketing and advertising, also in development projects and international business. It is counter public national of the National University of Comahue and (MBA) master’s degree in business management (mention marketing), conducted various studies and postgraduate courses related to marketing, advertising and development of commercial projects. Blogs related Toyota Service Bulletin Shock Absorber Replacement Criteria Online stores: security and integrity network Rock Financial Group The latest on health reform from human learning to learn in College? Integrity, morality and ethics, applied to the business world Classical 90.5 Human Festival Ground Tvindalert w investigation into Humana, Planet Aid, US’again RegionPS3 Blog Archive want to be a wrestler? At age 67, decided to learn Spanish D244 News Online a rocket launched from Gaza killed a Thai immigrant

Orthodox Armenians

The most famous Russian seascape painter Ivan Aivazovsky. Does anyone wonder why he has such a name? That is usually no one thinks about why this or that person one or another name, but if we dig a little deeper, then comes up a lot of interesting facts. Perhaps with each name linked some history, every man carries in her the secret of generations and does not think about it. Here, for example, Ivan Aivazovsky, world renowned seascape, who lived a long life, having been born in 1817 and died in 1 year the 20 th century, painted "The Ninth Wave ', which is included in the list of 100 best pictures of the world, owe everything to these Armenian residents of the city of Bender. In 1770 the Russian army captured Turkish city of Bender, the Russian soldiers stormed the city administration, the Pasha was killed, officials and finally the Secretary Pasha, who had a baby in her arms, the soldier raised his gun and a child, but the Armenian embassy employee (the Armenians Russian has not been touched since the Orthodox Armenians) shouted: 'Do not touch him! this is my son! it is the Christians'.

He lied, but it saved the life of the infant, who became a father in the future by Ivan Aivazovsky. Armenian fathered a child and called him Gayvazovskim, from the Turkish word 'Heisenberg' – Secretary-General. So Aivazovsky got his name and family legend to boot. Think about that hides your name.

Meet The Sphinx Cat

The cat sphinx, also known as the Sphinx cat, is one of the most unique cat breeds between the wide variety of cats, since its main feature is the absence of the mantle of fur. Therefore it is showing his bare skin, no protection. The presence of this cat, is due to the existence of a genetic mutation that occurred naturally, the first data on the occurrence of this variety of cat were in the country of Canada by the year 1966. The story of the Sphinx cat is really short compared with other species of cats there, so much so that in much of Europe recently introduced, why is little known in the world. For the great similarity which manages the cat sphinx cat devon rex, has believed that the Sphinx cat is the result of a mutation of the other variety of hairless cat, but despite the similarity between the two races, the Sphinx cat has its origins not related to the devon rex cat, so much so that Sphinx cats are considered, only those given Sphinx cats between them. The combination of a sphinx and a cat devon rex, do not get a specific breed, but a variant of both races. It should be noted that throughout history there have been several instances of cats with no hair, simple natural performance.

To form the Sphinx cat breed, in Canada, in the 1960s, there were various jobs until achieve certain basic features of differentiation. The Sphinx cat’s physical appearance, certainly suggests a quite delicate, since the absence of the coat, let the cat very exposed to weather conditions, plus it gives a very thin, but the cat sphinx characterized by a very healthy cat, given the large number of muscles that holds your body, therefore the Sphinx cat is indeed robust. Due to the absence of the coat, the Sphinx cat is very vulnerable to certain conditions, such as climate, hence this cat alone in a good way to live in warm, dry climates, just as you do not receive the rays of direct sunlight. This does not mean that the Sphinx cat does not have any protection, since this has a thick layer of subcutaneous fat. The Sphinx breed is characterized by its robust body and heavy compared to other varieties of cats, a slim body and thin, both legs and tail are long and slim look. The head is triangular, with large, pointed ears, has very expressive eyes, a color between green and yellow. The Sphinx cat is perhaps one of the most sociable cat breeds and more are adjusting to life with people being very friendly and lively character.

Christmas and Family

Christmas, also will have to be the reconciliation with the life, with our fellow creatures, the nature in general. To think the Christmas, not in such a way in the traditionalism of the consumption, even so this is necessary, since soon for that they can, to acquire the corporeal properties of first necessity to donate to that they do not have this capacity, but in the direction of the construction of a world, more tolerant, more just more human. A Christmas with humanismo, in the respect for the nobility of the person human being who is born carrying of equal rights of freedom dignity. To walk for Christmases of progress to all the headings, in the deepening, consolidation and good-practical of the most elementary Human Rights, since soon the rights: to the life; to the health, in conditions jousts, with special concerns for the carenciadas people more; to the education and formation; to the work; to the habitation in worthy conditions; to justice, at last, to the rights consecrated in the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights. The Humanity is tired of discords, injustices, exclusions of all the nature. The global community cannot continue in the route that has come to follow, where the safe port does not glimpse itself. The world cannot waste the good-will people, whom they desire and they fight for the Peace, the Friendship, the Happiness and the Harmony between all the beings. The Christmas is this same.

Finally, my special reflection, very very particular, desires even so it to become public, as a species of contributo so that the Christmas is truily the Party of the Family Human being, but to start for proper me, for my family, friends and all the people who with me if relate. A Christmas with truth, loyalty, with reciprocity, either in the seio of the family, either with other people, that friendship of sincere Love-of-Friend, with a feeling of tolerance, pardon and much gratitude stops with all the people who, throughout to my have helped me life, understanding me and abandoning never me. It is this Christmas that I desire to festejar with much joy. Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues de Brtolo email: Personal Blog: Portugal: (Link Citizenship) Brazil:

Angioplastia Coronariana Percutnea

These remedies include the Abciximab (ReoPro) and the Tirofiban (Aggrastat). Estatinas – diverse studies have demonstrated benefit in the reducing cholesterol therapy, in the acute phase of the coronarianas syndromes, as possible stabilizing factor of the ateromatosa plate. Former: sinvastatina, atorvastatina or pravastatina. Surgical: Angioplastia Coronariana Percutnea. Conclusion The description of WENT must serve as serious alert in such a way for the professionals of health how much for the patient, being able to act as an effective instrument of awareness of both, with sights to the improvement of the preventive and therapeutical aspects. She is necessary that the health professional, mainly the involved ones in the attendance of the basic attention, recognizes its paper as educator in the process health-illness and educates the patients. Acquiring knowledge them to have it healthful habits of life and how much to the importance to control the cholesterol levels total in the blood with a healthful and of low text of fats, taking the medicine to reduce cholesterol if prescribed diet; to control the high pressure through the diet with little salt and being taken the remedy in agreement antihypertensive the medical lapsing; if to smoke – it stops, if not to smoke – do not start; to control diabetes for the frequent monitoramento of the level of sugar in the blood, being followed the guided diet and taking the insulina or verbal medicine as prescribed by the doctor; to practise exercises regularly (when set free for the doctor); to keep the ideal weight.

However it makes necessary that the health professional experts of the clinical aspects, signals and symptoms, found become in the picture of WERE GONE. That they are habits to identify a suspicious case of WENT, as well as of the necessity following the evolution and guaranteeing the correct treatment to the patient making possible its recovery. References Dangelo, Jose Geraldo; Fanttini, Carlo Amrico. Anatomy sistmica and segmentary human being. 2 ed. So Paulo: ed. Atheneu, 2003.

Guyton, B.C. & J.E. Hall. Treated to Medical Physiology. 10a ed. Ed. Guanabara Koogan, 2002. Robbins et al. Structural and functional pathology. 5 Ed. Rio De Janeiro: Ed. Guanabara Koogan S.A, 1996. Robert Iglesias et al. Control of the tobaccoism in Brazil. HNP – International bank for Reconstruction and World Bank Development 1818 H Street, NW Washington, DC 20433, August of 2007. available one in:

Diets Are Health

For many people making diet can become something much more than a way to find a figure slim and attractive, since being overweight can really be a health problem, which can even put your life at risk, limiting its capacity for day-to-day activities and lead you to a State of depression and insecurity. There are many famous diets, such as the Dukan diet, but the most important thing when starting a diet plan is doing so based on indications of a practitioner of medicine and nutrition. There’s that clarify that not all diets are made to lose weight, since there may be cases in which a person need a special diet for retrieves some kilos and achieve its appropriate according to their body weight. No matter what type of diet may need to make a person, it is important that its power is based on a diet of proteins and vitamins that can provide a person the energy needed in order to have a healthy and normal daily activity. The feed based on a diet of protein, vitamins and healthy foods can help that a person might prevent future digestive, nutritional and health problems. There are many famous diets that are highly used by thousands of people around the world, but the truth is that it is must be special care with this type of diet, since in most of the times a misuse of a diet can generate a completely opposite to the desired effect, and also cause diseases or health problems. When you start a diet it is good to do some this scientifically supported and approved by medical institutes, and nutrition, as for example the Dukan diet, the Atkins diet or any diet of protein supported by

Amber Acid

Succinic acid (UC) – the product obtained by processing natural amber. This is completely harmless substance, having particular beneficial properties. It is a white powder kristalloobrazny by taste very reminiscent of citric acid. UC has been widely used in medicine. The range of UC is very wide: it stimulates the nervous system enhances the activity of kidney and intestine is used as a Antistress, anti-inflammatory agent and Detoxication.

UC is used to treat various anemias, acute radiculitis, chronic cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis and coronal myocardial infarction). Effect of JAK easily tolerated without causing side effects and can be used in clinics with favorable conditions firming action. Particularly well established a succinic acid as a remedy in case of pathology of the heart muscle. Acid itself – absolutely nenakaplivayuscheesya ingredient – provides a natural normalization of the plant and animal organisms. UC also used in the treatment of various tumors. To do this, do packs of medicine with the addition of bile in her succinic acid. Usually, after a brief treatment of the tumor is completely absorbed.

UC has a beneficial effect on people suffering from inflammation of the thyroid gland. The most effective method is considered to be rubbed into the region of the thyroid gland amber oil (also a product of processing of amber). But Amber oil has an unpleasant odor-specific, so it is recommended to be worn around the neck a string of beads made of natural amber and simultaneously use a solution of succinic acid by mouth.

Increasing Dental Injuries

Teeth can correct preventive measures save Hofheim, February 2011. According to current assessments of the German society for oral and maxillo – facial surgery (DGMKG) current and high-risk sports have resulted in recent years especially again in children and adolescents a seasonal rise in accidental dental injuries. In addition, now more risk factors are known. The DGMKG provides information about possible risk groups and recommends early prevention. Yet a dental accident happened, the right treatment at the specialist is essential for a later satisfactory result”stresses Prof. Dr.

Dr. Elmar Esser, press officer of the DGMKG. It happens more and more frequently in the inline skating, Kickboarding (modern scooter riding”), in swimming pools, and more recently at the heeling (shoes with role in the paragraph): according to studies, dental trauma before the age of 17 suffer today over 50% of all children and young people. Children are between 3 and 4 (milk teeth) as well as the 9th and 12th year of life and particularly affected at the age of 16 years. The most common injury in the permanent dentition is the shifting of the tooth breaking the central incisors in the upper jaw, in the milk teeth.

About two-thirds of all dental accidents happen at home or in public sports and venues. Not all children who meet it can and dental accidents suffer equally often young people”, Prof. Dr. Andreas Filippi downtown dental accident the University says Basel and clinic for dental surgery, radiology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, which has published a scientific paper about this and deals in detail with the topic. There are today many scientifically identified risk factors that increase the likelihood of tooth trauma”, so Filippi. The so-called great over Jet (too short lower jaw) belong to the classical risk factors, too far above maxillary anterior teeth, an insufficient lip end, practicing out of high-risk sports as well as men par excellence. As new and not so well known risk factors, Filippi calls childhood obesity, hyperactivity in children, and the socio economic environment. In addition, there seems to be some genetic risk. Risk leave after responsible and phrophylaxeorientierte dentists and oral and Maxillofacial surgeons identify such risk factors in their patients and make appropriate recommendations for prophylaxis of dental accidents. This may be an early orthodontic treatment with misaligned teeth. Who carries out risk sports like ice hockey, handball, basketball, or even various martial arts, you should wear a Mouthguard. But dental accident what now? Principle 5 tissues can be injured in a dental accident independently of each other: the hard tooth substances, the root of the tooth, gums, the bone surrounding the tooth and the surrounding soft tissue. Ideally, these areas for each injured tooth should individually diagnosed and if required also separately handled. Only then is a complete therapy guaranteed”, emphasises Prof. Esser. At the accident site teeth or their fragments should be immediately searched and properly stored: when tooth fragment of a damp storage ranges, lost teeth are safest for a later Replantation in a dental emergency box. Severe dental accidents should be treated the best interdisciplinary with injuries of different tissue”, advises eaters. This with the Supreme target children or young people also seriously injured teeth, which were formerly considered not preserving life can keep what is nowadays predictable possible in most cases. Sabine Sabri

Bioactive Ingredients Healthy

Grain products that are rich in polyphenols, strengthen the immune system and slow the age-related loss of immune reactions. Munich, July 22, 2009 – cereal products that are rich in polyphenols, strengthen the immune system and slow the age-related loss of immune reactions. The rice-specific active ingredient, Gamma-oryzanol, extracted from rice bran and rice bran oil has antioxidant properties. Gamma-oryzanol can significantly reduce excessive cholesterol and blood fat levels and has a positive effect on the intestinal contraction. The Amata care capsules are in the pharmacy under the order of PZN 5039171 available. Research confirms the positive effect on the cardio vascular system and the rapid improvement in cholesterol levels. The natural ingredient of rice germ oil encourages the formation of muscle metabolism and reduces fatigue.

Also the digestive effects used in the investigations. Especially when an irritable bowel syndrome (RDS), a malfunction of the intestine, taking of Gamma-oryzanol is recommended to the Digestive tract to calm down. “Gamma-oryzanol is a phytosterol with a broad spectrum of work. Especially with improper diet and lack of exercise it should be taken in addition”, as is the recommendation of the Thai doctor wife Dr. Somrudee Aursudkij. It recommends a daily intake of one to two capsules. The natural product contains all essential amino acids, vitamins and B, as well as a wealth of minerals and has therefore antioxidant properties. Natural antioxidant protection results in deposits of excess cholesterol in the cells and vascular walls a high concentration of LDL in the blood.

The antioxidant properties of Gamma-oryzanol can significantly reduce this cholesterol. In Asia, Gamma-oryzanol is used as medicine for about 40 years. The natural rice bran oil stimulates the metabolism of muscle formation. It is not about anabolic steroids or hormones. Vitamin is very important for the improvement of the oxygen transport in the muscle cells, as well as to the stabilisation of muscle metabolism and the protection of the cell membrane. Due to its shape as an oily emulsion ensures an optimal absorption through the stomach and intestinal tract. Vegetarian with halal certificate, the capsules are manufactured from vegetarian-raw materials and free of genetic engineering. This user that would waive a dosage form of animal origin due to their diet or their religion, can easily take the product. Amata care capsules have the halal certificate and are suitable for Muslim consumers. The Thai company Amata international co., Ltd. takes a leading position in the country’s health research staff an and employed nearly 1000.

Reduce Stress

Stress is any change or alteration that the body suffers when this constant mental, nervous or emotional tension to product concerns, personal, family, work, study, economic problems, conflicts of couples, anxiety or depression, etc. It is a chain of actions that occurs in our bodies through our nervous system. Cortisol is one of the main hormones involved in stress, which helps regulate the immune system, pressure, and sleep. For this reason, chronically, elevated cortisol levels may be the cause of insomnia, you defenses casualties, and alterations in the levels of blood glucose. Every person suffers stress differently, some are always angry and try to wring out that internal tension.

Others internalize it and others, alcohol or drug abuse. As a result of constant stress, you will notice that eventually your body will start to go wrong, and it can lead to really serious health problems. By lo Meanwhile, if you suffer from stress it is advised that you learn to reduce naturally. What can you do to control your stress problem? Sleep 8 hours a day to sleep our body in a State of rest and recovery. Sleeping the recommended eight hours you can reduce cortisol levels by 50 percent and help control the stress without medication. Exercise something very easy and free that you can do is walk for 30 to 45 minutes a day. Not only it will help your body reduce stress but also help you to lose weight. Tomato nutrition a cup of black tea.

Black tea helps to reduce cortisol levels after a stressful event by 47%. Scientists believe that the polyphenols and flavonoids contained in black tea may be responsible for its calming effect. Chiropractic chiropractic adjustments can help to reduce the pressure in the nervous system, improving their ability to tolerate and adapt to the pressures of life. The chiropractor decompresses the stressed nerves of the spine allowing your body to function at 100% free tension, pain and stress. It may not be possible to completely eliminate stress from your life. However, with sufficient rest, exercise, good nutrition and the help of a chiropractor, you can react better to the challenges that you face.