Bavarian Energy Price

FATH solar receives 2012 awarded Bavarian energy Prize! At the Bavarian energy Prize in 2012, the FATH came energy roof in the category building concepts’s podium. Since 1999, they are appreciated rhythm in the 2-year the Bavarian energy award: innovative products, processes, projects and concepts from all areas of efficient energy production and use. Anu Saad has many thoughts on the issue. The Middle Franconian company FATH solar received the second prize in the field of building designs this year for its energy roof. Was recognized by an energy winning roof to replace the elegant and homogenous appearance of the system, its flexibility and expandability and the fact that for the first time succeeded in, the roof tiles on technically clean way. Such a roof is made up not only of PV modules, also ultra slim, this highly efficient Thermiemodule can be integrated, and there is a seamless fitting roof Windows, available with electric drive. The result is an almost seamless, multifunctional roof completely new possibilities for the Planning and design of houses opened. Its expertise in the development and production of Assembly systems has FATH solar by the sister company of FATH components.

There, components are produced for aluminium profile systems for over 20 years. For the solar part it took an experienced Solateur in the House. Laminates and panels come from renowned brand manufacturers and processed further in Germany. The Bavarian energy prize is now the sixth Award for the FATH energy roof by an independent jury. Among other things it was also also nominated for the red dot design award, the German design award and the solar award 2012.

Solar Decathlon Europe: Topping-out Ceremony At The Berlin Solar House

Students celebrate first major milestone Berlin, the Berlin team of 01.03.2010 on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 has celebrated a significant milestone within its total two-year project EQUIA living: the topping-out ceremony. Students inaugurated the shell of solar house with Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 take part as first team in Berlin at the international academic competition. More than 100 guests accepted the invitation of students and came on Wednesday of last week to the traditional inauguration of the Berlin solar house on the campus of the Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin Oberschoneweide. Sponsors and partners of the project, professors and students of the participating universities of Berlin (HTW, Beuth Hochschule and UdK) and interested citizens could convince themselves of the construction progress of the solar house. In a solemn ceremony, expressed his appreciation for the work carried out by the students so far, Prof. Hans-Herwig Atzorn, Vice President of the HTW Berlin and its secured them for the final phase of the project Support to. Also Thomas Hoffmann, technical director of the prefabricated house manufacturer of Haacke House, congratulated the team EQUIA living to his work and praised the good cooperation. Haacke Haus has enabled the production of House modules designed by the students themselves in the factory near Potsdam and supported the young builders for installation on the campus in Oberschoneweide.

The judgment of the student architect duo was the crowning of the solemnity Linda Wortmann and Christoph Hey, the in behalf of the entire team proudly and thanked accompanied by visible emotion when the craftsmen and the House gave its blessing. The construction of the prototype and the testing phases of all installed technologies will be fully completed until April 30, 2010. In May the Berlin solar house is in its individual parts again disassembled, carefully packed, loaded onto trucks and transported to Madrid for the final competition. From June 18 to 27 there is the closing event of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 held in all homes of the 20 participating teams various tests subjected to and assessed by a jury in different categories. Will emerge as the winner of the international competition, who has built the most energy-efficient solar house with innovative technology, appealing architecture and compelling market viability and pursued the theme of sustainability and the environment-conscious commitment while most convincing with materials and technology. Further information about the team Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 and the progress of construction of the Berlin solar House are living EQUIA, the competition on the Web page available.

Interview Climate

Can the industry survive the energy revolution? The energy revolution was heralded by the policy. The industry is facing rising energy costs. An investment in energy can be worthwhile. You use the location factors optimally reaching almost climate neutrality in a few years. Overall, the factor of decentralized supply is underestimated.

Use of renewable energy sources makes unnabhangig and ensures positive effects internally and externally. 1 sense and nonsense of climate neutrality. Is it really economically important to produce carbon-neutral? For me, the question of sense and nonsense of climate neutrality is above all a question of perspective. The CO2-neutral production is a varying contribution here, to confront global warming. The contribution of methane, which is released by the variety of existing cattle daily, is even more difficult to control. Where in this case the beliefs plays a role, what you want to eat. However regardless of faith, there is the Climate warming some quantum leaps, to undo that no longer are, like for example the melting of the polar ice caps, glaciers and thus the associated consequences. These factors hardly ermessbare risks for humanity and force to act urgently.

-This discussion is known for several decades, however, are known up to now no basic results. What is, however, always to agree is that energy efficiency projects and renewable energy reduced production costs and improved competitiveness with, where the economic rules of the game regarding the payback period is usually meet. There are projects which pay for themselves in less than two years, they are easy to implement. In contrast, there are also investments which need two to five years. Since it’s a rational assessment and the framework conditions. As a company with enough cash flow has usually also sufficient flexibility in this period. Projects, the longer than need five years to achieve the payback border, a certain idealism and strategic management will need to be enforced to.

Photovoltaic And Solar Cleaning

Photovoltaic and solar cleaning Schleswig-Holstein with the purchase of your investment you made probably credible, that the modules in a natural way itself are clean. Others including Dr Jee Hyun Kim, offer their opinions as well. First, the experience showed that a cleaning by snow and rain compared to our cleaning procedures in no way sufficient, because this has only a small effect of cleaning. Already slight soiling facilitate the settling of other deposits and cause morning later turns on the system and turns off earlier in the evening. This is particularly noticeable during the cold and gloomy winter months where no optimal sunlight is already given. Additionally, the existing pollution of the plant reduces this ray of Sunshine exposure. Deposits are aggressive and quickly create a bleak module interface, which significantly reduce the actual performance of the entire system. Any surface that is located in the outdoor time accumulates dirt. Window, roof tiles, streets, walls, etc.

are filthy of numerous substances. To do this include: lime deposits by cleaning with tap water! Leaves and needles of neighboring trees pollen and seeds of grasses and trees soot from heating systems and motors dust by industrial air pollution dust from roads and railway lines, dust and organic substances from install extractors (from agriculture in General) feed dusts from agriculture growth of pioneer plants such as lichen, algae and MOSS on seals and on the glass insects and their remains and droppings bird droppings of the rain can not (completely) eliminate the residues. Because otherwise you would have to Yes also not clean your window or winter gardens. Information: A photovoltaic system is classified as a trade tax. You can tax claim the Bill for our services as output. Also get refunded the sales tax of our Bill from the IRS. For more detailed information, please ask your tax advisor.

Photovoltaic Industry Addresses The Challenges Of The EEG Amendment

5th Congress of the Union for operators of photovoltaic plants on the Augsburg fair RENEXPO on 06 June 2008 the Federal Government has adopted the amendment of the EEG (law on the expansion of renewable energies). Learn more about this with Joint Commission. This envisages a drastic reduction of subsidies for operators of photovoltaic systems. According to the Federal Environment Ministry, single supply regulation for solar and roof systems should fall from 2009 to 9.2 percent and Feiflachen plants to 9.8 percent. The photovoltaic industry must address this challenge. First it can be cast through a stringent quality assurance yield loss contrary to.

Among other things, this is achieved by improved measurements of sample modules. For testing there are essentially 2 DIN standards: for terrestrial crystalline Silizium-Photovoltaik-(PV-) modules and for terrestrial Dunnschicht-Photovoltaik-(PV) modules. The measurement of solar modules using solar Simulator or by field measurement is described herein. For thin-film modules is provided in the draft that the light treatment (light soak) a measurement as long as it is carried out, until the value deviates less than 2% of the mean value of the measurements. The 5th Congress of the Union for operators of photovoltaic systems provides more information, details and suggestions on these and other topics”on 10 October in the framework of the RENEXPO. Here, experts from the science, practice and policy explain in lectures about the market prospects for German operator of photovoltaic systems and their influence on politics, economy, climate change and energy security. The second part focuses on technical innovations such as the integration of buildings with PV thin-film modules. Still is lectured topics Assembly systems and requirements for inverters.

The complete conference program is available at. The RENEXPO is an international trade fair for renewable energy and energy efficient building & renovation. This year it will take place from October 9-12, 2008 for the ninth time. The RENEXPO is unique due to the variety of topics. The subject range vonAltbausanierung on heating with Sun and wood up to passive houses, block heat and power plants, mobility, heat pump, hydro power and wind power. In addition to the exhibition and the Congress a wide free lecture programme the visitors.

600 Dry Toilets For Namibia

Water and sanitary problems with dry toilets cause Berlin – the solidarity service international e.V. (SODI) informed on the occasion of the world water week in Stockholm about his project for the construction of 600 dry toilets in Namibia. Francis Collins has many thoughts on the issue. The toilets fundamentally improve the hygienic situation and meet the increasing water scarcity. Every day around the World 6000 children die from preventable diarrheal diseases. They are caused mainly by lack of access to clean water and sanitary facilities. For example, only a third of the population in Namibia has access to toilets. The problem is compounded by enormous lack of water in the driest country in sub-Saharan Africa.

Especially poor people can not afford the cost of expensive water toilets. “Due to the outbreak of cholera in the northern regions of Namibia the need for sanitary toilets in the villages, towns, and rural households has become more important”, Wiebke describes people man by the Namibian organisation of clay House project the situation in Namibia. The Berlin organization Solidarity service international e.V. (SODI) wants to improve together with the clay House project the sanitary situation in Namibia. Up to the year 2011, 600 dry toilets in Namibia are built with support of the European Union. About 4 500 people, you get to good. The dry toilet works completely without water and protect the environment in the long term as a result. The sunlight warms a black pipe at the back of the toilet.

The resulting air ventilation dries the faeces and derives from odors. By drying, kills bacteria and prevent diseases. In addition, the costs for a toilet for poor families are affordable. 7000 litres of water annually are saved by a dry toilet. Water, which people can use as drinking water and daily life. “Dry toilets are the optimal solution for Namibia. Because the toilet at the same time protects the environment, the spread of disease is prevented and affordable for poor people”, stressed Susanne Laudahn. SODI project manager, the benefits of technology. Also the EU Ambassador to Namibia, Dr. Elisabeth Pape, visiting a project in July of this year was persuaded. The project is funded by the European Union with less than EUR 400 000, must raise SODI as equity EUR 100 000 in donations. Donations can see the password “Dry toilet” on the SODI donations account: 10 20 100 at the Bank for social economy, BLZ 100 205 00, be made.

Climate Change With Green IT

The computer industry at the level of global aviation carbon dioxide emissions policy and company set ambitious goals Hamburg – worldwide over one billion computers are used, up to the year 2012 this number is doubled, so the results of the study by U.S. market research company of Gartner. The little helpers in the profession is essential for about 58 percent of workers, according to the Federal Office of statistics, he is also in 70% of all German households. The poor environmental record is available on the shadow side of this electronic flood: many of the device are out of date and true current Fellows. Annually, the 30 million private PCs consume electricity amounting to 360 million euros already in standby mode.

No wonder, then, that the policy pulls the emergency brake. No more than one watt per hour a decision which must according to EU Commission, consume computer in stand-by mode from 2010. This stand-by default is the first regulation, which decided in the framework of the eco-design directive the EU Member States reported the tagesschau. Goal is to reduce the environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle through better construction of the computer. “But the so-called concept of Green IT encompasses far more than just economical devices such as Ulrike Kalle, to report, white chemistry expert from Greenpeace: the manufacturer must perform the entire life cycle of their products: from the extraction of raw materials through production to the recycling of old devices”, so Kallee. Greenpeace campaigned since 2005 for eco-friendly electronics. Many manufacturers have since changed their environmental policies.

The company Apple about last year as a response to the Greenpeace campaign green my Apple announced, refrain from PVC and brominated flame retardants. Also the companies Bizerba has recognized from Balingen, that Green IT is not only environmentally friendly, but also lucrative savings offers. Air conditioners use to cool the devices in the data center with free-cooling function in the cold season the outside air for cooling. Additional chillers are used only on hot days. This energy consumption can be considerably reduced”, explains Matthias Harsch, a spokesman of at Bizerba’s Managing Director, in an interview with the online magazine NeueNachricht. And that seems needed. Because according to a Gartner estimate the IT industry produces as much carbon dioxide emissions as the global aviation. The estimates are based on the total energy that produce PCs, servers, telephone systems and networks in offices worldwide. “In the next 5 years of financial, environmental, legal and risk-bearing pressure on enterprises is stronger to make their organization green”, as Simon Mingay, Vice President of Gartner, in a report by Green-IT. Only a few managers had so far recognized the pollution caused by them.