Complementary Medicine

In this perspective we work inside with a concept of health constructed of societies that, beyond the production, possess certain forms of organization of the daily life, the sociability, the affectivity, the sensuality, the subjectivity, the culture and the leisure, the relations with the environment, and before, resultant of the set of the social experience, individualizado in each to feel and lived deeply in a body that is also biological (). The World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) comes stimulating the use of the Traditional Medicine/Alternative Complementary Medicine/in the systems of health of form integrated to the modern techniques of the Medicine Occidental person and that in its document Strategy of the OMS on Traditional Medicine 2002-2005 it praises the development of health politics observing the requirements of security, effectiveness, quality, rational use and access (3, 4, 6). It enters the new strategies in search of this completeness, the Health department, through Ministerial Portaria N 971/GM, of 3 of May of 2006, approves Practical the National Politics of Integrativas and Complementares (PNPIC) in the SUS, pointing as main practical the Acupuntura, the Homeopatia, the Fitoterapia, the Termalismo and the Antroposfica Medicine, among others therapies of harmonization body and mind (3, 4, 6). Practical Integrativas and Complementares (PIC) are techniques that aim at attention to the health of the individual, either in the prevention, treatment or cure, considering it as mind/body/spirit and not a set of isolated parts. Its objective, therefore, is different of those of the aloptica assistance, also known as medicine occidental person, where the cure of the illness must occur through the direct intervention in the agency or has broken sick person (7). The PIC have reached a bonanza development in the last few decades. Other people’s to the lack of scientific evidence of many practical and to quarrels between doctors and other professionals of the health on which categories are apt to use them, a great parcel of the population of many countries come adhering to these forms of treatment.

The Medicine Propaganda

how much to the validity stated period, the interviewed ones had informed that all meet inside of the date of validity, however when asked on the sales forms all had answered that fracionados vendem, and as they can verify the date of validity of a medicine that had its cellophane cut in pieces? The pharmacies need a series of authorizations and license to function as local of medicine sales, however the visited places did not have no authorization to function as peddling of medicine, much less had received visits from the ANVISA. FINAL CONSIDERAES Know that this type of irregular, common commerce has decades in Brazil, continues existing, as well as attempts of groups interested in the release of the sales by means of maneuvers legal politics and. We would like to stand out that in this briefing study we did not have the pretension of depletes question proposal, therefore this would well more demand a deepened analysis. We know that very still it has to say, and our inquiries continue. What we present in this work they are certainly first of many the other comments that still we will be able to make. Our main concern was to show to the population information regarding the irregularities practised in these places (comcios) and to become recognized the prejudicao the health. Therefore our general objective was to verify if these medicines vendidos in inapropriados places are in accordance with the current law. We use for better resulted research of field bibliographical.

We observe that the medicine was transformed into merchandise and is being vendido of as such. Thus the only ones benefited of this practical are the great laboratories, that each time more vende more and profits more. REFERENCES COTRIM, Maria Dulce F. Medicines Citizens the Medical Prescription Are not Of Pharmacies. Coimbra, 2006. Available in: scContentDeployer_pt/docs/doc2273.pdf. Access in: 17 of out.

of 2010. BIRTH, Alvaro. Medicines Are the Main Cause of Poisoning For Toxic Agents in Brazil. Available in: . Access in: 17 of out. 2010. SAINTS, H.C. ; RIBEIRO, R.R. ; etal. Possible Medicamentosas Interactions With Psicotrpicos Found In Patients Of the Zone East Of So Paulo. So Paulo, 2009. Available in: viewFile/546/878. Access in: 17 of out. of 2010. EXTEMPORANEOUS, Jose Gomes. The Medicine Propaganda and the Myth of the Health. Rio De Janeiro: Graal, 1886. ZUBIOLI, Arnaldo. Profession: druggist: now? Curitiba: Scientific Lovise, 1992. APPENDIX QUESTIONNAIRE ON MEDICINES VENDIDOS OUTSIDE OF PHARMACIES 1) Of where comes its medicines? 2) That type of medicines is vendido in this establishment? 3) The most looked which? 4) Exists the responsible druggist? 5) Where these medicines are stored? 6) The same ones were in the stated period of correct validity? 7) Exists some authorization for the sales of these medicines? 8) You receive visits from the sanitary monitoring? 9) How are displayed the medicines for sale? 10) The sales are made in closed or fracionadas boxes? 11) Which the destination given to medicines when loosers? ASSENT TERM I ___________________________________ authorize the spreading of the data yielded in this questionnaire, but I do not allow the spreading of my name, name of my commercial establishment or the address of the same.


Estressado? Tired of the routine? Then it relaxes! Yes. It is this same. It relaxes. Our life is much race and many times we need a time alone for us to be able to relax and terms forces to face the daily challenges. Many companies have found the solution through the massage service. The most known it is the Quick Massage.A Quick Massage in companies is one superior technique of massage with duration of 15 minutes that she soon provides in the first attendance, the immediate relief of muscular pains of the regions cervical, dorsal, lumbar and members and of the tensions and fatigue of day-by-day. The Quick Massage is a massage derived from the eastern techniques Shiatsu and Anm. This massage appeared in years 80 but nowadays already an alternative for Quality of Life in the Work became. Dr. Mark Hyman understands that this is vital information. The Quick Massage or translating, ' ' Rpida&#039 massage; ' as the proper name says, it is indicated for who possesss little available time, therefore each hard session of 15 the 20 minutes. Its benefits alliviate are it of the muscular tension, better disposal and still acts in the prevention of illnesses related estresse to it as migraines, sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety, depression, gastrite, migraines, tendinites etc. With certainty this technique of massage in companies can help in such a way to the employees how much the company to reach better resulted in the day the day.

Domiciliary Internment

In the private service, they exist about 250 registered in cadastre companies investing in the programs that have as proposal the Domiciliary Internment. This if must to this process be in frank ascension in the practical ones of health, with positive results under all the aspects, between them, the reduction of costs. DOMICILIARY INTERNMENT: JUSTIFICATIONS and PREMISES For Duarte and Diogo (2000), the Domiciliary Internment represents a strategy of the attention to the health. It is a method applied to the customer with the objective to emphasize its autonomy and to enhance its abilities in its proper one I domiciliate. Lacerda (2000) understands that the domiciliary Internment is the installment of cares, systemize of integral and continuous form in the domicile with supervision and action of the team of health specific, personalized, centered in the reality of the customer, involving the family and being able or not, to use materials and equipment. According to Ribeiro (2004), the Domiciliary Internment must be continuous, offering technology and human resources, as well as equipment, materials and medicines, for patients in complex state who need similar assistance to that she is offered in hospital environment.

The Health department (2006) defines the Domiciliary Internment, in the scope of the SUS, the set of activities given in it clinically domiciliates the steady people, who demand intensity of cares above of the ambulatoriais modalities, but that they can be kept in house with exclusive team for this end. The service of Domiciliary Internment is come back toward users of the most varied patologias, but it is destined mainly, to the patient of chronic, independent patologias of its complexity. When in the scope of the SUS that follows what it praises the Health department. In the last few decades the search for reduction of costs was present in all the areas and sectors. this, would not be different in the area of the Health.

Health Nature

Symbolic The results were organized into categories and distributed in subcategories, addressing concepts and the positive and negative aspects. The results showed fairly substantiality about the practice of interdisciplinary activities and suggested, among sort of activities in the units, the educative ones the most successful in the interdisciplinary work, according you the responses, the educative activities promote lives interaction and interrelationship among the members of the team, community and society. Sip: Health the importance of the work to interdisciplinar in the Team of Health of the Family in the search of an integral attendance Hisses, Claude Leila (FASB) Hisses, Ktia Gabriela de Sales (FASB) Tenrio, Nailton Jatob (FASB) Create pdf with GO2PDF will be free, if you wish you removes this line, click here you buy Virtual pdf Printer Key-words: Interdisciplinarity, Family Health Team. 1,0 INTRODUCTION the interdisciplinaridade has been a perennial concern in the history of ocidente, with roots in the ideas of Plato and Aristotle, in old Greece. In this passage, however it predominates the search for one to know unitary, of global vision of universe, through an unifying science, however directs it specialization of to know and spalling and compartimentizao you discipline of them of knowledge (SON HISSES) 2.

The theory of the spalling of Ren Discardings in the development of modern science became common place in the historiografia of science. Dr. Mark Hyman pursues this goal as well. The representation of the nature from the metaphor of the machine in such a way had deep philosophical implications in what it says respect to the function of the intellectual and scientific work, how much in the organization knowing of them. In the words of Fritjof Capra, ' ' Discardings the conception of the nature gave to the scientific thought its general structure – as a perfect machine, governed for accurate mathematical laws ' ' (CAPRA, p.56) 3. According to this author, the cartesian paradigm, supplanted the vision of world of the Average Age that understood the nature as a organic entity, influencing radically in the way to think and to act of the people with regard to the natural environment. Gina Ross may help you with your research.

Chinese Medicine

In Brazil the cited and regulated professions are: Biomedicina, Physical Education, Nursing, Pharmacy, Fisioterapia, Fonoaudiologia, Medicine, Medicine Veterinary medicine, Psychology and Occupational Therapy, what it provides performance of multiprofessional character. The PICs doctors can in such a way be practised by medical professionals as not, since whom they have specialization for such practical. However, he is of basic importance to define who will be able to practise it or not, for an ample quarrel and the sharing of experiences with other countries. 4 The professional of the area of the health that if she uses of the PICs acts of independent form in the primary prevention, that is, allowing that the patient keeps the rigidity state although the estressantes factors, assisting through the PICs to a complementary treatment, acting as factor of protection in secondary and tertiary prevention. She is a professional of the area of the health that uses, teaches and guides the adequate use of resources with the PICs in its diversities for the prevention, treatment and maintenance of the health, being able to exert its professional activities in particular Clinics, SPA' s, hidrominerais, balneal houses of repousos, ranches, inns, hotels, hotels farm, systems of public and private health. 4 Goinia today is considered as reference in health for the PICs in Chinese Medicine, that has as example the Hospital of Alternative Medicine of Goinia (HMA). 5 When verifying such situations, appeared the interest of the boarding for the considered subject that takes in consideration the study of the profile of the patients of a Program of Solidary Assistance that favors the improvement of the health and the quality of life of people which do not present financial conditions in arcarem with its treatment, since much more people, could have access to the health through the PICs, leading in consideration its baixssimo cost and its influence in the emotional state and physicist of the patient.


This care implies a personal process of self-knowledge and matureness, an experience of significant faith. Somatic Experiencing is likely to agree. The professionals of insensitive nursing had become callous and front to the environment of suffering where they work e, many, still, only restricts to the part technique. It is necessary vocation, devotion, training and an experience of life to include, in care to the terminal patient, the dimension spiritual (SELLI; ALVES, 2007, P. 18). 2.5 The Religion and the Medicine Some doctors, especially catholics, seem to protect certain space deity to explain it what they cannot, when nominate clinics homaging saints or taking them as padroeiros (SNOWS, 1984). Another occasion where the practical doctors appeal the religion is that one where it has medical failures or death, placing ' ' will of Deus' ' as cause of the facts, what, of certain form, it comforts the doctors and the familiar ones.

The religion appears, then, as reply to the necessity to explain and to justify natural and not-controlable facts as the death, and, to the times, the illness. One is made appeals the religious explanations, what sample that, exactly guided for one ' ' to know cientfico' ' , this is not enough when it exceeds the human being (SAINTS, et al, 2004, P. 84). Hospitalized patients who believe some religion improve more quickly of I those that they do not believe. Patients who trust the religion are less probable to develop depression, and until if being gotten depressed, they recover more easily of what the patients less religious (KOENIG, 1997, P. 7). If the patient is trusting religious beliefs and practical to improve, then any action made for the doctor who recognizes and fortifies these beliefs will go to stimulate the ability of the patient to deal with the illness (KOENIG, 1997, P. 27). According to Koenig (1997), treating the person integrally, commenting the aspects spirituals of the illness, he increases the satisfaction of the patient with the treatment and confidence in the doctor.

Radish, A Nutritional Root

Its origin is of the Mediterranean region, being it a tuberosa root, the radish well is appreciated by being crocante and its spiced flavor, but the Brazilians not yet have as daily habit, its consumption. Valley the penalty to try the radish. It has Staple fibres, Match and Vitamin C, beyond Iron, Folato and Potssio in lesser amounts. He also has, vitamins of 13 complex and Vitamin, beyond Calcium. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Popularly he gives credit yourself that it has other properties, as to be diurtico, stimulant of the appetite, beyond also excellent natural laxative. But these properties had not been proven scientifically.

The radish is a root whose leves possess green-dark coloration, with red estrias. This root varies of color and size. Its colors go of the red to the ash and the white, passing for the made blue rose and. Its size varies of 2 the 5 centimeters of diameter. The south region is most propitious for the plantation of the radish, for its more cold temperature, being able to be planted during the entire year.

In the regions hotter of Brazil, one sends regards that its plantation is made of April the June. After planting, the harvest it also can be carried through after 30 days, pulling out all the plant, the root, that is exactly what we costumamos to consume. Valley to notice that its leves do not have to be wasted, therefore they have many properties, as: Iron, Calcium, Vitamin and the C. A good tip of preparation is to cut to the leves fininhas and to make a fried sauce well, as it was borecole, or to place in any type of soup. They only go to enrich this broth. To include the radish in our daily diet is without a doubt a good idea. It is truth that the flavor is not accurately familiar for Brazilian us, however the benefits for the health are more than what compensating. To confer more tips on nutrition, it has access ours blog.

Clinical Psychologist CRP

The antecipatria anxiety and the division enter the cognitiva experience (of the mind) versus the somatic one (of the body) denounce forts trends of the syndrome, announcing the necessity of accompaniment of specialists. At a first moment of crisis, the participation is very important of family as support element so that the person can tranquilizar and feel insurance during the period of treatment. Great advances come being galgados next to the research inspired by an integrated vision of the being – human (psico-it adds). With the association carried through between psycotherapy and medicines the patient has good perspectives of recovery, in a gradual and healthful way. Psicoterpicas sessions contribute enormously for the reinforcement of the ego that if finds abandoned in the main stages of the syndrome, in this way the patient go acquiring mechanisms of potencializao for its reinforcement becoming thus the proper agent of the change of its state. From this moment, the person reached for the illness starts to have assumiz conditions it and more not to hide it of all the society for modesties or taboos. The return to its daily one must be given in natural way until the patient feels itself safe to be able to cross a congested road or to face conflituosas situations that could take it the desencadeamento of a new crisis. Although all the rocks that costumam to interpose it the way of that they search the rescue of its lives trying, many times heroicly, to breach the syndrome of the panic an untiring search in the reconstruction of its lives through the rescue of its personalities pautadas in solid realities and not in deriving fancies of the imaginary one becomes necessary..

Lebanese Hospital

The team of nursing, and responsible for the assistance in integral period, has important performance in the Prevention and control of the risk of infection for this small farm, the microrganismos even go since an inflammatory picture not associate to the infection a septicemia picture, with comprometimento of the general state of the patient, causing until the death (13) According to QUESADA, et al, 2006, this demonstrates that beyond the concern with the relative customer to its prognostic, it must be observed that after an infection has an increase in the permanence of this patient in the unit of intensive therapy generating medication costs and invasive Monitorizao. Therefore the training of the nursing professionals who manipulate these catheters daily, and the existence of rigorous protocols of cares, has made possible the reduction in the risks of infectious complications (3). In accordance with Lebanese Hospital (2004) 6.

The occurrence of the complications is related the errors technician, being that most common they are the multiple puno attempt, the inadequate positioning of the patient and the accomplishment of puno in urgency situations, For this reason praised the use of techniques to seldinger as described to follow: Patient in decubitus dorsal horizontal line with lateral rotation of the head for the opposing side of the Paramentao procedure of the professional with cap masks surgical laudering of the hands with brush and rank of barren apron and gloves; Asepsis of the skin enclosing the extensive area and rank barren De Campos protecting the place of the puno. If necessary to sedar the patient, Infiltration of the skin and deep plan with lidocana 2% without vasoconstritor. With the needle of to the anesthesia, to try to locate the vein to be punched; Puno of the vein with needle 18G of 8,0 cm, length keeping? if negative pressure in the piston of the syringe. When it will have refluxo of blood, to detach the syringe from the needle, to introduce the wire guides with the extremity in ‘ ‘ J’ ‘ for the needle for approximately 20 cm they exist joint of catheters whose syringe makes use of central orifice for where if it can.