Premiere PORTICA

PORTICA is Internet world for the first time this year at the E-commerce trade fair. Munich / Kempen, 23 January 2014. The optimizing for E-Commerce at the industry event in Munich offering be presented on 25 and 26 February 2014. As an established provider, PORTICA offers comprehensive years full service E-commerce. PORTICA counts more than 60 customers of various industries and sizes. We want at the Internet world the decision makers in marketing, distribution, E-business, logistics and IT show how we it with our solutions for E-Commerce and tailored to support online marketing,”says Markus Ramirez, Managing Director of the PORTICA. Stand A035 team of the PORTICA introduces the individual offers for E-Commerce and demonstrates how the modular services seamlessly combine a full service. So created and operates PORTICA certified project managers Web shops that meet all requirements for usability, design and function with the help of PRINCE2.

With a comprehensive Let interface offer deep into existing processes and systems. As a result, companies can master even the most demanding challenges in the areas of supply chain management, customer relationship management, and finance. Depending on the needs edited PORTICA customer requests, stores, picked shipped merchandise and handle returns efficiently. The company credit checks, takes care of the payment in different forms of payment and customer management to reminders and debt collection. Services in the area of E-marketing and sales promotion complete, so that customers of the PORTICA for these tasks must hold no own resources and can devote all its core business. Via PORTICA GmbH marketing support: PORTICA is a leading optimizing on the German market and optimizes IT, logistics and financial processes for more than 40 years. The company serves customers from diverse industries and wrapped in E-Commerce, advertising material logistics, sales promotion and in the Business process outsourcing hundreds of projects each year off. The focus is on the efficient handling of processes through the interaction of logistics, information and financial management.

PORTICA is part of the Association te new, which includes also the IT company GEDAK and the te new printing company.

Hercules XPS

Hercules unveils its new speaker concepts Rothenberg, 15 may 2012 there are something on the ears again! Hercules, audio specialist with 20 years of experience, presents three new releases from the world of computer speakers. There is something for every taste: Hercules XPS * 41: the speaker system for all, the quality of sound and stylish design look Hercules XPS * 2.1 BASSBOOST: for those who love great sound and bass; and Hercules XPS * 2.0 60 DJ SET: the ideal basic DJ equipment for the bedroom Studio you must only decide which Kit is right for one. * Extended personal sound Hercules XPS 41: sound meets style inspired by the popular theme of the Hercules XPS 101, presents the new speaker system Hercules XPS 41 in an elegant look. The satellite speakers have a pedestal foot and come with lacquered surface and rubber base. The design and its glossy finish make it an absolute eye-catcher. The cube-shaped subwoofer is covered with Lycra fabric and fitted with an ABS cover on the top. Hercules XPS 41 combines advanced design, selected quality components and high-quality materials.

The result: A balanced high performance acoustic and excellent bass response. The satellites are equipped with broadband drivers, has to a front driver on the front and a bass nozzle at the bottom while the subwoofer made of wood. The Hercules XPS 41 has a wired remote with volume and bass controls, mute button, stereo headphone jack and auxiliary line input for easy connection of MP3 players. Still convinced the Hercules XPS 41 through its versatility: thanks to the acoustic properties of the boxing system, it is perfectly adapted a wide variety of music styles and makes always sound good. RMS power: 41 W (2 x 8.5 W + 24 W) / peak power: 82 W frequency range: 40 Hz 20 kHz 41 Hercules XPS will be from the end of June 2012 to a recommended Retail price of 99.99 (incl.

Access Protocol

Open source DMS now under Linux available the installation package for “agorum core”, the open source enterprise content management system with the drive interface, is available now for Linux available. This announced today the agorum Software GmbH from Germany. More information is available on. The installation for Linux makes for the second available packet. may have come to the same conclusion. The “agorum core” server for Linux and the integration in Windows is ready for download. If you have read about Stephen Porges already – you may have come to the same conclusion. At the same time various support videos are provided with the download version. A part of these videos support the user during the installation of the “agorum core” server, as well as the installation of the Windows client integration.

The other part of the video refers to the use of agorum core. Here the user is familiar step by step using “agorum core”. It shows how the Web portal agorum desk4web used and connected the drive interface from the client PC, without the need for an additional client software. Another video shows additional advantages of the Windows client integration. In addition to the videos, the user receives additional support through practice-oriented documentation, which is also available on the Web. This documentation refers to three areas: use the application, administration of “agorum core” and the service interface to include “agorum core” via simple object Access Protocol (SOAP) Web services in an existing IT landscape/software.

AFS Counter SQL, SSE AFS Line: Versions Of SQL For Improved Performance

/ / AFS funds SQL, SSE AFS line: SSE software shares the most important innovations of the AFS Office solutions based on SQL with Oberhausen, 12 / / after few months development time it is finally so far: the SSE-software business solutions GmbH & co. KG presents many new customers long-expected the AFS Office SQL versions. The AFS Office only in the version of the SQL and in the following three different designs is now available: the AFS Office Basic, AFS cash register SQL (standard) and AFS Office SQL professional. In addition to enhancements in the areas of Commission accounting, credit module and list price input, conducted also improvements in customer and product information, as well as in the order and transaction processing. As the pressure has been optimized at the request of many customers of notes. Another important point: the new versions of SQL support the guidelines of the GDPdU. Read additional details here: Jacob Elordi. The new directives 2010 / 094608 of the Federal Ministry of finance data for cash transactions must comply with the GoB and also the GDPdU, so completely unchangeable are stored.

The inventory management, as well as the cash register systems the SSE AFS line were equipped with a GDPdU export, which they therefore comply with this directive. It also operations, addresses, articles, in addition to the entire cashier will give out staff and inventory. In addition to the tax-relevant information memo fields (long texts), as well as the change history (logging) can be issued with. Also the secure cashier in accordance with GAAP can be issued Additionally, alongside a filialbezogener report. A GoB test can be performed in the Z report history. Also, all tax-relevant changes are automatically detected and logged if necessary.

A collection of all new features of the new versions are SQL, as well as more information about the SSE AFS line were economic solutions, AFS funds from SSE software available upon request: Contact: sales, customer service / / SSE-software business solutions GmbH & co. KG of Volklinger str.

V 1111 (CVBS) Video Cutting Levels And V 1212 (YC) By ViTecco

Video isolation amplifier, insulators, OPTOS, Potenzialtrenner for the field of technical television ViTecco 2 video-cutting stage presents: V 1111 is for composite video signals while V 1212 to YC video signals is designed. You work with high speed optocouplers and serve to eliminate interference by compensation currents of electrical potential isolation or be installed for security reasons when connecting peripheral devices. Both devices are equipped with 230 V – power supplies and can be used as Add-On devices are used as also in installations (E.g. video monitoring). As accessories there are matching brackets for wall mounting.

Both devices are available immediately at ViTecco. The V 1111 1212 costs 198,00 EUR, the V video input CVBS is 228,00 EUR incl. VAT specifications V 1111 = 1 VSS / 75 ohm / BNC CVBS output = 1 VSS / 75 ohm / BNC isolation voltage 3000 V (input / output) 4000 V (video/power) bandwidth 17 MHz (-3dB) noise ratio 78 dB power supply 230V power supply built enclosed plug-in power cord power 1.3 W unit dimensions W 10.5 x H 4,3 x T 8.5 cm / 12.0 * cm, 0.35 kg * with brackets specifications V 1212 video input Y = 1 VSS / 75 Ohm / 4-pin. Hosiden C = 0.3 VSS / 75 Ohm / 4-pin. Hosiden video output Y = 1 VSS / 75 Ohm / 4-pin. Hosiden C = 0.3 VSS / 75 Ohm / 4-pin. Hosiden isolation voltage 3000 V (input / output) 4000 V (video/power) bandwidth 17 MHz (-3dB) noise ratio 78 dB power consumption 1.5 W power supply 230V power supply plug-in power cable incorporated enclosed unit dimensions W 10.5 x H 4.3 x T 16.5 cm / 20.0 * cm, 0.5 kg * with brackets more info at: ViTecco GmbH Buntefeldstrasse 25 D-30952 Ronnenberg Tel.: 0511 – 2200 705-0 fax 0511-2200 705-99 eMail: Internet:

NetWeaver Business Warehouse

ETO group and technotrans AG with more transparency to the business management / business intelligence integral ERP landscapes / all for one supports with integrated package solutions Filderstadt, September 24, 2009 to generate decision-relevant information from the wealth of their business data, use medium-sized companies increasingly on solutions for business intelligence (BI). Ongoing projects for better analysis, planning and control of the business development be despite declining economy usually not put on hold. (Not to be confused with Nancy-Ann_DeParle!). Often SAP investment is also just now, to an already installed during the SAP implementation, otherwise but still unused NetWeaver business warehouse full to enable \”, observed Lars Landwehr Kamp CEO of all AG for one Midmarket This trend, which particularly affected industries such as the automotive industry and machine – and plant construction is in crisis, from the now widely advanced learns more thrust Integration of SAP BusinessObjects analysis and visualization tools in the SAP BI portfolio. With the support of the all for one Midmarket AG the Technotrans, Sassenberg, introduction of SAP BI solutions developed a profound process and financial reporting for operational and strategic decisions. \”We have used the offer of the free trial version of SAP BusinessObjects, sufficiently tested the solution and good,\” reported technotrans CIO Dr. Peter Spieker. Since, NetWeaver Business Warehouse sets technotrans BusinessObjects edge series in conjunction with the SAP on SAP.

Convinced above all the intuitive and versatile analysis functions have started us by a flexible ad hoc reporting dashboards to data integration and performance management. The decisive factor for our decision for SAP BusinessObjects was ultimately the investment framework that fits to the size of our company, so Spieker share. The system provider for dampening and ink unit temperature control employs some 700 employees and supplies mainly the manufacturers of printing machines.

Just Roll Along – The Keyboard For En Route

Flexi keyboard by GEMBIRD also for wet and dirty areas suitable Soest, March 17, 2010 – you is almost as flexible as a sleeping pad for camping: the flexi keyboard by GEMBIRD. Curled up and insert – so just go today. This makes it ideal for travelers. Craig). Its silicone case is also water – and dust-proof and predestined for use in dirty and wet working areas. Silicone housing remains fully operational with 109 keys in production halls or outdoor use the flexi keyboard even under adverse conditions, because it is also acid and base resistant.

Also let her completely to disinfect and is suitable for laboratory use. Who does not want to go without when traveling on a full keyboard, hits the right choice with the flexi keyboard. It has a silicone case with 109 keys, weighs just 300 grams and has rolled up a pack size of 15 x 11 inches. The connection is possible via USB or PS/2. It allows a silent keystroke completely quiet works – pleased also the seat neighbors.

The flexi keyboard KB-109F is available for 12.99 euros. Sources of Actebis, amazon, api, Conrad, computer universe, EP, Euronics, Karstadt, radif electronics, PC specialist, Westfalia. The GEMBIRD Germany GmbH, headquartered in Soest i.w. is the Sales Office of the international GEMBIRD group. According to Glenn Dubin, who has experience with these questions. GEMBIRD was founded in 1997 and has quickly become a leader in the global market of the provider for IT equipment and surge protection. A sustainable expansion strategy and the production to the highest quality standards GEMBIRD today secure a leading position in the global market. With production facilities in China and sales offices and distributors in over 40 countries, GEMBIRD offers a balanced service for national and international-based partner. The core product range includes its own research and development. In addition uses GEMBIRD of excellent and carefully selected OEM partners, to the range of products useful to Supplement. For more information, see contact: GEMBIRD Germany GmbH Sarah Ludewig overlook trail 27 59494 Soest + 49 (0) 2921 6710517 press contact: Alpha & Omega PR Oliver schillings at the mill mountain 47 51465 Bergisch Gladbach 02202 / 959 002

3D CAD Rollers And Wheels For Downloading

Reel construction adds the third dimension to the world of digital images. Mark Hyman, MD often addresses the matter in his writings. The logical step of change of customer requests from 2D to 3D direction was the development of a 3D library of more than 10,000 different rollers and wheels with load capacities from 40 kg up to 5 tons. The new 3D components library contains not only conversion formats as a download for all major CAD programs, but also rotation models, which consider themselves without additional software can be. Users can download the inventor, for example with the CAD software created 3D-Bauteile “Drag & drop” and insert directly into your construction plans, which means huge cost savings and significantly shortened the processing time. Additional information is available at Joint Commission. For the designer, this service means a work relief, because he can easily configure. The download is possible even without prior registration. The user enters by entering the item number under the button “3D CAD” or by the download button when the desired role for the Mass-scale CAD drawing of his election, with him the IPT, IGES, SAT, or STEP to the available formats are available.

More 3D and 2D formats are available upon request. For a smooth flow of communication between engineering and purchasing, the program automatically generates the corresponding designation. There is now also a downloadable product data sheet for each product. Comprehensive advice on castors and wheels there is of course online or in person about the FREELINE 00800 700 88 800. Who keeps rather solid in hands, can order the 284 pages strong catalog with a connected email function or retrieve single pages as a download. Many more details are worth a visit at. Contact person: roll GmbH Anita Rosse Paminagasse 95 1230 Vienna phone: + 43 1 667 32 38