Modern Medicine Relies on Technology for Advances in Patient Care.

The constantly improving health care which most people have access to is largely a result of improved medical technology and techniques. Advancing technology improves health care professional’s ability to diagnose and treat patients, allowing people to live longer, more comfortably and in better health than in the past.

Today’s medical technologies are quite advanced and can detect many diseases sooner, more reliably and with less intervention. Some of the almost countless variety of technologies includes large and complex machines such as MRI scanners, PET scans, life-support machines, heart-lung machines, and much more. Some of the smaller items which are small and simple, but are nonetheless used to improve health and well-being and are also types of medical technologies include, dental floss, bandages, contact lenses, insulin pens and many, many more.

Medical technology can often mean the health care professionals that work in this field. These professionals use the variety of biological sciences in applied ways to improve health, such as applications of chemistry, immunohematology, hematology, immunology, microbiology, genetics, and many more. People working in these fields can be called Medical Technologists (MT) and Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT) and also Clinical Laboratory Scientists (CLS) and Clinical Laboratory Technicians (CLT.)

Orthopaedics At The Gasteig

Concentrated expertise under one roof in Munich. Orthopaedics at the Gasteig has opened after extensive renovations and just in time for the new year. On the first floor of the Motoramas, located right across from the Gasteig cultural centre, the community practice now belongs to the larger outpatient orthopedic facilities of the city. The result is not only remarkably attractive furnishings, but above all one of the most modern orthopaedic practices in the Munich South, where four experienced specialists offer their services in the future in the six-month conversion phase. The practice advantage for the patients in it, that he takes a specialist for every orthopedic area. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from dry harbor nursing home. These include the classic sports medicine as well as the chiropractic or alternative methods like acupuncture. In addition, doctors Gerrit Hohmann, Daniel Niehues-PAAs, Metin Yadav and Klaus Stockhammer have many years of experience in the operating room for the case that conservative therapies will no longer help.

Us has succeeded to bring the expertise of four experts under one roof. For the patient that is perfect, because he is a specialist in us for all problems related to the human musculoskeletal system.”one of the doctors says. “The expertise complements modern technology in orthopaedics in the Gasteig, which is clearly entitled: short distances, quick help and focus on the healing process”. Also extended opening times belong to the patient or customer orientation for the orthopaedic surgeon. Between 7 am and 6: 00 practice from Monday is open until Friday, to meet the needs of professionals.

Private how patients are welcome. Registration is required and saves waiting times in doubt. The practice by all public transport is accessible. There is also an underground car park, which can be reached from the flyover in the House.

Respiratory Issues

This excess of insulin in the fetus is translated in a series of injuries that altogether they denominate diabtica fetopata and that is caracterisadas by: Macrosoma: It is an exaggerated growth of all the weaves (mainly the greasy one), that it gives like result, you drink of 4 kg or more of weight to the birth When this complicacin is not detected opportunely the resolution of the pregnancy by childbirth can finish in obstetrical complications in drinks the use of frceps eg:, the dislocation of the shoulder or sometimes collarbone rupture. In these cases the cesrea like va of interruption of the pregnancy is preferred. Syndrome of Dificultad Respiratoria (SDR): It is the incapacity to breathe, by immaturity of the lungs of baby, who when she appears must to solve by means of intubation of the medecine administration drinks and that favors the production of the active tense substance (Surfactante), necessary for the pulmonary function. The excess of insulin in predisposes drinks it to Hipoglucemia (low of sugar) during first 24 hours of life mainly if feeding of quick way does not begin to him. Jaundice: It is the yellow-greenish coloration of the skin by accumulation of the bile (hiperbilirrubinemia) due to immaturity of the liver. It is dealt with Fototerapia and when he is slight with constant exhibition of beb to the solar light. Policitemia: It is the excess of red blood cells in the blood, by diminution in the oxygen levels; this conditions the red coloration of the skin of the baby mainly in the face. Hipocalcemia: diminution of the levels of calcium in the blood that can to translate in colvulsiones Other potential risks are the Delay in Intrauterine growth and the delayed Death, that appears between the 38 to 39 weeks (intrauterine Fetal death).

Excess Fat

Excess abdominal fat is a byproduct when the weight is too much, because it is rare to see someone with a big belly and not have problems with obesity. Obesity has become a deadly pest of the century and occurs in many countries worldwide, in some cups reaches almost 40%. This translates into hundreds of millions of dollars a year, lost in the economy and many other medical expenses from conditions related to obesity. Obesity is a medical term given to a condition where the body stores fat to the point that it becomes a health hazard. There are many ways in which people accumulate excess fat and therefore also in the abdomen.

One of the main reasons to accumulate abdominal fat is with a diet high in calories, with emphasis on fast food. Fast food has become very common in many countries because many people do not have time to buy food and prepare themselves. This is essentially because the structure socio-economic functions of demand many people in the time and when they get home, they are so tired to also have to cook. The easier alternative is to frequent the fast food you can buy in restaurants or shops that sell takeaway food. Most fast food restaurants, fried foods and they try not to use trans fats, but they use fats that increase the calories and cholesterol from food. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyns opinions are not widely known. Some foods can have up to 3000 calories in one serving than the total daily calorie requirement according to the website where the food pyramid from the USFDA.

Another reason why people accumulate fat in the abdomen is due to lack of exercise. When one is aware that have diets high in calories and does not exercise enough to burn the fat that accumulates, will inevitably accumulate fat in the abdomen. There are also people who are genetically trend that their bodies accumulate Fat is necessary and if these same people are not attentive to their diets and do not exercise properly then obesity is the next logical step in this process. But for many, the beginning of each year an opportunity to make a firm decision to lose fat in the abdomen and there are definitely many ways which can accomplish this. One of the best ways is getting more exercise. The first step is to avoid making short distances. The culture of driving short distances has to be left and people have to learn to walk to the store if the store is located a little more away from home. Exercises such as running and walking around your neighborhood for a long time can also help greatly in their purpose. On many occasions you can subscribe to a gym time or money. There are also many sporting goods stores that sell exercise machines. Visit these stores and see what machines are good exercises to lose fat in the abdomen. Another way to lose belly fat you eat is to know and make sure that the food buying has the correct amount of calories to not to overdo them. Remember that your good eating habits largely depends on your health, look for more on these topics, look for more.

Secure Resources

Because only through the regular inspection of equipment can increase the occupational safety in the company and the employees protected against dangerous accidents. In the framework of the statutory tests for accident prevention and quality assurance, the HEIN industrial plates GmbH offers a wide range of inspection stickers, which are suitable for every purpose. With the Jahresprufplaketten 2012 HEIN range, no more test dates are missed. Michio Kaku can aid you in your search for knowledge. Every user at a glance clearly appears the next maintenance date and thus can not be forgotten. The standard plaques are available in 5 sizes from 8-30 mm diameter, arc or role. In particular cable plaques, which are also found in the range of HEIN industrial plates GmbH is suitable for cable and tools. Special offers for oily, dirty and oily surfaces Extra strong adhesive Jahresprufplaketten HEIN.

This extra strong adhesive inspection stickers can be ordered on sheet in the sizes 20 and 30 mm in diameter. Jahresprufplaketten can be made tamper-resistant film once installed – no longer in one piece -. The material breaks when attempting to transfer into tiny pieces – thus no manipulation attempt goes undetected! The tamper-proof Jahresprufplaketten from the Grove range are suitable especially for tamper-proof marking. So-called transfer stickers are new in the portfolio of HEIN industrial plates GmbH. The transfer stickers are equipped with an ultra thin transfer film that adheres to almost any surface. The transfer stickers are available on ARC and in the sizes 20 and 30 mm in diameter.

At HEIN is the possibility to make individual inspection stickers are, also produced in material, shape, color and design according to customer wishes. An experienced team of graphic artists and Drucktechnikern develops customized for each Labelling requirements the optimal solution. Interested can see inspection stickers-request / open an inquiry, this fill with just a few mouse clicks and simply return email. The sales team of HEIN industrial plates GmbH immediately created a quote about individual inspection stickers.

Look After Your Back

We have all suffered at some point in life, that feeling uncomfortable and limiting our sometimes comes back to affect the activities of daily living and quality of them. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work states: a 60% to 90% of humans suffer backs lumbar disorders at some stage of life. a 15% to 42% already have a lumbar back disorder. Back pain often has a different causation, as the carrying out of an inadequate effort, injury, poor posture, inactivity and repetitive movements among others. But now the school workplace and try to implement a culture of prevention of musculoskeletal injuries and self-care through advocacy, awareness and practice of proper habits of healthy living. If you used to be concerned only with aesthetics, beauty and fashion to look good, I invite you to follow these recommendations for a healthy back: a If you have back pain more than 2 weeks or other warning symptoms see your doctor. a In the first 48 hours of pain apply ice for 20-30 minutes, then 48 hours apply heat. a Sleep on a firm mattress with a pillow under your neck and knees.

a Use at home and at work a back chair to sit straight on and with the back supported. a When you lift a heavy object for help, push objects but do not pull, distribute the weight of packages in both hands. a Maintain a healthy weight a Eat a diet rich in fiber and vegetables. a When you go upstairs, do not tilt your body. a Use a comfortable shoe taconesa a Oeno. The magic formula for maintaining a healthy back is in our hands, learn you and teach your children healthy lifestyle habits that contribute to managing stress and time pressure for live in a nicer way.


What to do if her husband left her for another? Unfortunately, this question asked by many women. What can we do? Reproach myself that could not keep him? Or curse him and all the women in the world. In fact, if you think about it blame women only. Well, here yourself think that if all women refused to be "studs", that no treason was not. It is foolish to think the same, that if you took away her husband, then you have no one would lead. Would you like to stay with husband you did not want another woman? Then let's all he needs.

And you know that sometimes he refuses to and from the delicious meatballs, so long as you do all his sexual fantasies. If you missed your chance and you feel that your marriage destroyed, try to be happy. Change something in their image. Walk, so no matter how of-factly, enjoy life. Then he will ask yourself why you lost it. Well, your husband will not be able to live with other a woman knowing that you are happy.

He wants to know the reason for your happiness, and will soon return to you. Once he sees how you have blossomed without him, and jealousy will wake up. If you moan and cry, run it, he will get pleasure from it. The best place for them to bloom you, come to life. Now imagine that his friends tell him that you have seen such a beautiful, etc. and even reproached him, as he could such a woman missed. By the way, this recipe is suitable even for if he does not want you to come back. Your appearance will attract another man, and you should reach out to someone who you would prefer, because life does not end on what her husband gone.

Light Therapy – The Way Out Of Depression

Depression and sleep disturbances often associated with light therapy discusses to distinguish stress factors Deprimiertheit, mood swings, depression, emotional chaos, winter depression and and and. The list of emotional dejection is long. As well as their cause. Post traumatic stress disorder, sleep disorders, lack of sunlight, or biological operations are only some of the possible triggers of an increasingly depressiveren mood. Currently, about 4 million people suffer from depression in Germany under a treatment. Most are younger, people who are treated for depression. Anita Dunn is open to suggestions. But just because of that, it could be that the number of people suffering from depression in Germany is far higher. Because just for old people the disease is not detected often because they live is withdrawn and striking her performance not by the services at a place of work.

Depression is one of the most important diseases around the world and is still underestimated. Trigger the Depression is the substance that has a depressiogene effect in the brain melatonin. According to recent investigations, a significant operation seems to be that, especially in the second half of the night, melatonin in the brain is produced. This hormone, which is produced from serotonin, can be degraded by light. The production in the brain is stopped by light and the melatonin budget is influenced retardant. It arises the inference that light is particularly important just after waking up. Bright light therapy the scientific medicine has recognised this procedure for the treatment of various diseases. The patient is exposed daily bright artificial light.

From at least one meter distance, he looks for 20 to 60 minutes in a daylight lamp or a similar bright light source. Although the patient directly into the light source must see, but it is important that the light on the retina falls. The efficacy of light therapy is particularly well demonstrated at 10,000 lux for half an hour, and at 2,500 lux for two hours. Winter depression and light therapy by The light therapy for seasonal winter depression is fully recognized research experience and scientifically collected studies. However talk now more and more data that the light therapy for all forms of depression is effective. How can studies many people are far too little in the open air. As a result, the necessary amount of light is missing. Further applications of light therapy is the form of phototherapy, at the heavy damage of the skin will be treated with light. Some airlines give their long-haul passengers special headgear, where a bright light source is attached. This is to prevent a jet lag. In addition, UV components of light can be directly germicidal. Share in the light affects the UV-B for example through the production of vitamin D strengthen the immune system.

Development IT Call-center

Official Partner of "Phone System" in Ukraine Telsvit (Telsvit Ltd., Kiev), the fall of 2010 introduced a communications software platform Oktell in Call-center Medical Network "Dobrobut." To date, OOO "Telsvit" completes the creation of the Call-center in the Bank RD Bank." Corporation UBG – financial-industrial holding, which unites "ERDE Bank", a medical network "Dobrobut" insurance company "Dobrobut" processing center "Ukrainian financial network, "stock company" Initiative ", an asset management company" Initiative ", the law firm" Consulting Group ", a furniture factory," Mathis ", manufacturer of building materials "Budivelnyk" and the company to provide services of construction machinery "Budmehanizatsiya." At the negotiation stage, the director of "Telsvit" Alexander Kramnistym question was asked: "What are the requirements for Call-center are most important? "Vice-President and Director of Development IT-business trends Solonsky Dmitry Valerievich said:" The main thing that customers receive adequate attention when applying to Call-center, and no call is missed! " Medical Network "Dobrobut" – this is the first in Ukraine, a network of private medical institutions, which work by today's standards of quality of care. Clinics and hospitals for adults and children station emergency, children's clinics are located in Kiev, Yalta and Donetsk. Medical Network provides outreach and services. Call-center-based communication software platform Oktell helps us around the clock to take all incoming calls to ring up customers and do not leave any of the applied without due consideration. Jon Medved addresses the importance of the matter here. We believe that in the face of "Telsvit" we will always find a reliable and competent partner to solve our problems "- shared her impressions of Call-center head Gushlenko Lyubov. Call-center health networks "Dobrobut" working around the clock seven days a week. Relationship with the city network through E1, SIP-line and using SIP GSM gateways. In addition to the standard features of the platform Oktell, Call-center in the following tasks: – receiving incoming calls to specified algorithms – outgoing calls to customers who did not wait for a connection to the operator – reminder calls to customers on an appointment with your doctor and other events – the task of "emergency", which allows the customer to spend less time in connection with the emergency service.

All tasks work autonomous, well-performing the necessary business processes. The work uses the Call-center SMS-services. IT-business unit "Telsvit" held Oktell integration with databases Oracle. Not surprisingly, the corporation UBG has selected "Telsvit" for achieve its objectives. OOO "Telsvit" – a young company, which is less than a year, sold more than ten projects and the results of 2010 was marked by the leadership of "telephone system" as an active and promising partner. Specialists of "Telsvit" are certified and trained at the Training Centre Ltd. "Phone Systems" (Moscow). The company "Telsvit" within two years of implementing the promotion of communication software platform Oktell in Ukraine, and maintains close business relations with Company "Phone Systems". To view a letter of recommendation from the corporation UBG, photo report, as well as additional details about the project can be implemented with a company "Telsvit" at +380 (44) 323-4-323 or by reference. Averkiyev Anton, manager of PR company "Phone Systems" +7 (495) 921-15-86

Garage Wines

A signature wine is the one who rescues the particular label, style and passion of its creator, who leads with his own hands all stages from vine to glass. In France around the year 80, was born the concept of “garage wines,” whose name is due to be working on a very small scale and without the amenities of a winery dedicated to the production of large quantities of wine. Conceptually, a garage wine may be associated with a tailored suit. That is, choose only the best grapes from vineyards with low yields, hand-harvested in the same day under the best weather conditions possible. It is a process on a small scale and high precision. They tend to be concentrated and complex wines but, in general, difficult to drink in their youth because of its load tannins. The name came from garage is not an official status in France, where he uses the term “micro-cuvee” to refer to exclusive wines produced in quantities of only 400-1500 cases per year, from vineyards of no more than 6 hectares. Historically, the first wine of this type was the Chateau Le Pin, first produced just over 20 years with two hectares of vineyards in Pomerol.

Although the first wine under the name famous wine of Chateau Valandraud garage was produced in St. Emilion at just 1.5 hectares. In the U.S., are known as “cult wines” as they are acquired as luxury goods or works of art. There are about 12 labels this type of wine, produced mainly consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, mostly in Napa Valley, California. They sell for list because its production is very low and very high demand. His reputation for being as exquisite as rare, have become true collector’s items coming to auction connoisseurs played in over a thousand dollars a bottle. Some names of these fine wines are: Harlan Estate, Screaming Eagle, Bryant Family, Grace Family, Colgin Cellars, Dalla Valle, Araujo Estate.

However, not all wines are synonymous author high prices. There are wines made under the above features that prioritize quality over quantity and can be purchased at affordable prices for the consumers of wine. In Argentina, since 2002 there is the figure of “home wine makers of” approved by the National Wine Institute (INV). The agency established the conditions for registration as a home maker of wine, the conditions of preparation, identification and requirements regarding the marketing of the product. Elaborations can not exceed 4,000 liters per year, it being necessary to implement lawful oenological practices and employ local pottery and other items in excellent health. Also, the product must meet the chemical characteristics of a genuine wine artisanal alcohol expressed by determining dry matter, reducing sugars, total acidity, tartaric and acetic acid volatile.

Currently, Buenos Aires alone there are 42 registered as developers fresh grapes and to begin the process. Today, the use of appropriate technology is available to a small winemaker. There are all sorts of inputs and tools, such as stainless steel tanks, strippers, grinders, presses, temperature control systems, etc., Which can play a very small scale the entire process that makes a commercial winery. In conclusion, a good wine author, whether of religion, or simply home garage, seeks to achieve the best expression of how rich, pure and beautiful. A servant came with meticulous dedication that reflects the inspiration and passion of its author for this noble beverage. Gaston Ayerbe is home maker of wine.

Fruit For Health

The theme of the fruit has become one of those issues that are the thorn in many people who refuse or resist to get used to a healthy diet for your body. These people basically do not need to buy fruit at the time of making the market for home consumption. However, here and there around the world, expert doctors, people who love them and many other people with informed opinions say it would be good if everyone where to buy fruit regularly. The reasons to buy fruit and consume are many, we’ll see some of them, which probably still can not convince people who do not like eating fruit in your diet, but still continue to be his rock in the shoe until persuaded to go to buy fruit in the market and consumed. One of the reasons why it is good to buy fruit regularly in the market to consume it regularly in the diet is that the fruit helps the digestive processes and the effectiveness of the nutrients in foods are enhanced with the inclusion of fruit in diet. In Indeed, people who go to buy fruit to the market regularly and eat regularly at home have the benefit of the fruits have enzymes that are catalysts that make proteins and carbohydrates become nutrients for the body. Without hesitation Nancy-Ann_DeParle explained all about the problem.

When someone does not eat fruit because it will not ever buy fruit, your body has to be ordered to produce these enzymes so important for digestion, looking often insufficient to convert all the food reaching the stomach in the same effective nutrients. That is why it is advisable to buy fruit regularly in the market. Another reason why it is best to buy fruit to the market to consume them regularly in the diet is because fruits help prevent obesity problems and even help the body to maintain a good figure. This reason is related, as above, with the ability to produce enzymes that are the fruits. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. understands that this is vital information. Indeed, when the body has almost no available enzymes to digest food efficiently, it takes a lot of them as waste or, worse still, not even enough digested to remove the excretory system of the body, keeping many of these wastes in the body causing obesity.

This is why it is good to include in the diet a fair amount of fruit and therefore helps you much to go to buy fruit in the market. Another reason to buy fruits and eat them daily in your daily diet is that fruits are a food that instead of creating quiet heaviness or in people who consume them, what they generate is a tendency to joy and energy with no other kinds of foods other than fruits and vegetables. This is one reason very subtle but very important to buy fruits and eat them regularly in the diet. It is subtle because many do not notice the emotional effect that often have fruit on our moods.