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New titles, new design and new functions guarantee a better service and a successful future in Munich – February 18, 2010. The MediKompass GmbH starts with many innovations and far-reaching goals in the year 2010. Learn more about this with Dr Jee Hyun Kim. The first step of the implementation is now complete: doctor became The relaunch perfected services and strengthens the brand name. With known success MediKompass supports patients as medical doctor search as well as for the recovery of the patient. Through the creation of two new platforms, the company wants to reach a targeted communication and also convey through the patient hotline. The online platform for medical cost comparisons was modified technically and artistically fundamentally and fast service pass will appear in a modern design.

“, Us was important to lend a fresh, modern look of the platform and to improve the navigation”, so Henrik Horning, Managing Director of MediKompass GmbH. However, not only externally, we have made important changes. We have further improved our service. Especially the consulting services is very important to us and our trained service team can now optimally respond to the wishes of the respective target groups. Our goal is to become one of the top addresses for contacts in the medical field.

Therefore, new medical areas are opened up and expanded the range of customers.” On, patients now find an online platform that meets their requirements and questions in all medical areas and at the same time ensures easy handling. The figures for the past years speak for the success of the platform and are reflected in the numerous positive reviews, which so far are from patients after successful mediation and treatment performance for the doctor. By the growing number of reviews, security, to find a suitable and affordable doctor grows also. So patients are offered high-quality treatments at a feasible and fair cost average is the potential saving one-third of the cost of treatment. And so does the comparison of costs for medical treatment: A prospective buyer registers and adjusts its treatment request anonymously, free of charge and without obligation. Registered physicians from the surrounding area now have the opportunity to submit an alternative estimate of the cost of the platform. At the end of the cost comparison can decide the patient on the basis of various criteria for a doctor and carry out a consultation. Important here: The patient shall not be obliged to seek treatment there. About MediKompass MediKompass GmbH, is a company of the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group, and operates several online platforms for price comparisons in the medical field with, and. Since the launch in May 2006 over 80,000 price comparisons with a start price amounting to a total of EUR 147 million were carried out successfully. Is the so far possible total savings for patients around 48 million euros. The service was already for the second time in a row by the TuV rated very well.

Afresh Start Students Loans Bad Credit –

Student loans bad credit are special loans that are designed specifically for students with the bad credit. Each one of US, irrespective of teachers or students, parents or children or employed or businessmen do require additional cash at any point of time or the other to meet some of the most unexpected expenses. At easy alternative in this case is to lend money from the companies. You can borrow the money from the calendar in order to meet the unavoidable yet unexpected expenses and return the money to the borrower later as per the terms and conditions to which you agreed with the lender at the time of borrowing the money. Quite naturally, the student loans bad credit proves helpful to the students who face problem on the finance front.

The bad credit student loans are always available to almost all students to continue with their further studies. The bad credit student loans are designed specifically for students with bad credit. These loans cater to students who could not avail to any other student loan because of the lack of credit. Students who are really interested in the continuing their education have several options for taking the student loans. This is where the bad credit student loans are emerging as one effective problem of students with the bad credit.

The bad credit student loans provide a helpful way out for students with no. credit. It is important that you safeguard the fiscal interests along with your own education. Quite frequently, most students face the financial crisis due to lack of credit or the bad credit. In most cases, parents may not collect enough of funds for the education of the child. If a student does not have to established credit, it can cause obstruction to the further education of the student. Hence, student loans bad credit can assist them to come out of such undesirable situation. Bad credit student loans can help pull the students out of control of the bad credit. Harry taker is to author for this article. For more information about college loan bad credit, student loan refinance visit

Dachser Builds On Innovative Services Provided By Teleroute

Dachser and Teleroute, have signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement is to optimize the long-term relationship between the two partners. Dachser user group combines 130 sites in 16 countries requirements by Dachser freight and cargo search across Europe through its own customer service team ensure first test of the Teleroute ACTIVE platform at Dachser Germany got go-ahead Mainz, October 26, 2010 Dachser and Teleroute have signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement is to optimize the long-term relationship between the two partners and improve the efficiency of both companies. Dachser uses the Teleroute freight exchange for 20 years and came against the backdrop of increasing demands and increasing use the agreement now. Therefore, all 130 Dachser branches in 16 countries have access to all services provided by Teleroute. With Teleroute CONNECT the Dachser is connected to transport management system directly to the Teleroute freight exchange, eliminating transcription errors and saving time. The collaboration between the two companies led to synergies and simplified procedures.

So, the flow of information has been optimized and minimized losses of time. A closed user group for all Dachser dispatchers in Europe was established for Dachser. With the help of Teleroute CONNECT Europe all freight and cargo services can be exchanged with highest reliability in real time. Offers which are obtained within an hour, come automatically in the public freight Exchange from Teleroute – visible to all customers. In the course of long-term cooperation, Teleroute has offered always an innovative service based on the high dynamics and the economic challenges of our customers. The new agreement the systems can be interleaved more intensively by Dachser and Teleroute, to further increase the efficiency. Dachser is also a strong supporter of the concept of Teleroute safe marketplace”and for necessary certificates and qualifications regarding Reliability and security deposit.

Also, Dachser has signed the code of conduct by Teleroute. “This is BBs to a gentlemen agreement” for the behavior on the freight and freight Exchange from Teleroute. The security classification with regard to “Secure market place” is visible to all users of the Teleroute freight exchange. Dachser Germany will be one of the first companies outside France, that tests the Teleroute ACTIVE platform. This is a premium solution that can be adapted to the needs of the customers and has improved ergonomics, powerful tools, as well as additional services. The solution makes a strategic integrated tool with a fully automated interface to the customer’s own transport management system the freight exchange. “This partnership resulted from the trust, the Dachser in our service”, explains Raimundo Diaz, CEO of Teleroute. Also it confirms us in wholesale with an innovative service to help their international Business to consolidate, to optimize their processes, increase productivity and to reduce costs through integrated solutions.” Press contact: tele lens route Germany GmbH Peter Buttner Wale 6 55130 Mainz Tel: 06131-9820152 fax: 06131-98201752 E-Mail: