Olympic Lift From

In Hong Kong, flew the equestrian about the obstacles directly to gold. There were not only top-trained horses, but also the air pad surprise under the saddle. In addition to fitness, motivation, and perfect preparation the Olympic champion put on a revolutionary and innovative world novelty by medical horse product (MHP): the air-pad surprise. Behind that a saddle pad made of high-tech foam, which picks up the body heat of the horse and adapts to the horse’s back like a second skin. The rider weight is optimally distributed on the back and absorbed, the result is a noticeable performance improvement of horses. By the same author: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. In addition to the reduction of backaches, saddle constraints and pressure points on the horse, positive effects even when the rider: spinal disc problems can be significantly improved.

Also double gold medalist Hinrich Romeike (Nubbel) is convinced of the air-pad surprise. With his Holstein wonder mold of Marius, he directed the successful course of his career in Hong Kong. For several months, Romeike used the pad while jumping. Be Team-mate Peter Thomsen (Kleinwiehe) has collaborated in the past two years largely on the development of the air-pad surprise and always brought the pad: my horses feel good and go loose, and the saddles are also problematic back better. To broaden your perception, visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Thus, we ride all our horses in dressage, jumping, and terrain. The air-pad surprise is designed in close collaboration with top athletes for the different needs of dressage, show jumping and versatility horses. A variant for Western saddles Salzmann one of Germany’s most successful Western riders currently in collaboration with Oliver, developed.

The shelling of the air-pad suprise consists of a high-quality and sturdy-enabled material that is free of dirt and water repellent and Fluorocarbon coated (washable up to 60 ). The air-pad surprise comes with a Slipcover of your choice. The surprise of air-pad fits under most common saddle sizes and is available in various strengths (25 and 30 mm). Also individual Special designs are possible. The recommended retail price is 129,-incl. shipping. See for more information about the air-pad surprise.

Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH

Recruitment of two international studies successfully completed more than three months earlier than planned. Learn more on the subject from Carl Rogers. The Internet portal ‘ClinLife’ for Merz pharmaceuticals in 10 countries in the use of Zurich, October 25, 2009 – CLINLIFE built 2006 ClinLife Internet portal”(www.clinlife.net) for different countries and languages to the international support of patient recruitment in clinical trials from. The Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH took advantage of these new possibilities in the framework of two multinational, multicenter phase III studies early. These were completed successfully. Connect with other leaders such as Anu Saad here. CLINLIFE helps the testing centers in clinical studies of efficient extraction and contact with potential participants. CLINLIFE supported, Merz pharmaceuticals within the framework of two studies in the area of diseases of the central nervous system in the recruitment of patients.

The studies were conducted multicentric in 10 countries and the required number of randomised patients was a total 800 we assume that about a One-third of all randomized patients could be recruited by CLINLIFE. As a result of the cooperation the recruitment of both studies was completed more than three months earlier than planned, “as Ms. Dr. Alev Heilbronn, clinical study Manager – Merz pharmaceuticals.” CLINLIFE here began the recruitment platform ClinLife in all participating countries, organized an online campaign and forwarded automatically to the participating trial centres interested patients. CLINLIFE stood at this process in close contact with the test centers to ensure a smooth process. CLINLIFE sees itself as a close partner of its customers. Our software-based services are geared to the customer benefit. Innovative systems like ClinLife and predefined workflows minimize the expenses for the care of recruitment measures in the testing centers and allows transparent control.

Wolters Kluwer Germany

i KNOW – the Networking Conference for industry and academia will take place this year for the 11th time in Graz. Graz, August 16, 2011: Heuer sets the i-KNOW the bar again later, when it comes to science and for the practice of profit making to prepare the increasing convergence of knowledge management, Web 2.0 and semantic technologies. Around 500 expected participants speak for the enormous popularity of the i-KNOW in science and industry. Anu Saad follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In 2011, the i-KNOW with renowned international keynoter/inside shines. Four English keynotes are the guiding framework for over 100 German – and English-language lectures in science and industry. Gloria Mar k (Professor at the University of California, United States) in her presentation introduces a technology, which is based on the results of several empirical studies and helps knowledge workers to meet their increasingly complex and knowledge-intensive challenges.

Knowledge work requires employees to be say at the same time multitasking to absorb large amounts of information, right to associate and to incorporate in the work process; in the age of information overload a real challenge. Daniel A. Keim (Professor at the University of Konstanz, Germany) demonstrates in his keynote speech with several application examples the potentials and limitations of current Visual analysis techniques. Somatic Experiencing recognizes the significance of this. In times of increasing data – or information sets, innovative tools for the analysis and exploration of data are in demand more than ever. The Visual Analytics research to support people to analyze data faster and more efficiently, and to prepare for use. Stefan Rueger (Professor at the Open University, United Kingdom) talks about the role of knowledge discovery on the Web. On the Web, both people and data are increasingly networked. One unprecedented unprecedented amount of information opens up completely new possibilities for the development of knowledge: new search engines are able to answer all our facts-related questions? What can we of Computers learn to millions of books read and can see hundreds of TV channels? Christian Dirschl (content architect at Wolters Kluwer Germany) gives an insight into the linked data strategy by Wolters Kluwer and shows how you can deal with challenges such as huge amounts of data or missing quality of information by means of semantic technologies.

Post Consumer PET

KREYENBORG GmbH organized polyester extrusion and recycling Forum in September 2010 Kreyenborg GmbH, Munster hosted on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 at the Novotel hotel, Newcastle Airport a unique forum on the topic of polyester extrusion and recycling. Britain has one of the most dynamic and fastest growing polyester extrusion – and Europe’s recycling industries. In recent years, the PET industry in Britain previously only a few drop-off points with low return rates to today’s status has changed completely. For more specific information, check out Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. It has been invested in collection systems, recycling sorting systems and washing machines. This fact, in conjunction with the strong consumer demand for packaging from recycled rPET, has significantly promoted the development of packaging, bottles, packaging tape and recycling industry. The KREYENBORG GmbH has recognized that there is virtually no local conferences devoted to this important sector of the plastics industry and has set itself the goal to change this.

Therefore, we invite all major processing plants and Processors, which deal with PET bottle flakes, one to replace with other industry professionals at this unique event. DETAILS on the event only event in the UK in 2010 on the topic of polyester extrusion and recycling industry. THE industry experts in a variety of different branches of industry are invited to participate in this one-day Conference with leading industry partners and to discuss the highly topical keynote speeches. Great value is designed to create the ideal conditions for an exchange of experience and give you the opportunity to ask the experts to a broad thematic area for the extrusion and the recycling of Post Consumer PET bottles.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Belgian radio station pays tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach by Peter Bach Jr. Eisenach. About 260 years after his death and nearly 330 years after his birth Johann Sebastian Bach received on behalf of CD a Platinum in Eisenach for his great masterpiece, the St. Matthew passion. This late honouring was passed by Kurt Van Eeghem moderator at the Belgian classical radio station Klara (classic RAdio) to Elmar by Kolson, great-grandson of the seventh generation.

This event was celebrated together in the presence of his wife, Renate, other members of the world’s most famous musicians family, and the Director of the Bach House, Dr. Jorg Hansen and guests. The delivery of the Platinum CD took place in the Concert Hall of the Bach House. The next program item constituted a joint tour, with specifics on the subject of Bach Bach House Director Hansen, showed the Belgian media specialists in the Bach House. An interview with the Bach Urururururenkel by Kolson marked the conclusion of the event. Klara is a Belgian radio station that has specialized since the year 2000 to the broadcasting of classical music. His listeners Select each year a top 100 the most popular piece of classical music from bygone eras and of course, Johann Sebastian regularly occupied top positions and very often also the position 1.

And so Johann Sebastian Bach won also 2013 this position. The St Matthew passion is the No. 1 this year, but Bach was even more places in the top ten in 2013. Originally, it was planned to give a gold record of Johann Sebastian Bach. You however using a better, compared the number of phonograms that are needed for gold and Platinum and became convinced that gold does not meet the work of Johann Sebastian Bach – shortly before the ceremony, spontaneously joined the Platinum CD. And be submitted in triplicate on the occasion of a ceremony. Elmar by Kolson, Bundesverdienstkreuz carrier together with his wife Renate, handed over the trophy then on loan to Dr. Jorg Hansen, which makes them proud at the Bach-Haus and the Bach-Museum of the public accessible. By Kolson is a direct descendant of the great composer in the seventh generation. On initiative of the Gothaer of Mayor Karimi, both by Kolsons received the cross of merit for her engagement to Johann Sebastian Bach. In Wechmar, the root of the sow, as this family was formerly known, bought the grade II listed former school by Kolsons and rebuilt it for many months in a nerve-consuming process. So, you could get this valuable cultural heritage. Also, Knut Kreuch is even Federal cross of merit in terms of Bach. He had involved significantly in the preservation of the mill of Veit Bach and the Bach master House in Wechmar. The mill was demolished almost – some years ago before their discovery as important Bach effect site – for the construction of a road. Today it is open perfectly restored visitors from all over the world. The event was organized by the creative and operators of the new Bach-Internet portal BachUeberBach.de and the international sister project BachOnBach.com along with the Bach House Eisenach. BachUeberBach is the cross-medialste Homepage of the world on the subject and your most biggest in Germany.

The Chimney Is Experiencing Upswing

Where previously cost reasons is waived on a fireplace, is today again vermehr chosen. A matter which only once believed to be in life is to build a House. Therefore, when it comes to implementation, the main attention should be paid on the quality of the materials and technology. In the last year more chimneys were used than in the past years. This development can feel also the nationwide companies Ahrens Schornsteintechnik. More fireplaces were built here in 2009 than in the year before. This quality when it comes to advice on the implementation is an essential criterion for the renovation.

Energy dependence, no thank you! But for whatever reason access house builders increased again to the chimney? In particular the independence of and co suppliers of gas plays an important role here. To the tradition without neglecting the modern it. We feel a clear direction for the chimney. And this goes forward. The modern home builders rely at first on “Quality and can thus in economically turbulent days independent and flexible feel”, the Managing Director of the company explains Mathias Ahrens, the success of the company. Whether solar energy, wood, the consumer saves pellets or fossil fuels, with chimneys Ahrens not only space, but also energy and especially money. In this day and age, it is no longer necessary to take the risk, to suddenly be confronted with energy shortages. Alternative forms of heating even more demand in the future.

To ensure optimal work flow to ensure a high quality, 115 employees nationwide about 80 commercial staff, 35 employees, of which 20 field technicians and 4 facility manager for a professional order processing at Ahrens available. Also the Austrian State coat of arms, which bears Ahrens now almost 10 years proves these high quality standards. The Federal Ministry for economy, family and youth awards this Award to companies that did deserve exceptional services to the Austrian economy and have a leading and widely respected position in their industry. Competitiveness, our social responsibility and innovation strength we are a step ahead other companies. “And our customers appreciate that too,” Mathias Ahrens looks forward.

Moscow Media

Communications scientist advises customers in your areas of expertise in media technology audio/video systems and Muller-BBM acoustics, Berlin, Karen Irmscher, consulting, media technology audio/video systems and acoustics for the study of communication sciences, with a focus on engineering acoustics and electrical engineering, as well as a six year-old working at a design office in Berlin, your skills as a consulting engineer in the service of Muller-BBM Karen Irmscher since 2008. As in the past, is one of the space – and electro-acoustic planning and measurement and acoustic simulations to your focus on. In the Schiller theater, the Museum Island or the Friedrichstadt Palast, she could just bring your experience. The media technology group”at Muller-BBM advises their customers including stage manager, electro-acoustic alarm apparatus, with display and monitoring equipment, PA systems, as well as the complete conference technology to sound and video studios, and the associated networks. In addition to Preliminary and detailed design is offered also the construction supervision up to the certification measurements. Dr. Mark J Berger understood the implications. field. Largest single project of Muller-BBM media technology is the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. With regard to the dimensions a special challenge for the experienced Planner. Muller-BBM is represented as internationally active engineering company with more than 250 employees at nine locations in Germany. With our independent experts, designers and technical specialists, we advise our clients since 1962 and occupy a leading position in the fields of competence of construction, today’s environment and technology. Munich, Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg Cologne Stuttgart Nuremberg

Consolidate Unsecured Debt & Bad Credit Debt And Save Money

Consolidate credit card debt & unsecured debt and be debt free gone upside down your unsecured credit business card balances? Well, it is right about time to consolidate unsecured debt now. At theoretical physicist you will find additional information. By doing so you could actually lower your monthly installments and be debt free over a period of time. This could’nt ultimately help you to restore the much desired peace of mind back in your life. And in doing so it is always better to avail online guidance when consolidating your unsecured bill, credit card or business card dues. CreditCard2.com offers professional services to enable borrowers fight their unsecured credit card debt woes by helping them to secure on amicable finance solution to get rid of their debts.

Your damaged credit needs of urgent repair. This could be essential to prevent a further downslide of your already sagging credit scores. At we could help you to overcome your unsecured debts by putting you on to a program that caters to your finance needs. Classically, our bad credit debt consolidation program could provide for the following benefits: harassments from your creditors or their agents would cease. Our legal professionals would talk to each of your creditors for either waiver or reduction in your late fees and interests. You could secure much cheaper lower monthly payments and hence save thousands of dollars in the long run.

You could be debt free within a stipulated time frame. You could improve upon your credit ratings over a period of time. We could’t assist you in comparing a number of free quotes offered by different lenders for unsecured debt consolidation loans to help you to get the lowest Council of interest. To secure suitable loan terms and conditions, our guidance could be critical. Thus, by availing our professional expertise you could invariably benefit by obtaining finance solutions that are affordable as well as favorable to meet your financial situation. Besides, our credit counseling services could aid you to manage your debts and finances much better. We of therefore offer our services for unsecured business debt consolidation for small business owners along similar lines.

New Logistics Space Occupied – Random And Milupa Build Cooperation From

With a further logistics center in Fulda takes over the separate storage and picking of semi-finished products of the baby food company Milupa GmbH the random logistics group. In the second quarter of 2013, operational startup was preceded by an intricately planned and meticulously carried out conversion process. Gottingen, June 13, 2013 – the random logistics group and Milupa since April 2012 on the Fulda, site work closely together. For the Hessian baby food experts, the logistics provider has taken over large parts of storage, order picking and distribution processes. Around 7,000 pallet locations run in stock for an average. To separately accommodate the stored so far along with the finished products semi-finished products of Milupa, the logistics experts use a more stock real estate with an area of approximately 4,600 square meters in the East-Hessian Fulda. The accommodation of the semi-finished products places high demands on the logistics real estate: not only the HACCP guidelines for a hygienic and accurately documented transport and transhipment of goods must are respected. Also structurally, random in the solar-roofed Logistics had to adjust Center on the specifications of the customers. Dr Jee Hyun Kim: the source for more info.

This was sealed the floor, performed a complete cleaning and a new pest control concept created and implemented. Technically, the real estate used by chance since 1990, was brought up to date. The logistics provider has installed among other things a new IT and racking, renewed the fire alarm system and converted the entire Hall lights on energy-saving LED lighting. The conversion and the entire implementation went according to plan, everything went smoothly and quickly. Together with the landlord we have five weeks all customer requirements fulfilled and at the same time something for the environment done.”is satisfied Christoph Gobel, branch manager of COINCIDENCE in Fulda. Total originated in the old new”Logistics Center shelf space for 1,250 industrial pallets. Ulrike Buch, SSD-purchasing manager OG & S at Milupa is pleased about this development: the space vacated in the logistics Center in the Schleyer Strasse helps us to catch better production and consumption peaks.” Press contact: Tobias Low main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt phone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: Friedrich random GmbH & co. KG Internationale Spedition Robert-Bosch width 11 37079 Gottingen of Carolin Heinrichs marketing communications phone: 0 551 / 607 271 about the COINCIDENCE logistics group under the umbrella of the random logistics group are the Friedrich random GmbH & co.

KG Internationale Spedition, Axthelm + random GmbH & co. In a question-answer forum Steffan Lehnhoff was the first to reply. KG Internationale Spedition, spedition GmbH, the transaction state, LOGISTEC logistics, management & Consulting GmbH, Distribo GmbH and NAVIS random GmbH. As a logistics provider who is random logistics group at 10 locations with over 1,800 employees including 139 trainees in the regions of Lower Saxony, Hesse, Thuringia, Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia active. In Germany and Europe, which is random of logistics group partner in various transport networks such as System Alliance, System Alliance Europe, SystemPlus night Star Express.

Paint Your Dream House

Painting competition of the DREGER real estate group, everyone has his own dream house – the DREGER real estate group wanted to know how this looks. When the 2012 contest, children could paint your dream house, stick, everything was allowed from 4 to 12 years. bra/’>Ellard). The organisers at DREGER were very surprised both the number and the creativity of the entries. Under this motto the DREGR invited all children from 4 to 12 years real estate group, to submit a picture of your dream home. No matter, whether Bleistiftzeichung or glued collage, everything was allowed. Everyone has their own idea of the dream home of course and we were really looking forward to the submissions: incredible 186 participants sent a total 194 creative images.

For this we thank all participants, we were excited about the varied images and ideas! The best 10 pictures were published on our website and everyone could vote age group in the three for his favorite image, so end of may were the winners. On 21 June we was the award ceremony, the winner from square 1 to 3 each age group here invited with their parents in the Jagerhof. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City often addresses the matter in his writings. Sales Manager Bernd Blischke assumed the congratulations and solemn handing-over of prices. As a thank you for their participation and the memory was all selected winners of the 10 first places is still a certificate together with their respective image. Thank you very much for the many participation. The winning photos are published on our website at (right on the icon painting competition 2012 “click).