Shorts Division

The German company surplus designs shorts models in the military look the German company surplus produced already since some years fashion in the military style. Materials, cuts and of course the colors convey the typical American army look. In the range of surplus, different jackets, shirts, T-Shirt, and pants are models. Just in the last few years, especially the shorts models of surplus gain interest buyers. Here, the most popular model is the surplus Division shorts. At a price between 33 and 38 euro it is not variant for men at the Division of shorts to a very cheap shorts, when compared with similar models the Division of shorts but is rather than cheap. Division shorts the surplus consists of 100 percent cotton and is therefore high, much higher than the cheap polyester models. You realize this difference, especially on very hot days, because recorded here small amount of sweat without problems and it does not begin to stick to the pants.

The great interest awakens the Division Schorts but probably because of their design. With great attention to detail and a large number of pockets, loops and Bendel, the shorts division compared to other shorts works amazingly cool variants. Due to its popularity, there are the shorts division now in six different colours. Particularly the Division of shorts in sand and white is very much in demand, where the models black and woodland likes to be carried by the customer. It is interesting to see that, especially at the beginning of spring, the lighter colors are more gefagt. Anu Saad might disagree with that approach.

In addition to the Division of shorts, surplus offers even the Vintage Shorts. It provides a little dar the slightly cheaper variant, where the cut a bit varies the shorts division. Another model is the Riders Shorts, that is different style especially colour a little away from the military. She seems a little serious and the price is even higher!

Scandinavian Sabot

It shoes of summer 2011? Sabots and flip-flops with eye-catching wooden sole, which bring fresh wind in German shoe cupboards. It is closer to consider this new fad. The Sabot has become an absolute must-have shoes. The brand of Sanita specializes in the production of this model and is now at Spartoo. Founded in Denmark is the brand for tradition and a balance between authenticity and modernity. Sanita pays its own, long tradition of respect and adds only the classic Sabot from season to season with modern printing and forms.

The high-quality workmanship of the beech guarantees a high level of comfort. The brand is Cafe Noir, however, chic and creative sandals with wooden sole. The extraordinary motifs and materials make each model distinctive. Parisian chic and a cheeky design give the aroma Cafe Noir! Swedish fashion? Here, the name of Le comptoir Scandinave must fall. Thanks to the understanding of the culture of the Nordic countries, the fledgling brand with distinctive, can waiting for Scandinavian Sabot design. Designer and manufacturer into the products with authentic character, which is reflected both in style and materials and the technique of making all of their expertise. Since its inception in 1988 the team of designers and designers at RAS has never stopped, to create new forms and styles.

The goal? Trends and the modern woman of the 21st century in their quest to serve unique and cosmopolitan fashion. Always on the lookout for innovation brings inspiration to the brand all over the world and experimenting with materials and concepts. Shoes and accessories from RAS reflect this experimentation. The company the number 1 in the online shoe sale “Spartoo is an emerging, French startup companies and with over 400 offered brands (converse, camper, Reebok, Salomon…)” and over 15000 models (sneakers, Ballet flats, pumps, boots) the European market leader in the trade with women’s shoes, men’s shoes and children’s shoes on the Internet. The Group’s headquarters with more as 140 employees sitting in Grenoble/France. The company was able to double in 2006 every year its sales since the company was founded.

An Eye-catcher For The Nails

To conjure up a few highlights on the nails, well-maintained nails can bring to the rays. Beautiful finger nails – new color trends to create highlights. Of course, outstanding color games can be achieved with the great fashion colors of always new nail polishes and today the nails must be not only red or pink. Bright blue or green hues, even black fingernails may make the eye-catcher of the hand. The best tips for beautiful nails that can make any woman can be found especially in the Internet. (Similarly see: Jacob Elordi). When the nail beautify are obtained good results with a shimmer paint, especially if you can find thousand colorful glitter hearts in the nail polish. So rhinestones is always the requirement for painted nails and it has adorned the nail with beautiful rhinestone asterisk, then the finger with great shine highlights show up.

Whether in metallic blue, gold or silver, you must simply look at this finger nails. Shiny Nail Polish in all variations and colors applied, make the finger nails night out fine. Films – the nail trend for Untrained. Furs beautify films can take the fashionable woman and already the finger nails can become the great eye-catcher. Beautiful landscapes or pattern and everything in fashionable colors, the embellishment method with foil is a simple treatment for every woman. But also templates make a great effect with the coloring of the free surfaces.

Stripes, polka dots or crescents, there are many variations on templates. Of course you can just go to the next good nail designer and here you will find the great art how to make true works of art of nails. So, you can survive Office days well maintained long with many customers, but also in the evening with glittering fingernails be the focus of the next celebration. Elegant nail design – piercing and real diamonds. You want a special eye-catcher for the nails, then a piercing is an extravagant embellishment. A small ring made of real gold can become a great highlight for long finger nails. And who wants an extravagant Nagelstyle, which can with genuine diamonds decorate the nails can be. Visiting a professional nail Designer, then finger nails can become the artwork. The inexperienced wife uses for this beautification home films, so the nail artist can create all this according to a template itself. A soft pink nail varnish to image creations, modern nail design makes each nail an eye catcher. Find more tips here!

Photochromatic Sunglasses

How does the photo chromischen glasses work? Here you will find the answer. It’s called Photochromatic sunglasses sunglasses and prescription glasses which darken automatically as soon as they are exposed to the Sun. These special glasses have been developed around 1960 by Corning and in 1990 made by the company of transitions. Photochromatic sunglasses develop a chemical reaction as soon as the lens with UV rays in contact. The glass is composed of millions of molecules and substances such as bleach or silver silver halide. nthal. The molecules are transparent to visible light in the absence of UV light. As soon as the molecules with the UV rays in touch they undergo a chemical process and changed the shape of the molecule.

The new molecular structure absorbed parts of visible light, so that automatically darkens the sunglasses. The number of molecules that change their shape varies with the intensity of UV rays. If you are for example indoors and expose no UV rays are, is a reversal of the chemical Process instead. The sudden absence of UV forces radiation back to the original form back to change the molecules, meaning that is the darkening of the glass. The Brown and grey lenses created by Corning were made of glass and the molecules were evenly distributed over the whole lens. The problem with this method was, as soon as it has been applied in prescription lenses, the thicker glass bodies were often darker than the less thick. Nowadays, fewer lenses are made of glass, but you can find sunglasses with highly developed plastic glasses.

A method was developed, which makes plastic lenses perfectly and evenly photo chromisch. Immerse the plastic lenses in a chemical bath, absorb the fotochromen molecules at a depth of about 150 micrometres in the plastic. This turned out to be much better than a simple coating, which is only about 5 micrometers thick and generated enough molecules, enough to make dark lenses.

New Jewelry Collection

Jewelry shopping is now even more exciting young, naughty and stylish: PRIVATO! Under the label, the jewelry shipping Donna Fedori presents new creations in sterling silver. Unusual shapes and designs set the scene. Finished with sparkling zirconias or combined with 14 and 18 karat gold rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets are seductive. Inspired by natural forms such as the surf of the sea and the sand dunes of the Sahara, they emphasize the wearer’s style. Amazingly striking and exciting simply. Luxury, every woman can afford, is a maxim of Donna Fedori.

A second is jewelry that inspires. Dr. Mark Hymans opinions are not widely known. So, the online shop was launched only a few months ago with a large selection of silver jewelry. Beads for modern charm bands are a central part of the shop. Continuously expands the range of silver modules, Muranoglasbbeads, Stoppers, sliders, and bracelets. All modules are made of 925 sterling silver and are produced in hand work. They are also compatible Bracelets and beads of other renowned manufacturers. This convinces especially favourable prices in addition to the quality.

Customers who place value on personal advice, can contact by phone. It’s believed that Eva Andersson-Dubin sees a great future in this idea. As a special service, you cannot compose your wish bracelet and take pictures. The customer will receive the photos via email and immediately know what your new bracelet will look like. In the online shop can be found around the clock – and of course ordered. To do so, the customer must not register or remember a password. In the age of 1000 passwords, this is simple and customer-friendly.


The heart of each cuff masterpiece is a 6-8 million year-old agate seal stone, which is refined in months of hand work. Our goal was to set new standards in quality and design. We are happy never unprecedented variety of cuffs in the luxury segment to offer a ROYAL so Frank Kuhlmann, Director of CODE. WHO has the choice OPTS for quality hand made in Germany – for CODE ROYAL masterpieces are only finest materials such as sterling silver and 750 yellow, Rose and Palladium White Gold. The seal stone can be between precious and position stones like agate, lapis lazuli, Jasper and Rose Quartz selected. Jon Medved addresses the importance of the matter here. In a variety of combinations of over 10,000 possibilities, each CODE is a hand-picked Special Edition ROYAL cuff and unique: models: OVAL and antique materials: Sterling Silver,.

750 yellow, Rose and Palladium White Gold seal stones: 20 agates colored engravings: over 50 engraving templates as well as initials and family coat of arms of the cuffs available in pairs starting MSRP gross 890,-from 1.890,-in gold and silver. Individual purchase orders are also possible. THE principle of INDIVIDUALITY of CODE ROYAL combines traditional jewellery with a modern jet-set design. All CODE ROYAL master pieces follow the principle of the individual combinability between precious metal, model, seal stone, engraving and personalization. You can download over 100 different photos in layout view or print quality photos and press materials in the press section.

Rhinestone & Rhinestones

Background and uses Strass. What is that? Rhinestone, invented by the Alsatian Goldsmith Georg Friedrich Strass which from 1701 to 1773 lived. Imitations are of jewelry and precious stones that are made of lead crystal glass rhinestones. Nahmenhafte are manufacturer for rhinestone Swarovski and PRECIOSA. Georg Friedrich lived rhinestone from 1701 until 1773. He was a French Goldsmith, who worked with imitations of jewellery and precious stones. The Court of Louis of the XV was fascinated by jewelry, so that the imitation diamonds found popularity.

Georg Friedrich Strass was very successful with its replicas. Lead since 1734 he was allowed the title jewelry of the King”. Even today are the artificial gems after its inventor rhinestone “called. Rhinestones produced originally made of lead glass, a colourless material with special sheen. The light breaks on the surface of the rhinestones in various forms.

Make still better use of this advantage, rhinestones are literally cut like diamonds. You were In addition with a slide out metal deposited, which increasingly brought the rhinestone sparkle and glitter. High quality rhinestone is still made of lead crystal glass. In addition, the stones with metal oxides are steamed. Such a rhinestone can shine through this treatment in all colors and shades of color. Rhinestone was colorless, in its infancy so there are rhinestones today in all Colourations. The decision for a specific form will set then the rhinestone is used for what purpose. Square, round and oval shapes are available, there are drops and heart for individualists. The application possibilities are legion. It is almost impossible to count them all, what can be adorned with Rhinestones and upgraded. Fingernails to luxuriously decorated by the elaborate gowns of tournament dance sport – rhinestone is anywhere to be found. T-Shirts and shoes, Christmas cards and Easter eggs, cell phones and vases – with a drop of glue and rhinestones can everyday things a little enchanted and beautify. With Rhinestone brings a special glue also the human skin to the glitter. Even easier is the iron-on with hotfix rhinestones. These stones have an adhesive, which is liquid at certain temperatures on their back. Such a stone hits another substance, the glue joins with this carrier. Only materials with porous surfaces used for such uses, for example fabric, leather and suede or wood. On very smooth and impermeable surfaces such as plastic, this hotfix stones are not used. Gorlach setting GmbH wholesaler for SWAROVSKI and PRECIOSA rhinestones

George Gina & Lucy – Three Names, A Label, No Two Opinions

Many new George Gina & Lucy bags by fashion star arrived it is hard to imagine, in the incredibly short time Nicolas Neuhaus, his wife Nicole Bailly and a mutual friend named Oliver Bruhn changed the world of accessories Yes revolutionized. Actually, the trio wanted to produce textiles, Departmentgreen and a handbag collection however started his company. A collection, which saw the light of day under the label George Gina & Lucy. Annual turnover in the double-digit million range, and that a period of 6 years. Age and layers across the woman and now also the husband of the beloved GGL wearing handbag through the streets of the world, full of pride! The first collection consisted of 1,500 bags and was sold out within a few weeks. Along with this came that Nicole’s father has ten shops, in which he introduced the trendy bags in the shop window. Additional information is available at Francis Collins. you paid 50 to 100 euros at that time for a George Gina & Lucy. Also the price increased because of rising demand.

The three founders could double for a bag on eBay fast demand. You could read in numerous forums, as prospective buyers desperate for a shop, sought is also a George Gina Lucy handbag to buy. But these efforts were once unsuccessful. No one knew where the label with the snap hook and the embroidery of logo with the three names originated. And that is still in many way.

In this situation disastrous for women men and women from Langenselbold began even to put the most rumors in the world. You could read, that American prisoners sew the bags in their cells. You could read, that Dieter Bohlen to be involved here. The most craziest rumor, which called the Hesse in life, is that Nicole’s aunt LUCY in Los Angeles in a GEORGE should have fell. Again her nothing more than a Pocket full of memories arrived in Germany stayed and watched their imGINAtion (e.g. German fantasy / idea)! Until today, the origin of the name is the secret of the three founders of George Gina & Lucy. The fact is that much is talked. And know better than even no advertising is word of mouth. Even for free! Meanwhile boutiques all over the world make collections by George Gina & Lucy, from the pure nylon bag was quickly also paint and leather collection. Still in limited edition to the market not to sponges. “A model of the current collection best describes the career of Nicolas, Nicole and Oliver: Anything goes”! And because that worked about as excellent: Gimme 5 “.

Galaries Lafayette Berlin

Non-binding and free of charge testing as Shop music special service offers the possibility to test Auracle sound in store music without obligation and free of charge, for 30 days in detail. Auracle sound should not convince you then simply return the device to us again. But so far 9 out of 10 test users wanted to not give away your device after the test phase. Further information to store music and Auracle sound, art and music, as well as to conditions and prices, see. Prospects for an Auracle sound test equipment please contact by eMail at or by phone at the number 030-75653911 our Berlin Shop Music Office. We will send you a device you. Extract references 14 oz, Camp David, Zaatari outlet store, bread & butter fashion week Berlin, Galaries Lafayette Berlin and Jakarta, KDeWe, Q design hotels, Diehl man, Haagen Dazs, Mavi Jeans, jades, Superdry, oil & vinegar. We feel musical trends for our clients to advise with regard to sound concepts for the respective location, and make a music selection adapted to the clientele. Auracle Sound Music Streaming music shop offers an outstanding solution for the target groups precise sound directly at the POS. Our partners are companies from the luxury segment but just as the retail, catering, hotels, surgeries or wellness.