Christmas and Family

Christmas, also will have to be the reconciliation with the life, with our fellow creatures, the nature in general. To think the Christmas, not in such a way in the traditionalism of the consumption, even so this is necessary, since soon for that they can, to acquire the corporeal properties of first necessity to donate to that they do not have this capacity, but in the direction of the construction of a world, more tolerant, more just more human. A Christmas with humanismo, in the respect for the nobility of the person human being who is born carrying of equal rights of freedom dignity. To walk for Christmases of progress to all the headings, in the deepening, consolidation and good-practical of the most elementary Human Rights, since soon the rights: to the life; to the health, in conditions jousts, with special concerns for the carenciadas people more; to the education and formation; to the work; to the habitation in worthy conditions; to justice, at last, to the rights consecrated in the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights. The Humanity is tired of discords, injustices, exclusions of all the nature. The global community cannot continue in the route that has come to follow, where the safe port does not glimpse itself. The world cannot waste the good-will people, whom they desire and they fight for the Peace, the Friendship, the Happiness and the Harmony between all the beings. The Christmas is this same.

Finally, my special reflection, very very particular, desires even so it to become public, as a species of contributo so that the Christmas is truily the Party of the Family Human being, but to start for proper me, for my family, friends and all the people who with me if relate. A Christmas with truth, loyalty, with reciprocity, either in the seio of the family, either with other people, that friendship of sincere Love-of-Friend, with a feeling of tolerance, pardon and much gratitude stops with all the people who, throughout to my have helped me life, understanding me and abandoning never me. It is this Christmas that I desire to festejar with much joy. Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues de Brtolo email: Personal Blog: Portugal: (Link Citizenship) Brazil: