The Beginning

Of course that the antrpica action tends to speed up this process, mainly when the intervention is made without the had knowledge, with incautiousness or indifference. The city of Brook of the Plaza comes being systematically deforested, being its used native vegetation as firewood and in the coal production; infrastructure workmanships, as the existing roads, cut to the hillsides and the riverbed removing the vegetation and displaying ground; springs, eyes d' water, rivers and streams have its ciliares bushes withdrawals, favoring the reduction of the outflow and, in some cases, the fast disappearance of sources. The ribeirense population originates from the miscegenation at the beginning enters the first tamers of century XX, slaves who had come here, after the abolition and the indians imbors. The estimate of the IBGE for the year of 2009 is for a population of 14.528 inhabitants as picture below, the population has agricultural and masculine predominance and with less than 35 years. The population of Brook of the Plaza got a reduction of the population number, had the loss of territory for Crossroads in 2010, however, this number will be able to go up, therefore justice gave to prevailing the Brook of the Plaza in the year of 2011. It had a reduction in the relative number of children in the first ages and the trend of growth of the group de20 a29 years. Characterizing a process of relative aging of the population: reducing in this way the population in the etria band of children with less than 01 year of age, which had to the high index of proven mortality for the lack of specialized medical assistance, and also is possible to mainly perceive economically considerable an active population in the group of people who vary de20 a39 years, beyond an expressive population of people with more than 50 years of age resulted of the increase of the life expectancy. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. Jayme Albin.

Asperger Syndrome

The importance of the family In all the moments of the life of the individuals, the family plays basic role, where the consaguneos bows, as well as the affective relations, can construct an environment to salutar, depending on as the familiar dynamics if it establishes e, still, fortifies the social relations of the most varied forms, constituting, in such a way, emotional, affective, social and educational the balance of these people in the seio of the society. Although the person with SA to present its limitations and difficulties in its interpersonal relations, the family can assist in the adequacy of the reality of these with the way where they live, but always looking for to facilitate to its life and its relations, therefore asperger feels many difficulties to become related. Around this question, however, they are the families who little know deficiency, what it becomes more difficult the agreement of the behavior that its children present. In this direction, the first obstacle of the families of aspergers is to make right the diagnosis, therefore many times cover true maratonas in psychologists, psychiatrists and neurologists who arrive to confuse the syndrome with hiperatividade or deficit of attention. However, another factor important to be considered is the fact of that many families of children with SA feel difficulty in accepting such deficiency, what she harms, the principle, its form of if relating, therefore with the difficulties of understanding of the deficiency, increase the cases where the family does not know as to act ahead of the necessities of the son with asperger. Therefore, the precocious diagnosis is important so that the deficiency is understood e, at the same time, the family can look specific professional aid, aiming at to facilitate the educational development of general form of the person with SA. The such important how much paper of the family in the understanding of positive and negative aspects that involve the SA, are the personal educational mechanisms that this must construct in the home of the child to asperger, as for example, the incentive to the personal and individual cares in favor of the health and autonomy of this individual.

Chronic References

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