Vertical Gardening

It seems that in today's world, where dominate the Internet, computers and all sorts of machines, there is no room for anything natural, natural. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. But it is in large cities and metropolitan areas people feel a lack of green and clean oxygen. All we feel drawn to nature, the woods, the mild climate. Being constantly in the city, people get used to its comfort and convenience in a sense, the opportunity to go to bars, restaurants, shops, cultural activities and much more. At the same time in a person simply suffocating from lack of oxygen due to the lack of green plants. The presence of plants in offices, modern state institutions, even the parks – it's because so few to our life-giving oxygen saturated the air, not to mention aesthetics. Our parks were created at all without microclimate and soil conditions, and haphazard, and certainly not given such a strong air pollution.

Almost all the cities suffer from a bad environment, which are not the cause of emissions of industrial enterprises, but rather a vehicle exhaust and transport. All this adversely affects plant growth, and more than that – the quality of the soil. Speaking candidly Anu Saad told us the story. We see how the plants in our park areas, sometimes sorry to see them, trampled lawns, shrubs, slender. And all this so important and the small green parts of our cities. Greening urban greening offices – one of the most acute and pressing issues of the modern world. Gardening and had played a significant role in the architecture and construction.

But until recently it was rather decorative function. Today, we understand the importance of oxygen for space and interior, so not only aesthetics, but also environmentally friendly interior design takes into account contemporary architects. Quality of life, comfort, human health are recognized by scientists as the key moments of life. And it is gardening, a lot of trees, parks maintain comfort and health. One of the most unusual landscaping options interior of the office today are fitosteny – living wall of plants. Imagine – instead of the huge wall paintings – beautiful fresh flowers and plants. They do not require any special care, the design is simple and compact. With this you get the incredible beauty of your office or at home, and more importantly – constant oxygen saturation! Plants are selected purely individual. More information on the company website Rastenia:

Professional Recovery Duct

In homes with air common problem of the violation or no ventilation. This happens usually because of the reduction produced by the ventilation duct, the duct so that the recovery is the only way to address this deficiency. Return air duct of its original function and form is not difficult. To do this we need only to apply to the company carrying on the restoration of the duct professional level and taking into account all the established norms. Once completed work will not be any problems with ventilation or with a permit BTI, a must have in case of sale of the apartment.

Significant advantage of a professional team – is the use of safe materials and guarantee the quality of work performed. Typically, experts photograph airbox inside. The pictures can be seen, not reduced if box from the neighbors. Get photos, owner of the apartment with a restored ventkorobom will have irrefutable proof of his innocence to a breach of ventilation. When the work is performed by experienced specialists, so just a few hours, on average, three to five in the apartment will be fully restored ventilation and air box itself. At the same time thanks to an attentive attitude to the work of masters, the existing finishing of manufactured acts almost hurt that will avoid substantial costs to implement a complete overhaul. It is certainly possible to plan the reconstruction and repairs ventkoroba on same time. Just as recovery and ventilation ducts, trust repair apartments best professional team.

Masters perform all repair and finishing work faster and much higher quality than separate attempts to carry out similar actions. Qualified experts will do at the highest level and renovated flats with redevelopment, and no complex cosmetic repairs. If there is no need or desire to make significant changes in their environment, you can simply refresh the interior, replacing wall and floor coverings. Sure, all the electrical work, plumbing replacement, as well as repair of pipes and radiators should be conducted by people who have the necessary knowledge and sufficient experience in these areas. In carrying out complex major or exclusive repair developed project, in accordance with which all subsequent work. A professional approach to any work – it is a guarantee of high quality results.