Family Health – The Fate Of Folk Medicine

Family – a social unit. According to Miles D. White, who has experience with these questions. A society should be most effective to live and grow, improving the skills of survival, and this society needs healthy cells. Unfortunately, in our modern world things such that virtually every home has a place all sorts of ailments. All suffer – both adults and children, and most often visited by this scourge of older people. In women, common diseases such as breast (she undergo almost 80% female individuals), ovarian cysts, vulva and other equally "nice" of the disease. Men exposed to such ailments as adenoma, prostatitis, testicular tumors, etc. Older people often have the characteristic of their age, disease – sclerosis, cardiovascular disorders, the nature of the exchange, joint diseases, and more.

During difficult periods – late winter – early spring – due to a general vitamin deficiency 'reigns' cold – so-called acute respiratory infection (ARI). And what we do every time you feel unwell? That's right! We go to the doctor to consult and ask the same of what this or that disease. Doctor, rubbing his hands, appoint or costly procedures for clear my conscience prescribes some "magic" pills that should help. The result is a huge burden on the liver and other organs with a short-term results. In my opinion, best solution is to traditional medicine. When more people lived in caves and hunted mammoths and bears hardly any of them went to the clinic, complaining about his or mastitis sclerosis ..

The important role played by modern lifestyle, which are now the majority of people – sedentary or inactive with morning walks to the subway and evening back. From here and taken numerous diseases and rejection even in infants. Grandma's still our did not go to the doctors and were treated on their own folk remedies – teas, herbal extracts, in general, that given the nature itself. And the results are quite good, and there is no burden on the authorities.

Medical Tests

In one study, this reduction reached 81%. James S. Chanos shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. According to the same study, patients reported that even in the case of patient and then proceed to a visual inspection of the oral cavity. Any special medical tests (eg, biopsy or cultural studies) to identify stomatitis does not exist yet. The main sign of thrush – appearance of ulcers, their location and the fact that canker – a disease recurring. In addition, when stomatitis tissue immediately surrounding the ulcer is normal, healthy appearance, and the patient does not experience any bright systemic symptoms (eg, no heat or poor health).

However, in advanced forms of stomatitis, especially in children, there are multiple ulcers, fever, worsening health. Folk remedies for the treatment of stomatitis: 20 g dry powdered bark of an oak pour a glass of boiling water, leave in water bath for 30 minutes, allowed to cool, filter and bring the volume to 200 ml. Use a mouthwash with gingivitis and stomatitis. Use Lyapko 'Sputnik' 5 g of leaves of walnut pour a glass of boiled water, 30 minutes and filtered. Use on a dessert spoon in 1 / 2 cup water to rinse oral cavity (3 times daily after meals for 10-12 days) in gingivitis, stomatitis. Well to hot water: Rinse mouth with it several times a day, but so as not to burn yourself, and the sores heal quickly. Freshly prepared cabbage juice mixed with boiled water is used as a gargle for inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth.

Mix Agrimony pharmacy, calendula (flowers), sage (leaf), lobed nightshade – 3 tablespoons. To 1 liter of boiling water to take 3 tablespoons of the collection. Take 30 ml of 9 times a day with ulcerative stomatitis, difficult to treat. At the same time to rinse your mouth. Prepare a collection of white birch (leaves) – 2 tablespoons, burnet drug – 3 tablespoons, mountaineer pochechuynogo – 3 table spoons of flax ordinary (seed) – 4 tablespoons.

Medical Center

A child in the meantime as if "hanging". It never occurred to him, why parents can not understand it. After all, he needs a drug. This drive can really compare that cycle of unsuccessful treatment. Treatment in all hospitals be reduced to one – dizintoksikatsii. Cleaning the body and the withdrawal symptoms of physical dependence gives almost every little bit professional drug and alcohol abuse.

But none of them does not eliminate the psychological dependence. Man after treatment continues to be "thrust." This is an irresistible desire to use drugs remains. It is this psychological dependence makes some researchers believe that addiction is incurable. But it is not. Learn more on the subject from Gina Ross. Among drug users is well established "word of mouth," and if someone turns out to get rid of dependence, address and telephone number of the clinic is passed "Needy." And that may say more brightly on the outcome of treatment than a long period of remission, an established life of former "friend of the needle." Among drug users living in different parts of the world can boast such authority only one clinic – Medical Center Dr. Nazaraliev. But what distinguishes the clinic Nazaraliev from the rest – the removal of a psychological dependence.

The method removes Nazaraliev "traction." A person can experience again the long-forgotten sense of freedom. He has no desire to use drugs. In the center of a sort of "reboot" the human brain, remove this "robot." Now nothing is manipulated by man – it's free! If the addict does not heard about the clinic Nazaraliev and came to her parents by force, it is usually in doubt in the outcome of treatment, because he tried so many clinics, and none of it has not helped. Additional information at Somatic Experiencing supports this article. But those doubts quickly dissolve. Already after the first procedure the patient lose the desire to take drugs. This simply is no longer necessary. There is freedom. And after the treatment the patient is only one thing – to learn to cherish it.