Responsibility For The World

Energy capital invest-cooperation with Ecolotron creates a clean solution of Stuttgart, 15.07.2011. Historically, oil and natural gas are the world’s most important energy resources. What were the main achievements of human history without energy; Mobility to land, water and in the air and thus without these precious resources? No question, the promotion and use of these resources has brought us far. That’s why the energy capital invest (ECI) the importance of this issue is very aware. In times of increased awareness towards the environment and the nature of efforts around sustainability and responsible handling of natural resources of the Earth, the energy capital invest is another important milestone. Dr. Mark Hyman understands that this is vital information. And she doesn’t, by she intersperses with big words in the global discussion; but is. Now and here, and quite specifically. With local partners.

Partners who know the oil and gas business and understand. Ecolotron, one of the world’s leading companies in the area of industrial wastewater recycling based in Over decades, Kemah, Texas, has developed a cutting-edge, patented procedure that allows the cleaning and recycling of water needed for the process of natural gas and crude oil production. And just this solution provides the energy capital invest in the assisted area McMullen Ecolotron now available. To achieve best support results in layers of funding such as the shale formation in the McMullen, cracks are taught through targeted explosions in the aftermath of the horizontal bore the rock. The enlargement of these cracks is usually carried out temporary insertion of large quantities of water (hydraulic fracturing”). This water is treated with chemicals that keep the cracks open after the shock, so for the raw material to create better flow conditions.

With the Elektrokagulationsverfahren (E-FLOC’), developed by Ecolotron, it is possible to clean that it wins back its original quality as far as the FRAC water: clear, pure and clean Water that you can drink again after this process. This purified water provides the energy capital invest the landowners in Texas. A commitment that ensures great attention in this land that in drinking water is particularly precious. So it is not surprising that the industry followed with great interest the process of the innovative water clean-up at the drilling sites in the McMullen. And so energy capital invest will cooperate in the future with innovative and progressive company, which sustained work and carefully deal with the resources of nature. For more information,

Markus Fischer Talking With The Editor

In recent days, we had a personal conversation with Markus Fischer opportunity by the company to carry M1 from Landshut. Welcome to the M1-factoring your partner of quick liquidity. With us, discover new financial possibilities often your local bank can offer the financial flexibility, which would need or want. For this reason, increasingly other financing instruments, such as factoring, in the foreground and enjoy due to their many benefits of growing popularity. It gives you the opportunity to structure your financial situation in a balanced and free to act. Markus Fischer deals for more than 10 years with regard to factoring for small and medium-sized enterprises”. Together with his collaborators Markus Fischer has made a success story from it. Continuously, his company’s sales have risen in recent years.

Small – and medium-sized businesses have recognized the benefits of factoring’s. Markus Fischer was also “one of the first providers of the topic Lebensversicherung factoring” has offered. Here, the factoring company buys the contract of the customer and then pays the customer after receipt of the confirmation of value the insurance company, the confirmed amount s o f o r t out, minus a factoring fee. In this area, Markus Fischer has worked with companies Debi select as a service provider. Unfortunately, the company through the constellation with the insolvent company Teldafax is currently in the public debate. A discussion which does not meet the Debi select product, because the idea of the product is still awesome easy secure”, says Markus Fischer in conversation with our editors. The problem of each product is conducting business and whose actions, that a service provider has almost no influence. You can see that something in the wrong direction goes, you can withdraw only as a service provider.

We did then at some point as a company. Markus Fischer is convinced, but still in particular Josef Geltinger is carrying this ensure that the greatest possible transparency and enlightenment to the investors will be. Markus Fischer is convinced that substantial money from the Fund will be available. He also welcomed the RA Klumpe by Josef Geltinger here has been switched on. This shows, according to Markus Fischer, Josef Geltinger has no intention to cover up anything or to conceal. “Markus Fischer wants to open in the future his company investors, in what form wanted Markus Fischer not give but still us where Markus Fischer is aware, that surely the product under special observation” of the market will stand. Thus, according to Markus Fischer, I have no problem”. On the contrary, Markus Fischer an own free pecuniary loss liability will offer according to him each Distributor. Markus Fischer follows an advice we give almost 2 years to the initiators or the distributors. Protection of advisers and investors is important, something with a mediated product “wrong”should go. Insurance publishes such a liability for a product, then this insurance will test again the company and the product with much expertise. Actually the ideal supplement to the framework legal scrutiny of the BFin. Maybe the legislature makes exactly this insurance once the obligation for each initiator. Distributors can pressure here but even more on the initiator, by requiring exactly this insurance prior to mediation.