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If you want to increase your wealth as a successful investor, mutual funds are the best choice for you. Cardiologist may not feel the same. Before you begin to invest and before you choose your investment fund make sure you have established your investor profile. Profile of the investor is personal, for each client that specifies requirements, conditions and personality. With your investor profile, you can choose the best Fund of investment or the best combination of investment funds suits your characteristics and needs of investment, availability and risk. Once you see your investor profile you can define the investment strategy that suits you. A useful tool to determine your investor profile before you choose your investment fund is to answer a short questionnaire in which some key aspects such as your current situation and your financial ability, your investment horizon and needs liquidity, your risk tolerance, monitoring that you want to give to your portfolio or portfolio and the expectations you have of the profitability of the investment fund you choose. There are several investment profiles that depend on the risk they assume. Other factors that influence the definition of the profile as the term of the investment, assets and liabilities, the preference for liquidity, etc. Encourage you to take the questionnaire to define your investor profile and start making money now. Original author and source of the article