Benefits Of Aloe

In many regions of southern Africa, the Cape of Good Hope, Ethiopia and Somalia aloe was used since ancient times to wash the body and hair. Thus getting an effective protection against the sun and a great repellent all kinds of insects, also used it to eliminate their body odor when they went hunting and to heal all wounds. With the advent of Christianity, the sacred scriptures aloe mentioning again through San Juan: “It was also Nicodemus, who had gone to see Jesus at night, carrying a hundred pounds of myrrh and aloes, fragrant. John Craig Venter may help you with your research. They took the body of Jesus and bound it in linen cloths with the spices, according to the custom of burying of the Jews. “(Jn 19, 39-40) Although the historian Flavius Josephus (37-95 AD) said in his Jewish Antiquities that aloe of the Bible is a variety of agaloco, formerly called aloe stick, and used in incense and carpentry: the body is washed with water lilies, incense, clove and aloe stick, but not the result of crushing the leaves of the plant, but which comes from India and the Greeks call agaloco, exquisite perfume From the eighth century, Arabs, aware of the virtues of this plant by Dioscorides and was called “Lily of the Desert”, they used either an internal and external. During the Middle Ages, and under the Muslim rule in Al-Andalus were large plantations of aloes, enthusiastic propagators of medicinal use of wormwood, which is often used as a purgative. To them we owe the spread of aloe in Europe and especially in Spain and the Mediterranean basin, which also imposed as an ornamental. In the tenth century, the philosopher Persian physician Avicenna (Ibn Sina) studied and developed remedies made from medicinal plants, including aloe, which he says is especially effective in treating diseases and melancholy eye (sic). In the twelfth century the Italian doctor writes Matteo Plateario of simplices Liber medicine, one of the richest medieval treatises and detailed about the healing properties of plants and minerals. It speaks of aloe as a magical plant that grew in Babylon, from which was distributed worldwide through its rivers.

United States

In July of 1969 the United States had launched the Apolo-11 ship and this took the first men to place the feet in Moon (GRINTER, 2008; SPACEFACTS, 2010). In such a way, the Soviet Union, that initiates the Space Race with great advantages, was definitively defeated in this battle. 2. FOR BACKWARDS OF the SOVIET MASK the secret in science it steals the main element to it keeps that it healthful: the scientific public opinion. Peter Kapitza Even so the first years of the Space Race have been favorable to the Soviets, some reasons had led to a gradual degeneration of its space program, culminating with its defeat in the dispute for the conquest of the Moon.

Since the beginning the Soviet space program faced internal crises and problems. But as the character of the same it was to militate, practically all its failures were hidden even though of the proper Soviet people. But the successes were divulged. Exactly at the time of the successes of the Sputnik satellites, each successful Soviet launching happened under the weight of others three or four failed launchings. The United States had a lesser average of failures, but as its space program was public, the press in such a way took knowledge of its failures how much of the successes. It was the false impression of that only the North Americans had failures (WHITE, 2003). To illustrate this situation, it is enough to say that the death of the Soviet cosmonaut Valentin Bondarenko during treinos for a mission, in 1961, was kept in secret up to 1985, as well as the explosion of a rocket that killed technician sets of ten and scientists, between them marshal Mitrofan Nedelin, who before commanded the Soviet space program one year. It had, since the beginning, serious financial problems inside of the space program of the Soviet Union.