Maxxim Drillisch

With the prepaid card from Maxxim to 8 cents call and send SMS. After a hard battle for the lowest fares in the market for prepaid cell phone cards for a longer period of time, the competition put a few months ago. It seemed almost as if the place deer of industry with their positions has been satisfied, probably also a matter that costs simply no longer allow further price cuts. At this stage, several providers of prepaid cards more or less shared the top positions in the corresponding fare comparisons. Same five big discounters, namely, Callmobile, Congstar, Fonic and Simyo, shared the first place in the prepaid rate comparison.

With their unit rates, where all conversation minutes and SMS with 9 cents are charged the offers of third-party, for example the own brand of various food discounters and drugstores, could just can’t keep up. But now the picture has changed, because with Maxxim Drillisch group sends a further discount in the race for the cheapest prepaid tariffs and the top finishers in previous attacks upon him. The difference seems small at first glance, but when one minute of conversation and also a SMS instead of 9 cents costs only 8 cents, so this produce cost savings of more than 11 percent. Since the prices these providers of prepaid cards are already so low, a reduction of only one cent already makes a big difference. But where there is light, there are also shadows.

Maxxim is now in terms of costs for phone calls and SMS but cheaper than others, yet the phone is already long not only to make phone calls and text used. An ever greater part of the expenditure is today on the account of the data transfers. Modern phones allow due to their improved displays and various standards also on the World Wide Web to access, which of course also charges apply. Right here there are however significant differences under the prepaid discount stores. So there are still some few providers, where the data plan is a time-sensitive billing here provides mobile browsing that same, as if a phone call would place costs. Most vendors but already set to volume rates, where every 10 kb will be charged. The costs of such data rates are between 24 cents and 35 cents per megabyte transferred. Exactly here Maxxim can keep up but not quite with the competition, because the data plan from Maxxim foresees cost 49 cents per megabyte, so more than double of what the cheapest providers require. Take advantage of all those who still send the mobile phone first and foremost to make phone calls and SMS, can be recommended to the Maxxim prepaid card without further ADO. Just infrequent callers through the use of such prepaid card significantly cost savings, there is here a basic fee or minimum sales. But who already spends much time to send data with your mobile phone and receive, which should examine exactly how big this part really is, because he could possibly save more with an other prepaid card.

Maxxim Prepaid Tariff

Prepaid mobile phone tariff of the discounter Maxxim Maxxim – the choice is yours! So the mobile phone discounter touts mXXim, 2008 came on the market and to the implementation used Drillisch networks and the T-mobile network. Add to your understanding with Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence. The MXXim prepaid rates for Wenigtelefonier was in issue 8/08 Stiftung Warentest financial test, well perceived and also in the Prepaidtest of the computer image the tariff offer of mXXim via the prepaid mobile tariffs of the competition won. The mobile phone discounter offers its customers best D-network quality, no monthly fees, no contract and no minimum sales. In addition, customers have the option to take their old mobile phone number or to keep. The mXXim Starter Kit 9.95 euros and already includes a starting balance of 5 euros. The timing takes place at the settlement of 60/60, it cost all inbound links, in all German choice of customer service networks, per minute 0.08 euros, 0.49 euros, the dispatch of SMS of 0.08.

The mobile box query is free of charge. MXXim with 1.99 Euro calculated connections in foreign countries and call forwarding from abroad. Call forwarding within Germany costs 0.08 euro. Also various service and special numbers offered the customers, which are calculated with different rates. Over the Internet, the mXXim mobile phone rates can be ordered conveniently and easily. The contact and order form must be simply filled out and sent. On the Internet side of mXXim, customers have the possibility to recharge your credit balance with 5, 30 or 50 euro. This service works also via SMS.

The current credit balance can be queried at any time. The online customer service of mobile phone discounter is for questions and problems. Frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ, as well as the contractual terms and conditions or the services. Also, the customers via the website can change your personal data and change their passwords. MXXim is a cheaper provider for infrequent callers with a good service. Bastian Ebert Maxx