Communicating With The Cat

Cat – one of the most beloved pets. Its presence in the home helps to create an aura of peace and tranquility. Cats not only fill your home with positive energy, but also to some extent are doctors. It is well known many cases of healing various diseases owners through communication with the home favorite. For many people, communicating with the cat causes certain difficulties, because in order to achieve understanding and to live in harmony with this sufficiently independent animals, need to know how to understand the language of cats, consider some of the nuances. Everyone knows that networking is extremely important body language of cats, since they are the only way to express his mood and emotions.

Communicating with a cat on a high level is only possible understanding of the facial expressions and language tela.Voznikaet question: "How to interpret body language of cats?". In fact, nothing complicated to interpret body language cat no. Body language of cats is reduced to the movements of the eyes, head, ears, paws, tail, making different poses. All gestures that characterize the body language of cats, can be divided into two groups – those which are performed for a host, and those gestures, which are aimed at drawing attention to the person. Therefore, this issue is extremely important observation.

In addition to gestures, the cats are able to express their emotions through vivid facial expressions. To achieve the full Understanding this aspect is of great importance. However, it often mimics cats remains unclear for the hosts. It should be understood that under the facial expressions mean and expression of faces, and certain head movements. For example, mimicry of cats in the agitated state of different pupillary constriction, narrowed eyes and ears pressed to his head. I scared the animal ears pressed close to his head and the head itself is drawn into the shoulders. When This body is transformed into a compressed lump. Another component that helps the owner understand the condition of the animal – the voice of the cat. This may be a quiet meow, threatening hiss or relaxing purr. On what is said such a pleasant and fascinating cats purr? Sometimes, purring, cat shows its fullness and the expectation of affection host, and in some cases, purring cats suggests an anticipation of a delicious edy.U cats a lot of hidden talent that can not always see. In addition, they are quite cunning. For example, a cat for a long time deprived of the attention of his master, can demonstrate his resentment over his haughty air, sitting in profile, or swung spinoy.V actually communicating with the cat is not something unattainable. Understand the language of cats, each is capable, should only be sufficiently attentive to your pet

Frequently Asked Questions About Euthanasia Of Animals (dogs, Cats) Eut

Which animals euthanized? Reasons for euthanasia of dogs and cats are different. 1. Old age. Self-respecting owner usually knows the life expectancy of the breed of the animal. In nature, the animal itself puts an end to his life, begins to hide away, it is a premonition of its outcome, it is ready for it. And as your pet may hide in the apartment? Medicine of old age has not yet come up with! 2.

Movement is life. With aging, especially in large breeds, slacken his hind legs. This is one of the first ominous signs of aging (urbanization, animals only accelerates the arrival of this disaster). The reason for this phenomenon is age wear intervertebral disks, resulting in clamping occurs nerves of the spinal cord, with subsequent violations of their operation. This process is irreversible and it is growing. In the end, the master of your pet is to walk on his hands, whether it be an animal? And you? For animals such existence is meaningless, it can not even control his own body (and in fact this is one of the most important freedoms as animal and human).

This adds anatomical – physiological impossibility of reasonable doterpet to the street (the animals are hard to tolerate, some are trying to clean up after yourself)! 3. disease. Cancers – is a real scourge for pets, these diseases are overwhelmed by the modern metropolis. About 70-80% die from them and with them. Tumors grow to incredible size, then begin to move into a stage of decay, they bleed, suppurate, the animals try to lick them.