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ServiCon account portal for small and medium-sized companies in Kiel, the 03 September 2010 the ebills & more GmbH has gained a new partner: since mid-August, ServiCon service & consult eG, provider of ZGV, a strategic investment holds the technology company that has become known with the brands of ServiCon invoice portal, savings banks RechnungsService and VR-RechnungsService. The longstanding cooperation partner is convinced that the platform for electronic invoices which ebills & operates more, meets with broad acceptance in the middle class. The electronic exchange of data is only then, when many different industry applications operate”, emphasizes Dipl. kfm. Jorg Glaser, ServiCon service & consult eG proxy. And it offers ebills & more with their electronic RechnungsService and the three prominent brands.” ServiCon promises through the commitment to an effective instrument of control, to more than 200,000 cooperating, medium-sized companies in the ZGV at to their accounting processes with the 320 composite group central units offer even more efficient support.

Synergies through networking than Jorg Glaser the close interaction of trade and industry, as well as the proximity to the Sparkassen and Volksbanken calls special benefits banks, which is given by the multi-channel distribution concept. Also, ebills & more recently concluded partnership facilitates connection to accountants and Auditors, as well as the accounting systems there used the DATEV eg a prominent member of ZGV. The participation of ServiCon we proceed with an important step, to be the overarching standard for the secure delivery of electronic, structured business documents”, Dipl. kfm. Peter Wutzler, Managing Director of ebills & more GmbH. This primarily applies to invoices and documents, which are closely connected with the payments forward.” The electronic RechnungsService is a Web-based process with universal offer of ebills & more Access based: A user must only about browsers & Internet access and register in order to settle its bills through the platform. Through a printer connector, you can easily transport bills from most applications to the platform.

The usual, extensive an internal eBilling project costs. Instead at the unit price calculated, which is the electronic RechnungsService for both small and large sizes is ideal. Biotherapeutics to be a useful source of information. The participating savings banks and credit unions with their nationwide Filialnetzen, as well as the ServiCon for commercial groups and franchise systems in the ZGV take over the marketing spot. All three institutions offer the advantage of existing customer close because they already have business relations to most companies in the German medium-sized businesses. The RechnungsService extends the established electronic payment traffic.